theLotter´s Raffle: Win a football trip to russia!!!

theLotter´s Raffle: Win a football trip to russia!!!

Russia … World’s biggest football event … You!

Can you imagine watching the most exciting football games in the world in person?
We will make your dreams come true!
We are raffling off an incredible all-inclusive package to the world’s biggest football
event! Play your favourite lotteries and you could find yourself on a plane to Moscow
this summer – a once in a lifetime experience!

Here’s What You Get

all-inclusive package to the world’s biggest football eventTickets for two persons
to three football matches:

17/06 – Germany vs. Mexico
19/06 – Poland vs. Senegal
20/06 – Portugal vs. Morocco

Play your favourite lotteries and take your seat at the world’s biggest & most exciting football matches this summer in Moscow!

Here’s How You Get It

Buy a minimum of 5 lottery tickets between 1 March 2018 and 1 May 2018.

After you’ve purchased a minimum of five tickets, every line you play is equal to one entry in the raffle draw. The more lines you play, the greater your chances of winning the raffle.

The raffle will take place on 3 May 2018. The winning player will be selected randomly at theLotter’s discretion. The winner will be notified by Customer Support.


Play your favourite lotteries and take your seat at the world’s biggest & most exciting football matches this summer in Moscow!

  • Terms and Conditions

    Prize is as stated above. There is no cash alternative.
    The prize is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
    If the prize is not accepted by the winning player for any reason, it will be awarded to the next player selected in the raffle.
    It is the responsibility of the player to have a valid passport for travel to Russia as well as travel insurance. theLotter will assist the player in getting the FAN IDs, the identification document required for visa-free travel to Russia and to enter the stadiums to watch the games.
    As a condition for accepting the prize, the winner and his/her companion must agree to be part of theLotter’s promotional campaign including going public with their names and photo, interviews, and wearing branded merchandise.
    A minimum purchase of 5 shares in a Syndicate or Bundle is equivalent to the 5-ticket purchase requirement for participation in the raffle. Once you’ve purchased a minimum of 5 shares in a Syndicate/Bundle, each of your shares is equivalent to a 3-line ticket.
    The purchase of a ticket with a minimum of 15 lines will qualify you to participate in the raffle, even though you haven’t purchased 5 individual tickets.

(FAQ) – Loteria National Extra

What is the Lotería Nacional Extra?

What is the Lotería Nacional ExtraLoteria Nacional Extra draws are super raffles (sorteos extradordinarios) from the Spanish National Lottery that take place year round. The Spanish National Lottery holds regular raffle draws twice a week, and in honour of special national holidays or traditions the lottery launches raffles with huge prizes (sorteos extradordinarios) about once a month. theLotter is committed to bringing sorteos extradordinarios to customers world-wide so that you can enjoy some of the best prizes and winning odds found anywhere on the globe!

How do I play the Loteria Nacional Extra?

Loteria Nacional Extra is a raffle in which players purchase pre-printed tickets with five-digit codes. The Spanish National Lottery prints 100,000 tickets for sorteo extradordinario draws in 10 copies (series) and further divides tickets into ten shares. Players can purchase whole tickets or individual shares.

100,000 tickets * 10 copies * 10 shares=10 million shares on the market

To play, select from the available shares here or shuffle the shares to see more raffle codes.

What do the different numbers on my Loteria Nacional Extra ticket mean?

What do the different numbers on my Loteria Nacional Extra ticket mean?

1 – This is the ticket code – can range between 00000-99999. This is the five-digit code which will be drawn at the time of the raffle.
2 – This is the lottery number and year for the upcoming draw
3 – This is the series number for the ticket – can range between 1-10
4 – This is the share number – can range between 1-10
5 – This is the complete date for the upcoming draw
6 – This is your ticket number

What are the odds of winning Loteria Nacional Extra?

Loteria Nacional has excellent winning odds that outshine many of the world’s biggest lotteries: more than 1 in 3 tickets will win a prize! The odds of the winning the first prize are 1:100,000, and there are 37, 151 ways to ways to win in every super draw! To see the full Loteria Nacional prize breakdown, click here.

How will I know if I won Loteria Nacional Extra?

The winning share and premio especial numbers will be available shortly after the draw, and all Loteria Nacional Extra results will be available within a few hours of the draw. Players can check Spanish National Lottery results using theLotter’s customised results checker. Please note: the premio especial winning number, series, and share will be displayed in a banner on theLotter’s results page and not in the prize breakdown. Additionally, the premio especial prize will not be supported by the results checker, and premio especial winners will be notified by theLotter’s customer support.

What is the premio especial in the Loteria Nacional Extra draws?

The premio especial is a jackpot prize awarded in many Loteria Nacional Extra draws. When awarded, the premio especial could be either €5 million, €15 million, or €20 million, depending on the size of the total prize pool. This prize is awarded to the player with the winning share in a specific series of the first prize winning ticket. As an example, in a draw with a €5 million premio especial, the winner holding the specific share in the specific series of the first prize winning ticket would receive €100,000 (share winnings) + €4.9 million (premio especial) = €5 million total prize.

How do I know when the next Loteria Nacional Extra takes place?

theLotter’s Spain local office is staffed by lottery experts who stay on top of the latest developments in the lottery world. The Spanish National Lottery releases the dates of the major super raffles as they approach, and theLotter will let customers know about the details of the next draw as soon as they are published!


Lotteries with Raffles

Which lotteries offer raffles?

You will be entered into a raffle when playing the EuroMillions & El MillónEuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker, France EuroMillions and My Million, UK Lotto  and Canada 6/49.

How do raffles work?

In a raffle you do not have to match any numbers to be a winner. You are automatically assigned a code (usually alphanumeric) that is printed on the lottery ticket at the time of purchase. On the day of the lottery draw, a separate draw takes place, and a winner is randomly picked from all purchased tickets. In other words, there is a guaranteed raffle winner in every draw where a raffle is offered

Do I choose my own numbers for the raffle?

No, the raffle code is assigned automatically by the terminal when the ticket is purchased and printed on the receipt. For all except the Canada 649, you receive 1 code per line that you purchase. For the Canada 649 you will receive only code.

How much can I win from raffles?

The following lottery raffles are available on theLotter:

  • EuroMillions & El Millón – The prize amount for this raffle is €1 million and one winning ticket is selected every Friday. Tickets purchased for both Tuesday and Friday draws are eligible for the weekly raffle.
  • EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker – The prize amount for this raffle is £1 million and there are two raffle winners per draw. On the last week of every month, two Mega Week raffles take place, each awarding £1 million and other luxury lifestyle prizes.
  • EuroMillions and My Million Raffle – The prize amount for this raffle is €1 million and one raffle winner is selected per draw.
  • Canada 6/49 Raffle – The prize amount for this raffle is CAD$1 million and one raffle winner is selected per draw.
  • UK Lotto – The UK National Lottery’s original raffle guarantees one £1 million prize winner and twenty £20,000 prize winners every single draw.

Do all EuroMillions drawings have raffles?

Raffle draws are part of the game when you play EuroMillions & El Millón, EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker, and France EuroMillions and My Million. All EuroMillions players, including those of you that play the Austria EuroMillions, participate in the European Millionaire Maker raffle, staged on select occasions throughout the year.

Tickets for €630 Million Lotería del Niño Raffle Now On Sale

Staged just two weeks after the Lotería de Navidad Christmas raffle, Lotería del Niño kicks off 2017 with a €630 million prize pool. Winning odds for a €2 million jackpot prize are an incredible 1:100,000, while 1 in every 3 tickets will win a secondary prize.

€630 Million Lotería del Niño Raffle

Both raffles are conducted in the same manner. Lotería del Niño tickets consist of 100,000 five-digit codes ranging from 00000-99999. There are 100,000 tickets, printed in 40 copies, each divided into ten shares. In total, there are 40 million shares. (100,000 tickets X 40 copies X 10 shares = 40 million shares.)

The first prize in the raffle is called the ‘Gordo’ and is worth €2 million for a full ticket or €200,000 for a single share of a winning ticket. The second prize is worth €750,000 for a full ticket. Forty (40) jackpot prizes are up for grabs.

Tickets for this world-famous annual raffle are now on sale at theLotter. Tickets contain pre-selected numbers and you can choose which of the available numbers you would like to play, and the amount of shares you would like to purchase.

There are over 37,000 opportunities to win a prize on each full ticket and 1 in 100,000 tickets is a jackpot winner! With odds like that, it’s no wonder that Lotería del Niño tickets sell like hotcakes.

As there are a limited number of tickets available, the time to buy Lotería del Niño tickets is right now! Don’t miss your chance to claim a share of this remarkable prize pool. You’ll even enjoy a special discount when you buy four or more shares at theLotter.

Buy a raffle ticket online for the Loteria del Nino with theLotter.

Loteria Nacional Brings theLotter Players More Than $14 K in Wins

Loteria Nacional Brings theLotter Players More Than $14 K in Wins

This February theLotter began offering Loteria Nacional raffle tickets for Spain’s exciting monthly draws. The first draw of its kind on February 9th brought players at theLotter more than $14,000 in wins!

Spain’s national lottery has a centuries-old tradition of super raffles which made their way to theLotter for the first time in February’s Cruz Roja draw. Players can check the Cruz Roja lottery results draw here. The Cruz Roja draw awarded € 10,668 ($14,226) in wins to theLotter players, and 1 in 3 players who entered the draw won a prize!

The Spanish National Lottery holds super raffles with prize pools rising to tens of thousands of Euros nearly every month and delivers some of the best winning odds of any European lottery game. February’s Cruz Roja offered €84 million in prizes, and March’s Almeria AECC draw will have an identical prize pool featuring the same qualities that made Cruz Roja a hit with lottery fans across the globe: 37,151 ways to win, 1 in 3 odds to take home a prize, and a jackpot (premio especial) worth €5 million!

The Spanish National Lottery works in partnership with the Cruz Roja ( Red Cross) and donates a significant portions of the annual draw proceeds to the organization. March’s Almeria AECC is given in honour of the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC), and the Spanish Lottery committs yearly to giving a sizeable slice of the proceeds to the worthy cause.