Aussie Wins $1 Million Playing US Powerball

One very lucky Aussie won a $1 million second prize on Wednesday 19 October 2016 playing US Powerball online with theLotter! Our lucky winner wishes to go by ‘G.’ to protect his privacy, which of course, we’re more than happy to do. However, we’ve dubbed him ‘the Wonder from Down Under!’

Aussie Wins $1 Million Playing US Powerball

Powerball Fortune Found in Florida

As you can see from G.’s ticket above, and yes that really is his ticket, he correctly chose all five main numbers to win US Powerball’s amazing $1 million second prize in draw 2016/84 that took place on Wednesday 19 October 2016. After taxes, G. took home AUD$937,758 or about $700,000. His winning numbers were 10-16-38-43-63 and Powerball 16. The winning numbers for the jackpot, which no one won, were 10-16-38-43-63 and Powerball 23. G. was the only second prize winner of the draw.

Good Great Things Come to Those Who Wait!

G. has been playing with theLotter since he discovered our ‘convenient and easy to use’ service in 2003. He has had 452 wins over the years, including AUD$325 in Germany Lotto and AUD$115 in Swiss Lotto. G. enjoys playing a la carte; buying single entries to a variety of lotteries, but favouring frequent jackpot heavy weights US Powerball and Mega Millions. G. prefers to play random numbers, although he has played lucky numbers in the past.

TheLotter Brings US Powerball to the World

G. is the third player to win $1 million playing US Powerball with theLotter in 2016 and the fourth ever. B.U from the U.K was the first to win $1 million in 2012 playing US Powerball with theLotter. H.V. from El Salvador won $1 million in the historic 13 January 2016 draw that saw the record $1.59 billion jackpot won and P. from Quebec won $1 million in February 2016 by continuing to play US Powerball with theLotter after January’s jackpot mania subsided.

G. is theLotters first Australian player to win $1 million playing US Powerball and proof that it doesn’t matter what country, continent, or hemisphere you live in, you can win the world’s largest and most exciting jackpots from wherever you live!


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