Why Players Love the Official Spanish Lotteries

La Primitiva is still high on theBig with a record-breaking jackpot that is still climbing and an upcoming Loteria Nacional Summer Sorteo Extraordinario with €140 million in prizes, making Spain the summer’s hottest lotto destination. Here are a few reasons why lotto enthusiasts love Spain’s biggest lottery draws.

La Primitiva has been rolling over for 17 weeks and 35 draws, resulting in an unprecedented €40.7 million prize that has pushed Spain to the forefront of the lottery world. The €40.7 million jackpot is €8.7 million ahead of its previous record of €32 million set in January of this year.

La Primitiva’s extended run as a top lotto draw is proving that lotteries can age like a fine wine! As one of the oldest lotteries in the world, La Primitiva international lottery draw began in 1763. In 1862, La Primitiva disappeared for almost a century until it returned in 1985, making resurgence exactly 250 years later. Now this Spanish lottery is still running strong and boasting an enormous top prize fit for a king!

People love the ancient royal tradition that La Primitiva offers, but another reason why fans and players love Spanish lottery draws is the world-famous Loteria Nacional raffle draw!

Loteria Nacional raffle draws celebrate Spain’s history and culture, hosting draws throughout the year and special draws on the New Year (Loteria Del Nino) and Christmas (Loteria de Navidad).

New to the world of official Spanish lotteries? Find out why the Summer Extraordinary Raffle is shaping up to be one of the summer’s biggest lottery events!

>Loteria de Navidad, the most famous and epic of these events, takes place every holiday and awards prizes as high as €2.5 billion! In the last Christmas draw, 70% of revenue was returned to players as prizes. The next big raffle draw is the Summer Extraordinary Draw, which will take place on July 6 th and is featuring €140 million in total prizes! Purchase four or more shares for this fantastic raffle draw and receive an exclusive discount available only on theLotter !

>Loteria Nacional possesses one of the richest traditions of lotto games in the world and has retained its same format for the past 200 years, without losing any of its magic. The odds of winning this sweepstakes are unbeatable, as one in three players take home a prize! The odds of winning the first place ‘Premio Especial’ are 1:100,000, and there are about 37,000 different ways to win one of 15 different prize categories on each ticket! Get more information on the Loteria Nacional Summer Sorteo Extraordinario here.

>In addition to the huge winnings, the raffles are backed by the Spanish government and the proceeds are always donated to good causes, such as the Cruz Roja, where the bulk of the revenue goes to the Red Cross. Another philanthropic Loteria Nacional draw is the AECC Almeria, where the proceeds go towards the Spanish Cancer Screening.

There you have it! People love Spanish lottery draws for their rich history, favourable winning odds, and gigantic prizes. It’s no wonder players around the world are discovering the excitement of official Spanish lotteries and almost 90% of the Spanish population participates in the Loteria Nacional raffle drawings! Spain’s lottery history and tradition makes playing the lottery a genuinely rewarding experience and fulfils thousands of satisfied players!


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