Important Rule & Price Changes – Irish Lotto


Ireland Lotto rules are changing!

The last draw under the old rules will be held on Wednesday 2 September.

After the changes come into effect, the Irish Lotto operator will offer substantially higher secondary prizes as well as a minimum jackpot of €2 million, which will roll over if it’s not won.

To make these changes possible, the guess range on the play forms is increasing: players will pick 6 out of 47 numbers (up from 45 numbers at present).

To create a bigger prize pool, the operator has also increased ticket prices and, as a result, the standard price per line on the theLotter site will also be raised marginally to €5.


If you have an active Multi-Draw package, please note that you will continue to play every draw with the previous line price until your package runs out or auto-renews.

If you have a Subscription to the Ireland Lotto, note you will be paying the new price as of the next draw.

Good luck when you next play the Irish Lotto online!



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