Strong Ticket Sales Raise the US Mega Millions Jackpot Even Higher

Everybody is talking about the US Mega Millions jackpot right now and sales are spiking! When no one cracked the jackpot on Tuesday, July 05, the jackpot rolled over to $508 million. Now, due to burgeoning ticket sales, the jackpot has been adjusted to an outstanding $540 million.


When Jackpots Jump

Whenever a jackpot reaches a certain level of significant public and media interest and lottery fever starts spreading, people literally “jump” on the opportunity to buy more and more tickets. When the ticket sales go up exponentially, the jackpot must jump in tune with it. This is how the current Mega Millions jackpot has swelled to a phenomenal $540 million in anticipation of the draw on Friday night. Is there more to come? At least Paula Otto, the Executive Director of the Virginia Lottery and Lead Director for the Mega Millions group, believes so: “Sales are expected to grow stronger right up until Friday night’s drawing.”

The Third Bulkiest Mega Millions Jackpot Ever

This gem of a jackpot is the third largest in Mega Millions history and if won on Friday, it would go straight to 7th position in the American lottery jackpot history. This is the biggest Mega Millions prize since December 17, 2013 when two winning tickets shared a $648 million jackpot and with another rollover it might even break the four year old record from March 30, 2012, when $656 million was split three ways. The current jackpot is also the biggest jackpot this year since the record $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot was won back in January.

Fresh Jackpot Winners of 2016

Prior to this record long jackpot’s rolling spree of four months, Michael Burkett of Washington won $157 million on March 8. Michael’s was the second jackpot for 2016. The first jackpot for 2016 was won by Nancy Viola of New York for $169 million on January 8. Could Friday’s draw make it a trips of 8s?

Get Yourself in the Game

If you haven’t done so already, get out there and play some Mega Millions quickly before some other lucky winner claims your $540 million jackpot prize. Don’t forget there are awesome second and third place prizes as well. Matching five white balls for the second place prize alone will make you a millionaire.


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