Spain’s Christmas El Gordo Syndicate


Spain’s Christmas El Gordo is the richest lottery draw in the world, paying out €2.24 Billion in the country that has more national lottery games than any other. Christmas El Gordo already offers a 1-in-7 chance of winning at least €1,000, but now you can enhance your winning odds even more with our ultra-exclusive Christmas El Gordo Syndicate.

Boost your chances of winning €640 Million in jackpot prizes by playing in a syndicate with other Christmas El Gordo fans. Each syndicate will have 250 members and share 100 tickets in the super-rich draw. Which means you have 100 tickets, each with a 1-in-7 chance of winning.


What is the Spain’s Christmas El Gordo Millionaire Raffle Syndicate?

Quite simply, Spain’s Christmas El Gordo is the biggest and richest lottery game in the world. More than 98 percent of all Spaniards are believed to buy tickets and, with €2.24 Billion up for grabs, who can blame them! It’s held every year on December 22nd and the jackpot is paid out 160 times. Play with Spain’s Christmas El Gordo Syndicate and you have even more chances to win.

How does it work?

Every Book for Spain’s Christmas El Gordo draw is divided into 10 Tickets and any winnings are divided equally between the 10 Tickets. Play with Spain’s Christmas El Gordo Syndicate and you have a share in 100 Tickets, each from a different book. There are 250 shares in each syndicate and prize money is divided equally between each share. You can buy as many shares as you like.

What does it pay?

The guaranteed prize pool is €2.24 Billion and the 160 main jackpot prizes are an amazing €4 Million each. There are six prize levels in total, with the second tier paying out 160 prizes of €1.25 Million. The lowest prize level is an impressive €1,000.

What is a Ticket?

All 100,000 numbers are sold 160 times (160 Books for each number) and each Book is divided into tenths (known as Tickets). Tickets can be sold as a whole book or individually.

What happens after buying a Ticket?

Once you have placed your order, we will email your confirmation. Your Spain’s Christmas El Gordo Syndicate Ticket(s) will be purchased by our local Spanish office and you will be able to view a copy of each ticket in your WinTrillions account. The originals will be stored in a security deposit box by our auditors for your security.

How much does it cost to play?

The exact cost of your syndicate shares depends on how many shares you choose to buy and how long you choose to play for. Remember, you keep everything you win. We do not charge any deductions or commissions of any kind.

When is the deadline for buying Tickets?

There is a set number of tickets for Spain’s Christmas El Gordo Syndicate and when they’re gone, they’re gone. WinTrillions has reserved an exclusive allocation of Tickets to be sold online to our VIP syndicate players and we may be able to get more, but we can’t guarantee it. If you don’t want to miss out, you need to join Spain’s Christmas El Gordo Syndicate as soon as possible.

What are the odds?

15 tickets out of every 100 will win, which means that you have a better than 1-in-7 chance, plus there’s a 1-in-100,000 chance of hitting the jackpot, probably the best odds you’ll find in any lottery. Play with Spain’s Christmas El Gordo Syndicate and you have 250 chances to win.

How do I know if I have won?

On the afternoon of the Spain’s Christmas El Gordo Millionaire Raffle the winning numbers and the prizes for each category will be announced by the Spanish lottery operator. If you’ve won a prize, we will notify you shortly after the draw. For prizes up to $600 we will send you an email and for prizes over $600 a member of our lottery winners support team will call to personally congratulate you.

How will prize money be paid?

All syndicate prizes are claimed on your behalf and credited to your WinTrillions account. We have a Winners Support Team who help our customers to do this and so far we have had 260,000 winners who have successfully received prizes ranging from as little as $10 right up to $1 million jackpots.



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