Huge Prizes, Great Odds! Spanish Raffles on theLotter!

Huge Prizes, Great Odds - Huge Prizes, Great OddsAlmost every lottery fan has heard of the famous Spanish raffles. With huge prize pools and unbeatable odds, they cause excitement with every draw! While the holiday raffles, Loteria de Navidad and Loteria del Nino, are the most widely known, there are exciting Spanish raffles that take place year-round. Keep reading to find out more about the exciting, and lucrative, Spanish raffles and you’ll see why you should play them for yourself!

What’s special about a raffle and how is it different from other types of lotteries? For one thing, a raffle offers a limited amount of tickets. Each ticket has a unique number combination and the total amount of tickets that can be sold is limited by the amount of combinations that can be made. Also, with raffles, players cannot choose their numbers – their choice is limited to the available ticket codes.

The ever-popular Spanish raffles always sell out, guaranteeing a jackpot winner! However, it’s not just the jackpot winners who go home happy! The Spanish raffles offer enormous prize pools, numerous prize categories, plus… incredible winning odds! Play these raffles and there is a very good chance that you’ll be a winner!

Loteria de Navidad

Loteria de NavidadSpain’s annual Christmas lottery, AKA Loteria de Navidad, AKA El Gordo, the fat one, is unlike any other lottery in the world. For one thing it boasts the world’s largest prize pool with €2.38 billion in prizes up for grabs, including a €4 million jackpot! Approximately 98% of adult Spaniards take part in this raffle by either purchasing a ticket or receiving one as a gift. Tickets for the Loteria de Navidad are on sale now and the excitement will build until the draw on 22 December. It’s no wonder that the Loteria de Navidad raffle has remained so popular for over 200 years, odds start at 1:6.5 and the odds of winning the jackpot are 1:100,000! Furthermore, 9,999 tickets will win the minimum €200 prize!

The Lottery Event of the Year

The annual Loteria de Navidad drawing takes place in the ornate Teatro Real de Madrid, the Royal Theatre of Madrid. The drawing is an elaborate ceremony that lasts several hours and features two drums with over 100,000 laser-etched wooden balls, a children’s choir from the the San Ildefonso school, and a packed audience dressed in colorful, lottery themed costumes. The entire drawing is broadcast on Spanish TV.

Be Part of a Winning Tradition

Experience a great Spanish tradition and add your name to the latest chapter of this historic drawing, play Loteria de Navidad now!

Loteria del Nino

Loteria del Nino

The lottery excitement continues through the New Year and reaches another climax with the El Nino raffle drawing on 6 January 2017. El Nino, or Loteria del Nino, features an enormous €630 million prize pool, a jackpot of €2 million and winning odds that start at 1:3 and go up to an incredible 1:100,000 for a chance to win the jackpot. Plus, an incredible 29,999 tickets will win the minimum €200 prize!

A Modern Classic

The Loteria del Nino derives its name from the baby Jesus. Nino means ‘the little one,’ and is held on the day of the Feast of the Three Kings which celebrates the Epiphany and marks the end of the twelve day Christmas holiday. The first Loteria del Nino took place in 1941 and in 1966 it became a part of the Loteria Nacional, the home of Spanish favorites Loteria de Navidad and La Primitiva. From 1941 to 1999 draws were held on 5 January, beginning in 2000 the draw date was moved to 6 January where it remains today.

Start the New Year Right

If your new year’s resolution is to make your dreams come true, then you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a ticket to the Loteria del Nino!

Loteria Nacional Extra Raffles

The Spanish Loteria Nacional Extra Raffles, or Sorteos Extraordinarios, are raffles that take place in addition to Spain’s weekly raffle draws, usually about once a month. The history of the Loteria Nacional Extra dates back more than 200 years to the time of King Carlos III who established a lottery to bring in revenue for the treasury. The raffles often honor Spanish traditions, culture, and institutions. Recently, there were also draws that benefited the Red Cross charity organization and the Spanish Cancer Prevention Society.

Loteria Nacional Extra Raffles

Extraordinary Raffles, Extraordinary Excitement!

The Loteria Nacional Extra is a sure thing when it comes to getting lottery players excited. Prize pools for these special events are €84, €105, or €140 million! Some draws feature a Premio Especial, a special prize, of up to €20 million that one lucky share will take home. Better yet, winning odds start at 1:3, that’s right, every third ticket is a winner! There are 37,151 winning combinations on every ten-share ticket and the odds of winning the jackpot are an incredible 1:100,000! Including the jackpot, each raffle features 14-16 prize categories. Great prizes and amazing odds, it is no wonder people flock to Spain from all over the world for these amazing raffles!

What’s not to like? Get your tickets for the next Spanish Loteria Nacional raffle!


7 Years of Amazing Spanish Christmas Lottery Adverts

One of the most anticipated moments of the year in Spain is the release of the amazing Spanish Christmas Lottery adverts because they set the ideal mood for Christmas and, moreover, because they remind everybody that the year’s biggest lottery is coming up. While the Loteria de Navidad has a longstanding tradition with its adverts, the ones they have released in the past few years have set a new standard for lottery commercials everywhere. So, watch and be amazed as we give you the fabulous Loteria de Navidad adverts of the past seven years.

1. “December 21st” – 2016

“December 21st” tells the story of Carmina, a retired teacher from a small town in Spain. After making breakfast for her nephew, she sees the Loteria de Navidad on television and she immediately takes out her ticket and says “The lottery? Now? I don’t even know what day it is.”. After the children from the San Ildefonso school sing the very number on her ticket, Carmina is overwhelmed with joy because she is convinced that she has won the lottery. She immediately runs off to tell her friends and celebrate her fabulous win with them.

As she leaves the room, her nephew continues to watch the TV program and it turns out that the entire material was just a news recap of the Loteria de Navidad from the previous year, as the date was December 21st. Then, Carmina’s son walks in and the nephew tells him that she thinks she’s won the lottery. When he sees his mother so happy, though, he decides to let her enjoy the moment a little bit longer.

However, the entire situation snowballs towards an enormous town-wide movement to keep Carmina believing that it is December 22nd and that she really has won the lottery. Everybody in town is in on the plan and the effect is simply astounding. Then, as the entire town gathers in the lighthouse to celebrate Carmina, her son decides that it is time to tell her the truth. To find out how this adorable short film ends, watch “December 21st” and you will get into that Christmas spirit regardless of the weather outside.

2. “Justino” – 2015

2015’s Spanish Christmas Lottery advert was definitely one for the books. “Justino” was named the year’s best Christmas ad and it has even received a Cannes Lions Cyber Grand Prix. This 4-minute animated short film tells the story of a night-guard named Justino, who works at a mannequin factory. Since he spends his nights among the mannequins, Justino gets to use them to make special surprises for his colleagues who work during the day.

You will get to meet the members of the team in the mannequin company as they enjoy the gestures made by Justino. The biggest of his surprises is the one he prepares for Christmas, when he makes them a very special Christmas tree. Then, as Justino rides the bus into work the next day, he reads in the local newspaper that the mannequin factory has won the El Gordo, the grand prize of the Loteria de Navidad. This is when he realizes that he forgot to put in his share for the factory syndicate.

While still sad that he missed the Loteria de Navidad, Justino goes in prepared for yet another day at work. However, this is when he gets a special surprise of his very own. Watch the ending of this enchanting advert to find out what Justio gets for Christmas.

3. “Antonio’s Bar” – 2014

This Spanish Christmas Lottery advert may seem like a prequel to Justino, as if follows a similar storyline. It starts with Manuel looking out the window and trying to keep his tears back. Then, his wife comes in to tell him that he has to go out to the bar and send out his congratulations to his friends.

We then find out that Manuel was sad that for the first time, he has forgotten to buy a ticket for the Loteria de Navidad. Fortunately for his friends, the bar syndicate wins the El Gordo in the Spanish Christmas Lottery, but unfortunately for Manuel, he is not part of it.

Still saddened by his misfortune, he goes to the bar and congratulates his friends over at Antonio’s Bar on their fantastic holiday win. He hugs Antonio with all of his heart, and he decides to stay for a cup of coffee, as the people celebrate their win. That’s when Antonio gives him a very special side order to his coffee. Watch this lovely Christmas ad to get into the proper holiday spirit.

4. “Pon tus suenos a jugar” – 2013

In 2013, the Spanish Christmas Lottery advert was meant to warm up audiences through music. For this one, Monserrat Caballé, Marta Sánchez, Raphael, Niña Pastori and David Bustamante came together to sing “Pon tus suenos a jugar”, a very special song about the Loteria de Navidad.

So, watch the grandiose video for this enchanting song, which manages to relay the heart and soul of the Loteria de Navidad. “Pon tus suenos a jugar” is the perfect musical representation of the joy surrounding the Spanish Christmas Lottery. Enjoy!

5. “La Fabrica de Suenos II” – 2012

This is one of the most impressive Spanish Christmas Lottery adverts in the entire series because it relays this magical lottery from a fantasy standpoint. The soundtrack for this fabulous ad is one of the best-known songs to ever be composed for a fantasy film, Danny Elfman’s “Ice Dance” from the official score to Tim Burton’s “Edward Scissorhands”.

So, enjoy the magic of the Loteria de Navidad in this epic advert. Let your imagination roam free and remember that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this special Spanish lottery. Be part of the game and you will do wonders.

6. “La Fabrica de Suenos” – 2011

The 2011 Spanish Christmas Lottery advert is the first glimpse that players have gotten into the magical world behind the Loteria de Navidad. When you buy your tickets for the game, remember that they came from the Dream Factory and let the fantastic charm of the game fuel your enthusiasm for this special draw.

7. Loteria de Navidad Advert – 2010

The Loteria de Navidad is the stuff of fairytales, as it has granted people from all over the world the possibility to make their wildest dreams come true. So, watch your favorite characters like Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Captain Hook and Peter Pan, as they get to meet the most enchanted character of all, Lady Luck.

We hope that these fantastic Spanish Christmas Lottery adverts have gotten you into the holiday spirit and that they have inspired you to see all the magical things in amazing world. So, buy your tickets for the Loteria de Navidad on theLotter and you will be a part of this truly enchanting game! May Lady Luck be on your side this year!

Loteria de Navidad Ticket Sales Have Started!

The Spanish Christmas Lottery – Lotería de Navidad 2017 will sweeten the holiday season with €2.38 billion in raffle prizes!

The Spanish Christmas Lottery – Lotería de Navidad 2017

theLotter is thrilled to announce that tickets for the Lotería de Navidad raffle draw are now available on the site. The draw will take place on 22 December 2017 but you can already purchase your tickets to ensure your participation!

Lotería de Navidad, also known as the Spanish Christmas Lottery, has been a highlight of the holiday season for Spaniards since its first draw in 1812. The raffle is lauded for offering the biggest lottery prize pool in the world, distributing €2.38 billion in prizes in its highly-anticipated annual draw and making as many as 340 millionaires in one night. In addition, Lotería de Navidad boasts unparalleled odds of winning, offering a 1 in 6.5 chance of collecting a prize and 1 in 100,000 odds of winning the jackpot!

Loteria de Navidad Ticket Sales Have Started!An additional €70 million in prizes will be distributed this year, making the 2017 edition of the Lotería de Navidad the most exciting one yet! It is estimated that 98% of all Spanish adults take part in the annual Lotería de Navidad raffle and players from around the world can participate by purchasing their tickets at theLotter.

A total of 170 jackpot prizes worth €4,000,000 each and 170 second prizes each worth €1,250,000 will be distributed in the draw. There will be 15,304 winning combinations in the draw. An unbelievable 26 million shares will collect prizes in the December 22nd raffle!

Official ticket shares are now on sale at theLotter. As ticket supplies are limited, act fast to ensure your participation in this amazing draw!

Purchase your Lotería de Navidad tickets today!


Loteria de Navidad Ticket Sales Have Started!

The Spanish Christmas Lottery – Loteria de Navidad 2016 will sweeten the holiday spirit with €2.24 billion in raffle prizes!


theLotter is thrilled to announce that tickets for the Spanish Christmas Lottery – Loteria de Navidad raffle draw are available on the site now. The Spanish Christmas Lottery has been a highlight of the holiday season for Spaniards since its first draw in 1812.

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is lauded for offering the biggest jackpot worldwide, distributing €2.24 billion in prizes in its highly-anticipated annual draw and making as many as 360 millionaires in one night. In addition to boasting an unprecedented jackpot, the Spanish Christmas Lottery has renowned odds of winning, offering 1 in 6.5 chances of collecting a lottery prize and 1 in 100,000 odds of winning the first prize!

98% of all Spanish adults take part in the celebrated Spanish Christmas Lottery, and theLotter is offering tickets worldwide for the Loteria de Navidad draw, the world’s richest lottery! Ticket supplies are limited, so act fast to purchase your tickets at theLotter!

It is expected that an unbelievable 27,547,200 share-holders will collect prizes from the 15,304 winning combinations on December 22nd! As many as 330 ticket-holders can walk away millionaires, with a guaranteed 165 jackpot prizes worth €4,000,000 each and 165 second prizes each worth €1,250,000 to be distributed!

Tens of millions of share-holders win cash prizes from a total of 11 secondary prize categories. Of course, the Spanish Christmas Lottery’s unrivalled 1 in 6.5 odds of winning a prize are responsible for the astonishing number of players who walk away raffle winners!

Look for Spanish Christmas Lottery tickets available soon at theLotter. With €2.24 billion in prizes, this yearly draw is not to be missed!