Australia Saturday Lotto $21 Million Superdraw – Coming Up!

The lottery world down under is actually at the top with great draws occurring four times a week in a variety of Australian lotteries. If that isn’t exciting enough, this might be: the Saturday Lotto Superdraw coming up Saturday October 29th 2016 offers an incredible AU$ 21 million jackpot prize!

Australia saturday Lotto SuperDraw

Do you love to play the lottery – and WIN? This is the lottery for you! The next Australia Saturday Lotto Superdraw taking place on October 29th offers players a chance to win the AU$ 21 million jackpot.

The Australia Saturday Lotto boasts great winning odds starting at 1:35 to take home a prize, set AU$ 4 million jackpots, frequent Superdraws, seven prize categories and no-tax wins which are paid out in a lump sum, one-time payment. The list of advantages creates a lottery which almost always takes the #1 spot on theLotter’s theSmart list! theSmart, a unique feature of theLotter, features the top ten lotteries that offer the best cost-benefit ratios from around the globe. The list is constantly refreshed, to ensure that lotto lovers are up-to-date with the lottery that will earn you the most bang for your buck!

The four popular Australia Lotto lottery draws are each held once a week making four days of lottery fun every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20:45 local time (10:45 GMT). Several times a year the Saturday Lotto hosts special Superdraws which boost the lottery jackpot to a whole new level, raising the top prizes to between AU$ 20 million and AU$ 30 million. These draws are played identically to every other draw, with the same easy-to-play format and amazing winning odds.

The rules of the game are easy to follow: players select six numbers from a 1-45 guess range and matching them is essential in order to pocket the jackpot prize. During the draw an additional two balls are drawn from the same drum and are used only towards the secondary prizes in 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th prize divisions.

The jackpot is huge. This is the time for you to play the Australia Saturday Lotto Superdraw!


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