Mega Millions Changes Set to Create Record Jackpots

The American Mega Millions lottery will introduce changes later this year that will not only make the game more fun to play, but which will also set the stage for new jackpot records. Among the changes to the Mega Millions rules will be a starting guaranteed jackpot of $40 million (instead of the current $15 million); revised guess ranges; and increased secondary prizes. While these Mega Millions rules changes have yet to be officially confirmed, we have it on good authority that they will be imminently. 

Mega Millions Rules Changes to Come

Starting with its draw on Tuesday 31 October 2017, it will be slightly more difficult to win the Mega Millions jackpot while the odds of winning the second tier prize of $1 million will be better. The cost of Mega Millions tickets will double to enable the upcoming changes.

Mega Millions’ rules changes will set it on a collision course with its rival American lottery, the Powerball, to see which of the two will offer the next record-breaking jackpot prize. For four years, Mega Millions held the world record with the $656 million jackpot it awarded in March 2012 to three lucky winners. Then in January 2016, the Powerball surpassed all expectations when it awarded a $1.58 billion jackpot to three winners.

The changes to the Mega Millions rules include:

As a result of the Mega Millions changes planned for later this year, the lottery will be more fun to play than ever before. Will the Powerball change its rules in order to retain its supremacy in the lottery world? Anything could happen and lottery fans all over the world stand to benefit from the higher prizes on offer.


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