Germany Lotto – Online Winner from Bangkok at theLotter

W.R. recently won €3,978.10 in the German Lotto on the second of 10 tickets bought as a multi-draw purchase on from his Thailand home after joining theLotter less than two weeks earlier!

Germany LottoPeople are more mobile today than ever before, and it is not unusual for an Australian to live in Canada, or someone from Brazil to find themselves in the UK. A German expat living in Bangkok, W.R. decided to buy online lottery tickets for European lotteries EuroMillions, EuroJackpot and the Germany Lotto, to feel at home while so far away. Read lottery information on European, American and other world lottos.

As a new member on theLotter W.R. opted to purchase multi-draws to enjoy the generous discounts and be sure to have tickets for his favourite lotteries, even if the time-difference in Thailand got the better of him.

They say fortune favours the brave, and on the second draw of one of his multi-draws for the German lottery, W.R. celebrated an impressive return of €3,978.10, only 12 days after joining theLotter, and within just four days of choosing to play the Germany Lotto online!

The winning numbers in the Germany Lotto on 9th January 2013 were 6, 7, 22, 26, 36 and 43. W.R. selected five correct numbers. If his selection had included 26, he would be €830,000 richer today!

theLotter has provided a secure online lottery ticket buying service for more than 10 years, helping lotto lovers like W.R. celebrate small and large wins and delivering more than $22 million in prizes around the world.


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