Spotlight: Colombia Baloto Features Huge Prizes and Great Odds

Colombia Baloto probably isn’t on your radar. Without the name recognition of the larger lotteries in Europe and the US, Baloto is often overlooked and underplayed outside of Colombia. Which is why we want to shine a spotlight on Colombia Baloto; one of South America’s best kept lotto secrets with amazing odds and tantalizing jackpots.

Buy Official Tickets for Colombia Baloto Lottery Online

Jackpots that grow and grow and grow

Stop reading for a moment and play now because Baloto’s jackpot stands at an impressive COP 51 billion, or about $17.46 million, a figure not seen since 2013. It’s OK, we’ll wait. Now that you’ve got your tickets let’s continue. Baloto’s minimum jackpot is COP 2 billion, about $1 million, and there are no limits on jackpot rollovers or size. The highest jackpot ever was COP 117 billion, about $40 million, in September 2012. The second highest jackpot was COP 74 billion, about $25.3 million, reached in August 2011 and won by a single player.

Big Prizes = Big Excitement

Who would’ve thought; when the jackpot goes up so does the excitement! With the Baloto jackpot at COP 51 billion for the first time since 2013 Colombianos are getting excited, buying 36% more tickets than last year. If you’re already imagining what life is like with an extra COP 51 billion you can dream big because according to Baloto’s figures 97% of all jackpots are won by a single ticket, so odds are you won’t have to share your winnings. The Baloto has given away over COP 1.5 trillion in prizes and made billionaires out of 87 people, with more than 19 million total winners since it was founded by the Colombian government in 2001.

Playing Colombia Baloto lottery

To play you need to choose six numbers between 1 and 45. Choose all six numbers correctly to win the jackpot. There are three secondary prizes for choosing three, four, or five out of six numbers correctly. With the odds of winning the Baloto jackpot at one in eight million there are few lotteries out there that can claim better odds. Drawings are twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, giving players plenty of chances to win big or for the jackpot to grow bigger. At we make it possible to play Colombia Baloto from anywhere in the world so don’t let geography stand between you and a chance to win big in Colombia!



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