(theLotter) Introducing California Fantasy 5

TheLotter is excited to announce the latest addition to our lottery family: California Fantasy 5. Featuring daily draws and a jackpot that starts at $75,000, the California Fantasy 5 provides exciting winning opportunities every day of the week.

How to Play the California Fantasy 5

To win The California Fantasy 5 a player needs to select five winning numbers from a guess range of 1 to 39.

There are four prize categories total and while the jackpot starts at a scintillation $75,000 it can roll over if no one wins it.

Big Jackpots, Great Odds!

The largest California Fantasy 5 jackpot to date won by a single ticket was $837,593, won on 24 December 2016.

The overall odds of winning any prize in Fantasy 5 are an incredible 1 in 9, the odds of winning the jackpot are a generous 1 in 576,000.

California Fantasy 5 draws take place daily at 18:30 Pacific Standard Time.

Is Today Your Lucky Day?

Try your luck today, play the California Fantasy 5, because today could be your lucky day!


(FAQ) – Loteria National Extra

What is the Lotería Nacional Extra?

What is the Lotería Nacional ExtraLoteria Nacional Extra draws are super raffles (sorteos extradordinarios) from the Spanish National Lottery that take place year round. The Spanish National Lottery holds regular raffle draws twice a week, and in honour of special national holidays or traditions the lottery launches raffles with huge prizes (sorteos extradordinarios) about once a month. theLotter is committed to bringing sorteos extradordinarios to customers world-wide so that you can enjoy some of the best prizes and winning odds found anywhere on the globe!

How do I play the Loteria Nacional Extra?

Loteria Nacional Extra is a raffle in which players purchase pre-printed tickets with five-digit codes. The Spanish National Lottery prints 100,000 tickets for sorteo extradordinario draws in 10 copies (series) and further divides tickets into ten shares. Players can purchase whole tickets or individual shares.

100,000 tickets * 10 copies * 10 shares=10 million shares on the market

To play, select from the available shares here or shuffle the shares to see more raffle codes.

What do the different numbers on my Loteria Nacional Extra ticket mean?

What do the different numbers on my Loteria Nacional Extra ticket mean?

1 – This is the ticket code – can range between 00000-99999. This is the five-digit code which will be drawn at the time of the raffle.
2 – This is the lottery number and year for the upcoming draw
3 – This is the series number for the ticket – can range between 1-10
4 – This is the share number – can range between 1-10
5 – This is the complete date for the upcoming draw
6 – This is your ticket number

What are the odds of winning Loteria Nacional Extra?

Loteria Nacional has excellent winning odds that outshine many of the world’s biggest lotteries: more than 1 in 3 tickets will win a prize! The odds of the winning the first prize are 1:100,000, and there are 37, 151 ways to ways to win in every super draw! To see the full Loteria Nacional prize breakdown, click here.

How will I know if I won Loteria Nacional Extra?

The winning share and premio especial numbers will be available shortly after the draw, and all Loteria Nacional Extra results will be available within a few hours of the draw. Players can check Spanish National Lottery results using theLotter’s customised results checker. Please note: the premio especial winning number, series, and share will be displayed in a banner on theLotter’s results page and not in the prize breakdown. Additionally, the premio especial prize will not be supported by the results checker, and premio especial winners will be notified by theLotter’s customer support.

What is the premio especial in the Loteria Nacional Extra draws?

The premio especial is a jackpot prize awarded in many Loteria Nacional Extra draws. When awarded, the premio especial could be either €5 million, €15 million, or €20 million, depending on the size of the total prize pool. This prize is awarded to the player with the winning share in a specific series of the first prize winning ticket. As an example, in a draw with a €5 million premio especial, the winner holding the specific share in the specific series of the first prize winning ticket would receive €100,000 (share winnings) + €4.9 million (premio especial) = €5 million total prize.

How do I know when the next Loteria Nacional Extra takes place?

theLotter’s Spain local office is staffed by lottery experts who stay on top of the latest developments in the lottery world. The Spanish National Lottery releases the dates of the major super raffles as they approach, and theLotter will let customers know about the details of the next draw as soon as they are published!


Australian Lottery Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes, it seems that everywhere you turn, all you hear about are the American and European lotteries. It is true that the biggest lottery jackpots in the world are regularly awarded by Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions, but lottery fans will be interested in knowing that winning odds are much better Down Under. Australian lotteries are definitely worth playing and the prizes they offer are tax free! Get acquainted with exciting Australian lotteries and get ready to win!

Breaking News: The Saturday Lotto will stage an AUD$21 Million Superdraw on Saturday 13 May 2017. Staged several times a year, the Superdraw offers an increased jackpot and this time you could win an AUD$21 Million prize. Entries are on sale now at the regular price so purchase your Saturday Lotto tickets now!

Australian Lottery Guide

Why Are Australian Lotteries Special?

There are plenty of reasons to play Australian lotteries, especially if you are looking for variety in your game play. Each and every Australian lottery has something special to offer, but they have things in common as well

** Australia has a lottery draw nearly every day of the week.

** Australian lotteries offer some of the best winning odds anywhere.

** Lottery prizes in Australia are all paid out 100% tax-free!

Comparison of the Australian Lotteries

The odds of winning an Australian lottery are relatively high and the jackpots are quite attractive, giving players the precise balance between rollovers and wins to keep everything fresh, interesting, and exciting. It should come as no surprise that many of these lotteries regularly appear at the top of theSmart lottery ranking Let’s take a look at the basic stats here before moving on to read more in depth about each lottery:

Australia Monday Lotto

The first Australian lottery draw of the week takes place on Monday nights. Purchase your tickets now for the next Australia Monday Lotto draw!

How Australia Monday Lotto is Played

Australia’s Monday Lotto is played with a 6/45 format and there are two bonus balls from the main drum that are added to every draw to determine secondary prizes. Monday Lotto guarantees a fixed Division 1 prize of AUD$1 million per winner, up to four winners each draw. If there are more than four Division 1 winners, the AUD$4 million Division 1 prize pool is divided equally between them.

Australia Oz Lotto

The second day of the week is Tuesday and that is when people all over Australia play Oz Lotto. This lottery’s record is AUD$112 million, set in November 2012, and it’s the biggest jackpot ever won in Australia!

How Australia Oz Lotto is Played

To play Australia’s Oz Lotto, choose seven numbers from a range of 1-45. As with the Monday Lotto, Oz Lotto features two bonus balls, drawn from the same drum. These balls help determine some of the exciting secondary prizes you can win if you don’t claim the jackpot!

Australia Wednesday Lotto

On Wednesday nights, play the Australia Wednesday Lotto! Wednesday Lotto boasts a jackpot record of AUD$6 million, set in January 2009. Following changes introduced in 2012, Wednesday Lotto guarantees a fixed Division 1 prize of AUD$1 million per winner, up to four winners each draw. If there are more than four Division 1 winners, the AUD$4 million Division 1 prize pool is divided equally between them.

How Australia Wednesday Lotto is Played

The Australian Wednesday Lotto is played in the classic 6/45 format. As with many lotteries Down Under, two bonus balls are drawn from the same drum to determine prizes in four of the secondary prize divisions. In total, there are six secondary prizes players can win if they don’t capture the jackpot.

Australia Powerball Lotto

Thursday features the Australia Powerball. This is one of the biggest and most popular lottery games in Australia! Taking its name from its American counterpart, the US Powerball, the Australian Powerball has an incredible jackpot record of AUD$80 million, which was shared by two winning tickets in July 2009!

In May 2013, native Australian R.D. played the Powerball online with theLotter and claimed a fantastic third division prize of AUD$6,427! Read his story here.

How Australia Powerball Lotto is Played

To play Australia Powerball lottery, select 6 numbers out of 40, as well as an additional Powerball from a range of 1-20. There are eight prize divisions. The Powerball jackpot starts at AUD$3 million and has no rollover cap. After it reaches AUD$10 million, every rollover brings at least another AUD$10 million with it, so the potential for gigantic prizes is always huge with this lotto!

Australia Saturday Lotto

Saturday’s main event is the Saturday Lotto. This national Australian lottery is actually marketed in different Australian states under different names: Tattslotto, Gold Lotto, X Lotto, Lotto, and Saturday Lotto. These draws are all one and the same and you can purchase your tickets for the upcoming Australia Saturday Lotto draw right now!

The starting Saturday Lotto jackpot is AUD$4 million and the top prize is often shared by multiple winners. The jackpot record for this super exciting lottery is a whopping AUD$47.9 million, set in a Superdraw in April 2008.

The Saturday Lotto is a regular fixture atop theLotter’s theSmart lottery category, which takes into account the lottery odds, jackpot prizes, ticket price, and taxes to determine the lotteries with the best cost-benefit ratio. Yet another reason to play the Saturday Lotto!

In January 2013, O.S. from Russia won the Saturday Lotto’s second division prize worth US $11,061. He had been playing at theLotter for just under a year when he matched five numbers and the bonus number in the lottery’s 2013/3289 draw. You can read more about his exciting win here!

Saturday Lotto Superdraw

Seven times a year, the Australia Saturday Lotto stages special Superdraws. Superdraws offer a starting guaranteed jackpot of around AUD$20 million and are extremely popular.

Once a year, Saturday Lotto stages a Megadraw with an even bigger prize pool. The Megadraw takes place around Christmas/New Years and offers an incredible AUD$31 million jackpot prize!

How Australia Saturday Lotto is Played

Australia’s Saturday Lotto is played by selecting six numbers from a guess range of 1-45. Two bonus balls are selected from the same drum in the draw and they determine winners of four out of the six secondary prize divisions.

Australian Lotteries – an Abridged History

Australia joined the modern lottery world with a television broadcast on 24 June, 1972. The jackpot was a mere AUD$50 thousand and the game was actually a raffle. The first non-raffle draw took place in November 1979 with newspapers announcing “Today’s the Day to go Lotto!” The first prize was worth a whopping AUD$384,975 and the format was 6/40.

Australian lotteries are today played all over Australia and fans from around the world regularly play an Australian lottery online. When they first started, each Australian lottery was run independently and only operated in a specific Australian state. Oz Lotto became the first national Australian lottery when it launched on 22 February 1994.

The record Australian Powerball jackpot stands at AUD$80 million, which was shared by two winning tickets in July 2009. Oz Lotto’s record is AUD$112 million, set in November 2012, and it is currently the biggest lottery jackpot ever won in Australia!

Australian Lottery Guide

Why Play an Australian Lottery?

A better question would be – why not? With high chances of winning, incredible secondary prizes, frequent Superdraws, and no taxes on winnings, Australian lotteries deserve to receive as much attention as the leading European and American lotteries.

Play an Australian Lottery Online Now!

No matter where you are in the world, you can play all of the exciting Australian lotteries online right now! Make sure to purchase your tickets to the Monday Lotto, the Oz Lotto, the Wednesday Lotto, the Australia Powerball, and the Saturday Lotto and you will become the next big Australian lottery winner!


(FAQ) Lottery Categories: theBig & theSmart

What is theBig?

the biggest jackpots around the world

theBig is a lottery category that lists the biggest jackpots around the world! Subscribers to theBig are entered in the biggest lotteries online twice a week after calculating all the lottery draws by Tuesday at 04:00am GMT for the first entry, and by Friday 04:00am GMT for the second entry.

To subscribe to theBig, purchase a Subscription to the top lottery on theBig list. Subscribing to theBig will ensure that you regularly play the biggest jackpot in the world twice a week and never miss the opportunity to win a huge prize!

What is theSmart?

the best cost-benefit ratio in the world

theSmart is a lottery category that enters you in the lotteries with the best cost-benefit ratio in the world! TheSmart takes into account the price of the ticket, the declared jackpot, and the odds of winning in this formula which updates the category list on a daily basis according to this formula: Block Price^2*(Declared Jackpot)/(Jackpot Odds). Subscribers to theSmart are entered in the best draws online twice a week, after calculating all the draws by Tuesday 03:00am GMT and Friday 03:00am GMT.

To subscribe to theSmart, purchase a Subscription to the top lottery on theSmart list. Subscribing to theSmart will ensure that you regularly play the lottery with the best cost-benefit ratio in the world twice a week and never miss the opportunity to win!

Will I play the same lottery with theBig and the Smart every draw?

theLotter’s theBig category presents the biggest jackpots from around the world, and the jackpot offering the largest top prize may vary from day to day.

Similarly, the calculation of theSmart will change depending on available jackpots.  If you wish to subscribe to a single lottery online, please purchase a one-time entry in the lottery of your choice and choose to subscribe after confirming your purchase.

How do I set a price limit for subscriptions to theBig and theSmart?

Choose to play a lottery which appears on theBig or theSmart and confirm your selection. In the ‘Confirmation’ page, a window will appear with the details of your subscription. Open the ‘Set a price limit’ dropdown menu and set a price limit from the available options. If you do not set a price limit, the default selection will be ‘Unlimited.’ Click ‘Submit’ to confirm your purchase.

See Your Official Lottery Ticket Online at theLotter

Since we began buying official lottery tickets in 2002, we have aimed to create an operation that is transparent and trustworthy. The See Your Ticket Service sits at the core of this promise to our world-wide community of lottery fans who have taken home over $50 million in prizes.

See Your Ticket is one of the ways we practice what we preach. When you buy a ticket in any of the 49 lotteries offered on the site, you see a scan of the official lottery ticket purchased on your behalf. Our 25 local offices buy lottery tickets from licensed retailers with your selected numbers and play options so that you can cash in on lotto games all around the globe!

How Does This Work?

purchase the official lottery ticketsWe Buy

Local agents print out your order and purchase the official lottery tickets. The tickets are traded in for receipts containing the selected numbers, play options, and often date, time, and location of purchase. The tickets are securely stored in our local offices until all prizes are claimed and the tickets expire.

scanned into our systemWe Scan

After the tickets are purchased on your behalf, each ticket receipt – containing full participation details, is scanned into our system and matched to the appropriate transaction in your account. This allows you to view the specific ticket you paid for, in your password-protected online account.

be available to view in your accountYou See

We guarantee that a scan of every ticket you buy on the site will be available to view in your account before the draw. However, in rare cases, circumstances beyond our control may prevent us from purchasing the ticket in time. In these rare cases, the ticket will be canceled and refunded in full to your account, with additional compensation.

Where Do I See My Ticket?

See Your Official Lottery Ticket Online at theLotter1. Login to your account

2. Go to My Account

3. Choose the ticket you wish to see from the Entries table

4. Your official ticket scan will appear on the right hand side of the screen under “Your Ticket”

5. You can print your ticket by clicking the image on the right hand screen and then clicking on the “Print” button appearing on the lower right corner.

What Do I See on the Ticket?

What Do I See on the Ticket

Ticket Ownership

Purchase Confirmation EmailPurchase Confirmation Email

A confirmation email sent directly to the email you provided upon registration. The purchase confirmation email will contain the details of the ticket purchased, including the chosen lottery, your selected numbers, and the draw date.

Your Scanned Ticket Your Scanned Ticket 

A scan of the ticket purchased on your behalf will be displayed in your account, providing additional proof that the ticket was indeed purchased for you by theLotter, in accordance with your purchase order. 

Ticket Records are Always AvailableTicket Records are Always Available

Your participation information is permanently saved in your account record, and your account records can be printed at any time.

Claiming the Prize

Claiming the PrizeIn case of a jackpot win, we will pay your way to our local office and assist you to collect the prize in person with the assistance of theLotter’s t legal team and representatives. Most non-jackpot wins are collected by our local office on your behalf and transferred directly to your account on the site, and you can withdraw the win to your chosen payment method. While the scanned ticket in your account is an important component in validating ticket ownership, you cannot collect your prize with it – one can only do this with the original ticket. If you wish to collect the prize yourself, you are welcome to do so by contacting our customer support, who will put you in touch with the local office where your original ticket is safely kept.



theLotter – CELEBRATING 15 Years of Exciting Lottery Action

CELEBRATING 15 Years of Exciting Lottery Action

We have been the leading, first-of-its-kind lottery ticket purchasing service since 2002
and now we’re celebrating 15 amazing years! At this milestone in our story we present
15 unique features that make theLotter your
home for exciting lottery action.

A Lottery for Every Taste1.- A Lottery for Every Taste

Official lottery tickets are available to over 49 of the biggest lotteries in the world, including the US Powerball and Mega Millions. Participate in huge international raffle draws such as the €2.31 billion Loteria de Navidad.

2.- Real Proof of Purchase

Our local agents purchase official lottery tickets on your behalf. Your tickets are scanned and visible in your account before the draw.

3.- Safe and Secure

A wide range of online payment methods is available. Personal and payment details are encrypted under Geotrust 128 SSL bit security.

Making Dreams Come True4.- Making Dreams Come True

We’ve handled lottery prize payments of $58 million to nearly 3 million winners across the globe. Two of our players won huge jackpot prizes, including a player from Baghdad who won $6.5 million in the Oregon Megabucks, attracting extensive media interest. Four of our players each won $1 million in the US Powerball.

5.- Sharing Good Fortune

We help you donate some of your winnings to worthy charitable causes.

6.- High Odds & Smart Play

Improve your chances of winning without increasing your expenses by buying syndicate tickets. Play “TheSmart” lotteries for the best odds and cost-benefit ratio on your purchases.

Sharing Good Fortune7.- At Your Service, All the Time

We highly value our customers and provide them with 24/7 professional, yet friendly multilingual support including live chat to ensure their satisfaction playing lotteries with us.

8.- Up-To-Date Official Results

We provide results for over 80 lotteries making us the leading online resource for everything lottery related.

9.- Tricks & Tips

Get an edge on lottery play with our lottery guides, informative articles, and lottery news stories.

Royal VIP Treatment10.- Royal VIP Treatment

Our generous loyalty programme rewards players with huge discounts up to 20% on their ticket purchases and stages special events and promotions.

11.- Winning Notifications

We automatically notify you by email and SMS every time you win. If you win big – you can expect a personal phone call!

12.- The Lottery Community

Enjoy contests, polls, updates, draw results, and video while connecting with fellow players on Facebook and Twitter.

Lottery on the Go13.- Lottery on the Go

Play the lottery and get draw results wherever you are with a convenient app suitable for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

14.- Always on Time

Play multi-draws and subscriptions so that you’ll never miss another draw. Utilize our systematic form to play even more numbers.

15.- Fun Playing!

We’ll surprise you with new and enjoyable ways to play, and guide you to amazing discounts that will make your participation fun and exciting.

How To Win The Lottery

How To Win The Lottery

Winning the lottery seems like a daunting, if not impossible, task. But there are some players out there who seem to have figured it out. So what is their secret? What do these players do to improve their odds of winning?

How did these players win?

How did these players win?

In 2012, the world’s record lotto jackpot of $656 million was won by a group of friends. Three co-workers from Maryland, calling themselves ‘The ‘Three Amigos’, decided to play Mega Millions together. The friends, who were all employees of Maryland’s education system, each put in $20 and bought a total of 60 Mega Millions tickets together.

The youngest member of the group spread all 60 tickets out on the floor, watched the results and checked all the tickets. And her hard work paid off – they had a jackpot winner! She immediately called up her friends, they signed the tickets, made copies and locked the original away in a safe. The winning numbers were 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and Mega Ball 23.

This record-breaking $656 million Mega Millions jackpot was won by three tickets, one of which belonged to these ‘Three Amigos’. The three friends decided to remain anonymous and they split their portion of the prize three ways. Each of them had different plans about what they would do with the winnings. One player wanted to back-pack through Europe, another planned on touring the Italian wine country, and the third player intended on buying a house for his sister and paying off his daughter’s college fees.

At their press conference, the three educators dressed in disguise and hid their faces behind their gigantic cheque of $218.6 million. We may never find out who the ‘Three Amigos’ really are, but we do know that playing the lotto together was their winning formula!

Playing the lottery in this way, as a group, is also known as a ‘lottery syndicate’. Lottery syndicates are played all over the world and are known to be very successful. Actually, 1 in every 3 jackpots are won by syndicates!

Syndicates can get big

Syndicates can get big

The lottery has been won many times by large groups of players. The ‘Ocean’s 16’ syndicate that won the US Powerball $448 million jackpot in 2013 was made up of 16 members! This group of 16 called themselves ‘Ocean’s 16’ after the hit movie ‘Ocean’s 11’ starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney, and also because they hail from Ocean County, New Jersey.

They were all employees of New Jersey’s Ocean County Department of Vehicle Services and enjoyed buying lottery tickets together. Some of them had suffered the ravage of Superstorm Sandy that hit Ocean County in October 2012, so this jackpot was a big relief for these lotto players.

The $448 million jackpot was won also by two other tickets, so the group’s portion was $149 million. They each took home $3.8 million, becoming instant millionaires. Not bad for a mere $6 investment each!

As these co-workers experienced for themselves, the more members you have in your group, the better your winning odds. This is logical, because more money in the kitty means that you can buy more tickets! There is one drawback, though, to playing with so many people – it is a hassle to set up and manage such a large group.

You need to recruit members, collect money, chase people to pay what they owe, purchase tickets, check results and pick up the winnings. The biggest hassle of all is to make sure that everyone pays on time or even pays as promised, so that you’re not left paying for all the tickets out of your own pocket.

Nowadays, there are lottery syndicates available online that make playing as a group that much easier. theLotter allows you to buy shares in online syndicates for the world’s biggest lotteries with no hassle or work involved on your part. All you need to do is buy shares in the syndicate of your choice, and this online lottery service provider will do the rest for you.

theLotter’s syndicate service sets up syndicates in advance, pre-purchases batches of tickets and notifies players of the results and any wins. You can kick back and relax as your account gets credited by theLotter with your syndicate winnings. Easy and very rewarding.

How does this ensure a lottery win?

There are many methods and strategies out there; tried-and-tested, proven ways to win the lottery. The problem with all of them is that they require a fairly large amount of tickets in order to cover all the necessary combinations, for example, if you had to buy multiple lottery tickets to cover all Powerball numbers. That’s where the syndicates come in. Grouping with others allows you to cover enough options to guarantee your syndicate wins a prize, and that’s the only guaranteed way of winning the lottery.