Slovakia Joins the EuroJackpot Team

On 9 October 2015, Slovakia officially became a member of EuroJackpot, Europe’s youngest transnational lottery.


Slovakia joins sixteen other European nations: Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.
While EuroMillions is Europe’s most popular lottery game, EuroJackpot is its most populous with its 17 participating nations having a combined population of approximately 275 million people.
Will Slovakia have as much luck as the Czech Republic? The Czech Republic joined the EuroJackpot team in October 2014 and only eight months after that, a Czech player managed to take home €90 million, the EuroJackpot record!

Don’t live in the EuroJackpot zone? Not a problem!

Welcoming a new participating country to a major lottery is always wonderful, but you can play EuroJackpot regardless of where you live! theLotter makes it simple to play this incredible lottery game online. Just pick five main numbers with a guess range of 1-50 and two additional numbers ranging from 1-10.
You can also join a EuroJackpot syndicate online. A syndicate is a group of players that buy tickets together and share any winnings. Currently, a 45-line syndicate is available for players who like to increase their odds of winning a prize. This particular syndicate also has an additional numbers match guarantee, meaning that the two additional numbers for this upcoming draw will match. A Bundle option with one personal entry and a share of the 45-line syndicate is also being offered.
EuroJackpot draws take place every Friday night



EuroJackpot Syndicate


If you’re a player with a positive attitude and you love trying something new, you’ll want to know Eurojackpot. Europe’s newest mega lottery is shaping up to rival EuroMillions for its prize-winning potential and you’re actually 2 times more likely to hit the jackpot. The Eurojackpot Syndicate gives you even more chances to win up to €117 Million each week.

Jackpots are guaranteed to start at €13 million and there are 12 prize categories, making this the perfect game for anyone who likes lots of winning chances. It’s played across 7 countries, which means more than 50 million people are buying tickets each week, pushing the prize fund higher and higher.


What is the Euro Jackpot Syndicate?

Eurojackpot is Europe’s newest weekly lottery and the Eurojackpot Syndicate is the perfect way to play, giving you more chances to win serious cash prizes. The game’s jackpot is guaranteed to start at €13 million and could go as high as €117 million. When you play the Eurojackpot Syndicate, you get 20 chances to every single week.

How does it work?

Eurojackpot Syndicate gives you 20 chances to win in each draw and you share equally in any prize money won. There are 50 shares in the syndicate and any prize money is divided equally between each share. Remember, the more shares you buy, the more chances you have to win!

What does it pay?

The minimum jackpot is guaranteed at €13 million and could go as high as €117 million. There are 12 prize levels, including the jackpot, giving you multiple chances to win.

What happens after buying a Ticket?

Once you have placed your order, we will email your confirmation. Your Euro Jackpot Syndicate Ticket(s) will be purchased by our local office who will upload scanned copies which can be viewed in your WinTrillions account. The originals will be stored in a security deposit box by our auditors for your security.

How much does it cost to play?

The exact cost of your syndicate shares depends on how many shares you choose to buy and how long you choose to play for. Remember, you keep everything you win. We do not charge any deductions or commissions of any kind.

When is the deadline for buying Tickets?

The deadline will be clearly displayed on the website and it’s usually around 5 hours before the first weekly draw in your syndicate takes place. We will always confirm your entry via email, and you will never be charged for any draws you are not entered into.

What are the odds?

Each ticket has a 1-in-95,344,200 chance of hitting the jackpot and these odds will be significantly enhanced by the fact you’re playing 20 tickets in every draw.

How do I know if I have won?

On the day of the draw the winning numbers and the prizes for each category will be announced by Europe EuroJackpot. As soon as we get this information, this will be communicated via email and, if you have won a major prize, we will contact you directly – as soon as we can!

What happens when I win?

As the lottery syndicate manager, WinTrillions will claim the winnings on behalf of all syndicates members. Payment of syndicate winnings up to $600 will be made directly to your WinTrillions account. For prizes over $600 payment may be made direct into your WinTrillions account or with a cheque or via bank transfer, according to your personal preferences and in line with local banking laws. We have had over 192,000 winners from 118 different countries throughout the world with players winning anything from $8 prizes up to $1 million jackpots.