Austria Lotto Winning Odds Are So Good, You Have Got to Play!

About Austria LottoWith so many exciting European lotteries to choose from, you might not have considered playing Austria Lotto. That’s a shame because the Austria Lotto winning odds are so good that players tend to win a lot of prizes. We know this very well because one of our players – a chauffeur from Moscow – won an €824,000 Austria Lotto jackpot in February 2016. You could be next!

About Austria Lotto

Austria Lotto, officially known as Lotto 6 aus 45 (Lotto “6 out of 45“), is Austria’s favourite lottery game. The simple “6 out of 45” format is perfect not only for Austrians, but also for lottery players everywhere. This format results in a relatively small number of top prizes, generous mid-tier prizes, and many low-tier winnings. Austria Lotto drawings are held twice every week, on Sundays and Wednesdays, and the minimum jackpot is now guaranteed at €1 million.

The very first Austria Lotto draw took place on 7 September 1986. Austria Lotto’s record jackpot was awarded on 12 August 2015, when a player from Vienna won a jackpot of €9,643,151.70.

Austria Lotto Winning Odds

Austria Lotto Winning Odds Are Incredible

The odds of winning the Austria Lotto jackpot are 1 in 8,145,060. This is far better than the odds of winning the jackpot in some of the other European lotteries. For example, the odds of winning the Swiss Lotto are 1:31,474,716; while in France Loto the odds are 1:19,068,840.

With these jackpot odds you have a good chance of winning Austria Lotto’s top prize! But if you don’t win the jackpot, you still can win in this great lottery. Austria Lotto winning odds give you a great chance of winning in one of the other 9 additional prize divisions. The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 16. Austria Lotto winnings are paid out tax free, which is yet another reason many players find Austria Lotto to be their lottery of choice.

theLotter’s Austria Lotto Jackpot Winner

One person who can truly attest to how easy it is to win when playing the Austria Lotto is S. K., a chauffeur from Moscow. The father of three had only been playing at theLotter for a few months when he tried his luck in the Austria Lotto. He picked his numbers randomly as usual. After he purchased his tickets he came home from work and opened up his laptop to see if he had won anything.

S.K. successfully matched the six main numbers selected in the draw: 4, 17, 18, 23, 31, and 40. He won an €824K Austria Lotto jackpot prize. “I lost 3.5 kilos in two days – that is how excited I was,” S.K. said when he was flown by theLotter to Vienna to collect his prize.

theLotter’s Austria Lotto Jackpot Winner

You Could Be the Next Big Austria Lotto Winner

It is easy to see the advantages and benefits of playing this exciting European lottery. Make sure to purchase your Austria Lotto tickets now so that you’ll be ready to win big in the upcoming draw!


The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Draw Packages

Participate in the biggest lottery draws of the planet with Multi-Draw Packages and you save money, time and hassle. Learn all about multi-draw packages in this comprehensive guide on multi-draw packages.

Multi-Draw Packages for Lottery Syndicates

2 Reasons Why Multi-Draw Packages Rock

Do you love playing lotteries online? Great! If there is a particular lottery which you favour or like to play for a few draws in a row, then multi-draw packages are your best choice!

  • Multi-Draws packs save you loads of time and hassle; you no longer need to purchase a ticket for each draw.
  • Multi-Draw packs allow you to make savings of up to 25% compared to regular ticket purchases!

How to Pre-Order Lottery Tickets Online with Multi-Draw Packages

When you play lotteries online at theLotter with a Multi-Draw package, you pre-order lotto tickets for your favourite game. You are in charge. You select how many draws you wish to participate in; there are Multi-Draw Packages for 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws. The numbers on your tickets will be the same each draw and you can either pick your own lucky numbers or opt for a randomly selected lot.

With Multi-Draw packages you only need to place an order once – theLotter takes care of your entries for subsequent draws according to the criteria you set. There’s no need for you to confirm your tickets before each draw and therefore there is no risk of you missing a deadline or forgetting to buy your ticket altogether.

For added comfort, theLotter offers you a choice between manual and automatic renewal of your Multi-Draw package. Whichever option you choose, you will receive an email from us when your package is about to expire. If you opt for auto-renew, the email will tell you that the package has been renewed automatically.

you receive a discount ranging from 15% to 25%

Make More Savings with Multi-Draw Packages for Online Lotteries

You play the lottery because it’s fun and entertaining, but surely your desire to land a big jackpot prize is also part of the equation. theLotter appreciates it when players are faithful to a certain lottery. That’s why we offer a discount when you get a Multi-Draw Package. With Multi-Draw Packages you receive a discount ranging from 15% to 25% compared to the regular price of entries!

How to Play with a Multi-Draw Package for Lottery Syndicates

Since last year, theLotter offers you the ability to play lotteries together with other online lottery players in a lottery syndicate.

We have now extended our Multi-Draw Package service to cover lottery syndicates, too. Lottery group play is undoubtedly the best way for minimising the cost of participation. As if that weren’t enough, theLotter gives an additional discount to lottery syndicate players when they purchase a Multi-Draw package!

When buying a Multi-Draw Pack for a syndicate you will need to decide how many shares you want to buy, because when you play in a group, you will not be the owner of the entire ticket, but rather a shareholder in a group which collectively owns many tickets.

Which Type of Lottery Syndicates for Multi-Draw Packages are there?

Unlike Multi-Draw packages for individual play, Multi-Draw Packages for lottery syndicates allow you to register for different syndicates, provided they’re for the same lottery. There are various lottery syndicates available to you:

  • Random Selection: Numbers randomly chosen for a set number of lines.
  • Systematic Form: Covers all unique combinations possible of between 7 to 14 randomly chosen numbers.
  • Additional Numbers Match Guaranteed: All regular drawn numbers are randomly selected. In addition, the group gets lines with every possible combination of the lottery’s additionally drawn numbers (or number), guaranteeing that the syndicate will match these at least once.
  • Guaranteed Number Match: All regular drawn numbers are randomly selected. Each syndicate line has one variable number, spanning the entire guess range of the lottery. As a result, the syndicate is guaranteed to match at least one of the drawn numbers!

With Multi-Draw packages you can join several different groups and adopt your strategy of choice. You can play it safe by opting for syndicates offering a Guaranteed Number Match, go for those syndicates with the maximum number of winning combinations, or choose a combination of the two!

How Do Multi-Draw Packages for Syndicates Work?

The principle of a Multi-Draw package remains the same regardless of whether you play with a group or alone. If, however, you choose to join a lottery syndicate which is opened specifically for an exceptionally large jackpot, it can happen that, for subsequent draws, theLotter will allocate you to a slightly different syndicate, which most closely matches the characteristics of your original choice. This scenario is clearly explained in our FAQ section. For more information, go to the FAQ section about Syndicates and read the answer to With multi-draw for syndicates, will I always play identical syndicates?

Multi-Draw Packages vs Subscriptions

Multi-Draw Packages and Subscriptions have one important thing in common: they both allow lotto lovers to participate in all the draws of their favourite lottery without missing a single one. Yet, both Multi-Draw Packages as well as Subscriptions have unique advantages distinguishing them from each other. The table below summarises the main characteristics of each service, giving you the opportunity to make up your own mind and choose which option suits you best.



# pre-ordered tickets

5, 10, 25 or 52



Up to 25%


Free ticket


10th ticket free

Manual number selection

Yes (individual play), no (for syndicate play)


Quick Pick



Can you change numbers?




In advance

Per draw

Order cancellation



Syndicate Play



VIP Points

Regular VIP Club criteria apply

25 points

What it boils Down to is this…

Now you’ve read this article, you should have a good understanding of all things related to Multi-Draw Packages, but the three main advantages of playing lotteries with Multi-Draw packs are still the most poignant!

With Multi-Draw Packages:

  • You save money
  • You never miss a draw
  • You maximise your chances of winning

Panamanian Wins $30 Million Jackpot Playing Florida Lotto with theLotter

Florida Winner

Nothing makes us happier at theLotter than to say that we played a small part in changing someone’s life and making a dream come true! We are excited, happy, and proud to announce that Aura D. from Panama won a $30 million jackpot playing Florida Lotto with theLotter! Take a moment to let that sink in and then read on! There are plenty of exciting, unbelievable details to her story!

Panamanian Wins $30 Million Jackpot Playing Florida Lotto with theLotter“I really was needing the money! Really, really!”

Despite being retired, Aura continued working to support her kids.
“I’m a retired woman, I would like to stop working because I continued working because I have my children, but I want to rest, really!”. While Aura doesn’t yet know what she plans to do with her $30 million win, one thing is for certain: she can finally retire for good! Needless to say her children and future generations won’t have to worry about money, either.

I really was needing the money! Really, really

Six Lucky NumbersSix Lucky Numbers

As you can see from Aura’s ticket, the numbers 3, 10, 20, 29, 35 and 50 added up to $30 million! She used the computer generated quick pick to select all of her numbers rather than selecting her own numbers. Not just that, Aura had only been playing with theLotter for about two months before she scored her big win. She found our site online and learned more about theLotter’s services from a customer service representative before deciding to open an account and start playing.

Give Yourself a Chance to WinGive Yourself a Chance to Win

Aura played smart from the beginning by subscribing to the Florida Lotto, ensuring that she would never miss a draw, including her incredible winning draw! Unbelievably, Aura had canceled her subscription and her winning draw was the last one before her subscription finished! Had she cancelled earlier she would not have won! Talk about a close call!

Lightning Strikes TwiceLightning Strikes Twice

It looks like we’re on to something good at theLotter! We purchased Aura’s winning ticket from a store that had also sold a winning ticket worth $100 million in the past! Can lightning strike three times?

To win Florida Lotto a player needs to match six numbers from a guess range of 1-53. Florida Lotto’s jackpot begins at $2-3 million and will grow until there is a winner, there are no jackpot caps or rollover limits. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1:22,957,480, but when you’re lucky that’s enough!

Aura was the sole jackpot winner in the draw of Wednesday July 19th and therefore takes home the entire $30 million jackpot minus taxes.

Add Your Name to the ListAdd Your Name to the List

Aura is the biggest winner on theLotter by far and earns her prominent place on our big winners page! She’ll join, among many others, H. from El Salvador who won $1 million playing US Powerball, S. from Russia who won €824,000 playing Austria Lotto, and of course M.M. from Iraq who won $6.4 million playing Oregon Megabucks all the way from Baghdad! While the size of Aura’s win is certainly important and worth telling, there is so much more to her story than the money.

Add your name to our big winners list and let us tell your incredible story, too! Play now!

First Time Dutch Player Wins $15,000 Mega Millions Prize with theLotter

irst Time Dutch Player Wins $15,000 Mega Millions Prize

One lucky player from Amsterdam won $15,000 playing Mega Millions with theLotter ! Believe it or not: it was his first time playing with theLotter ! Make sure to read on, because there’s plenty more to this incredible story that we are happy to share with you, however, to safeguard his anonymity, for now we’ll call our lucky winner K.

He Switched to theLotter and Won Immediately

K. could not have known it at the time, but simply finding theLotter was his first step in his incredible journey to a lottery win! He explains what led him to theLotter in the first place, ‘I’m playing the Dutch lottery (Staatsloterij) for a long time without ever winning anything so I said, “let me have a look at what is possible internationally and especially in the US.”’

It certainly is a good thing that K. looked beyond Holland for lottery success. Once he landed at theLotter , he was off and running! On his very first try, K. matched four numbers plus the bonus number to win Mega Millions’ 3rd prize!

Lucky Numbers, Smart Thinking

Mega Millions’ 3rd prizeK.’s winning entry is pictured above. As you can see, he correctly chose 4 out of 5 numbers plus the Megaball in draw 2017/49 that took place on 20 June 2017. K.’s winning numbers were 2, 15, 49, 63, and Megaball 3. The jackpot winning numbers were 2,15, 41,49, 63, and Megaball 3. There were no jackpot winners, two second prize winners, and 20 third prize winners, including K.!

K. laughed when we asked him how he got so lucky and chalked it up to, ‘perhaps a little magic.’ However, it was not magic but rather smart thinking on K.’s behalf to add the Megaplier to his Mega Millions entry, multiplying his third prize from $5,000 to a very respectable $15,000!

We Make Our Own Luck

It’s easy to look at K.’s story and only see the story of a very lucky player who found success on his first try. But, that way, we’re missing the most important details of K.’s story!

K.’s story is actually one of action and initiative. Fed up with not winning at home in Holland, he went online to theLotter to play bigger lotteries in the US.

Once K. arrived to theLotter, he made sure that if he would win a prize he would win every single dollar available by adding the Megaplier to his Mega Millions entry.

K. absolutely earned his win. You can earn your own win, too! Play Mega Millions, or Powerball, or any other lottery that calls your name, and don’t forget to add the multiplier, if available! Luck can find you, just make sure you’re prepared!

How It Works

The Biggest Lottery Syndicate Winners of All Time

Lottery syndicates are an excellent play tool because they can increase the players’ odds of winning exponentially. In this article, we will tell you about the biggest lottery syndicate winners of all time so that you can get an idea of the amazing opportunities offered by this play method. With a relatively small investment, these players have become millionaires. Take a look!

How do Lottery Syndicates Work?

When you buy a lottery ticket, you have a chance of winning the amazing prizes in the game. To increase your odds of being a winner, you can buy more lottery tickets because the more your buy, the better chance you have. However, increasing your chances in a significant way requires quite a lot of tickets, which is inevitably expensive.

The major advantage boasted by lottery syndicates is that they offer players the possibility of buying a large amount of tickets as a group. As such, each member of the syndicate holds a share of the winnings that the tickets may generate. This has proven to be the key to success for quite a few players along the years and their stories can show you the power of lottery syndicates. So, whether you want to play the US Powerball, the South Africa Powerball, or the France Loto, playing as part of a syndicate could prove to be extremely lucky!

The Biggest Lottery Syndicate Winners of All Time

1. The Three Amigos

Back in 2012, the Tree Amigos became the best-known lottery syndicate winners of all time when they won a third of the enormous $656 million jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery. The “Amigos” worked together in the Maryland education system and they decided to play as a syndicate. Each of them put in $20 and together they bought as many as 60 tickets.

Their minimal investment paid off tremendously, as they each won a third of their $218.6 million share of the huge jackpot. The Three Amigos wished to remain anonymous, but their story has made numerous headlines in the media because it is an excellent example for lottery players from all over the world.

they won a third of the enormous $656 million jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery

2. Ocean’s 16

The Ocean’s 16 syndicate was one of the three jackpot winners in the US Powerball draw on August 7th, 2013. They each pitched in and together they bought several lottery tickets, one of which turned out to be very lucky for them. The jackpot was worth $448 million, out of which they got one third. This amounted to $149 million and they opted for the $86 million cash option.

Their story is actually one of the most heartwarming lottery stories out there, as six members of the Ocean’s 16 syndicate were among the victims of Superstorm Sandy that struck Ocean County just one year before. They went to collect their winnings together and finally, each of them got a $3.8 million share of the huge jackpot.

3. The Tennessee Twenty

The Tennessee Twenty are the latest lottery syndicate winners

The Tennessee Twenty are the latest lottery syndicate winners. They won $420 million in the  lottery on November 29th, 2016 and they each got an equal share of the prize. The twenty members of the syndicate work together in a metal manufacturing plant and they had been playing the lottery together for as long as eight years.

One of the Tennessee Twenty told the press that they buy lottery tickets worth $120 every Wednesday and Saturday. On November 29th, it was their lucky day and they couldn’t be happier to collect their prize. They chose the $254 lump payment, which earned each of them $12.7 million before taxes.

4. The French Villagers

The biggest lottery syndicate winners in the EuroMillions lottery were from France – the village of Venelle, the Bouches-du-Rhône department. A group of 15 men and women aged 34-62, they scooped a staggering €100 million in September 2009 and they split their winnings amongst them. The mayor of Venelles described them as decent people who “get up early and work hard, basically good people”. With more than 6 million euros in their pockets each, they’ve got a sudden chance to change their lives. For their prize claiming ceremony, they received a royal welcome from the official French lottery operator, including dinner in a prestigious restaurant and a night in a palace, all paid for by the FDJ.

The Mysterious Irish Syndicate

5. The Mysterious Irish Syndicate

The second biggest lottery syndicate winners in the EuroMillions lottery were from Dublin, Ireland. They won a staggering €86.7 million in September 2014 and they split their winnings amongst them. Luckily for them, they were the only winners of the draw, which entitled them to the full amount of the jackpot. They became known as the “Mysterious Irish Syndicate” because they wished to remain entirely anonymous.

6. The Dublin EuroMillions Bus Drivers

July 1st, 2016 was a very lucky day for 22 bus drivers who won a whopping €23.8 million in the  lottery. They were so thrilled with their win that none of them went into work the following day, but Dublin Bus had no problem with that. “I certainly wouldn’t be here if I’d won a million quid”, said the company’s area manager.

The company actually provided them with an additional day off to celebrate their amazing lottery win, but as many as five of the 22 bus drivers came to work that day. A Dublin Bus representative told the press that some of the lucky winners have a longstanding experience of up to 40 years with the company and that they would not have gotten as far in the company as they did “if they weren’t decent blokes”.

Now that these stories about lottery syndicate winners have put things into perspective for you, maybe it is time for you to try online lottery syndicates for yourself. On theLotter, you can buy a share in a syndicate and actively increase your odds of winning the amazing prizes. Good luck!


Everything You Need to Know about the €100m EuroMillions Superdraw

Latest news: The EuroMillions Superdraw is back! The special draw that attracts lottery players not only from Europe but from all over the world will take place on Friday 30 June 2017 and the starting guaranteed jackpot has been set at €100 million.

This is the first EuroMillions Superdraw of 2017 and hopefully other special draws will take place later this year. The last draw was held on 30 September 2016 and the top prize rolled over until one lucky ticketholder from Belgium won the entire €168,085,323 jackpot on 11 October 2016.

Get your tickets now and play to win the Superdraw’s super-sized jackpot of €100 million on 30 June, 2017.

What Is a EuroMillions Superdraw?

The Superdraw is a highly anticipated event on the lottery calendar, but what is it?

The EuroMillions Superdraw is a special lottery event staged from time to time that guarantees a massive jackpot. A Superdraw can be announced at any time, usually to coincide with a special event. It replaces the regular EuroMillions lottery, rolling over until it is finally won. The starting jackpot of a Superdraw lottery has been set at an incredible €100 million. This is much more than the usual EuroMillions base jackpot, making the Superdraw a draw not to be missed!

The EuroMillions Superdraw jackpots are made possible by contributions from the dedicated Reserve Fund of the pan-European lottery. At every regular EuroMillions draw, 8.6% of the generated income is deposited in a Common Prize Fund and this money accumulates until it is used to guarantee a Superdraw jackpot.

How Do You Play the EuroMillions Superdraw?

Playing the EuroMillions Superdraw is just as simple as participating in the regular, twice-weekly drawings of the EuroMillions. 

Superdraw drawings take place according to the standard rules of the EuroMillions. If the jackpot is not won, the jackpot prize money rolls over to the next draw, continuing to rise until it reaches the jackpot cap of €190 million.

Buy your tickets at theLotter so that you can play this massive lottery. All you need to do is select five main numbers (1-50), and two Lucky Stars (1-12), or increase your chances by selecting a systematic form. Choose these numbers on your own or use Quick Pick to randomly select your numbers. You can purchase a one-time entry or, better yet, improve your odds of winning a huge prize by participating in a EuroMillions syndicate or bundle.

To make sure that you don’t miss the Superdraw, and to guarantee that you’ll play every draw when the jackpot prize rolls over, consider purchasing a EuroMillions multi-draw ticket. Even better, opt for a EuroMillions subscription and get the added bonus of every 10th ticket free.

Everything You Need to Know about the €100m EuroMillions Superdraw

What Happened in Recent Superdraws?

Here are the results of recent Superdraws which attracted lottery enthusiasts from all over the world.

  • A lucky player from Belgium won the entire €168 million Superdraw jackpot on 11 October 2016 after it rolled over 3 times from its €130 million starting jackpot on 30 September 2016.
  • In the first EuroMillions Superdraw of 2015, a lucky player from Portugal won the €100 million jackpot prize outright on 6 March 2015 by successfully matching all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars.
  • The second Superdraw of 2015 rolled over twice until a single player from the UK claimed the huge jackpot on 12 June 2015, worth a staggering £93 million. The lucky ticket holder elected to remain anonymous.
  • The €100 million Superdraw jackpot in the drawing held on 6 November 2015 rolled over it until it reached €163,553,041. This amazing jackpot was won on 20 November 2015 by a single ticket sold in Portugal.

History of the EuroMillions Superdraw

When did the EuroMillions Superdraw start? Was it always available as part of the EuroMillions lottery?

The first EuroMillions ever took place in February 2004. At the time, only France, Spain, and the United Kingdom took part. By the time that the EuroMillions Superdraw was introduced on 9 February 2007, there were nine participating countries. That first Superdraw offered a starting jackpot of €100 million and it was won in its entirety by an anonymous player from Belgium.

The Superdraw that took place on 3 October 2014 rolled over six times to be the first to reach the jackpot cap of €190 million. It was won on 24th October by a single ticket purchased in Portugal.

The Superdraw planned for 6 June 2014 was the first to be superseded by the regular EuroMillions jackpot that had been accumulating prior to the draw. A ticket bought in Spain won a €137 million prize in the drawing on 13 June 2014.

Most of the Superdraw lottery winners have elected to remain anonymous but two exceptions were winners who purchased their tickets in the UK.  On 7 October 2011, Angela and Dave Dawes won the jackpot worth £101 million. In the drawing held on 14 March 2014, Neil Trotter won a jackpot worth £107 million.

EuroMillions Superdraw

EuroMillions Superdraw Records

As the jackpot cap of the EuroMillions Superdraw is a staggering €190 million, the lottery can never offer a higher jackpot. Even so, that jackpot cap has been reached only once in the history of the Superdraw. This happened at the drawing staged on 3 October 2014. The jackpot rolled over six times to reach the jackpot cap of €190 million on 24 October. The sole winner was a ticket purchased in Portugal.

The €190 million jackpot cap was also reached in a regular EuroMillions drawing in August 2012. That massive jackpot was shared by two lucky tickets.

Previous EuroMillions Superdraws

                Date        Final Jackpot          Winner(s)                         Balls
30 Sept. 2016 €168 million
1 – Belgium 5 12 20 24 37 4 11
6 Nov. 2015 €163 million 1 – Portugal 3 17 26 38 40 4 10
5 June 2015 €129 million 1 – UK 2 7 8 45 48 1 9
6 Mar. 2015 €100 million 1 – Portugal 23 30 47 49 50 2 7
3 Oct. 2014 €190 million 1 – Portugal 4 13 23 48 50 5 10
6 June 2014 €137 million 1 – Spain 7 25 34 40 49 9 11
7 Mar. 2014 €129 million 1 – UK 5 10 38 40 41 1 8
15 Nov. 2013 €100 million 1 – Spain 3 13 15 29 42 1 4
7 June 2013 €187 million 2 – Belgium / Ireland 7 14 26 45 50 2 7
22 Mar. 2013 €132 million 1 – France 12 27 32 34 49 8 9
28 Sept. 2012 €100 million 1 – Spain 20 23 26 30 33 6 9
4 Oct. 2011 €117 million 1 – UK 14 16 23 38 45 8 11
10 May 2011 €121 million 1 – Spain 3 10 15 28 45 5 7
1 Oct. 2010 €129 million 1 – UK 1 4 6 27 48 1 6
5 Feb. 2010 €129 million 2 – Spain / UK 34 35 38 39 46 3 4
18 Sept. 2009 €100 million 1 – France 6 16 30 38 41 2 4
6 Mar. 2009 €100 million 2 – Austria / France 13 17 19 25 35 5 6
9 Feb. 2007
€100 million
1 – Belgium
14 16 30 36 46 2 8

EuroMillions Superdraw Records

EuroMillions Superdraw FAQ

Confused about the EuroMillions Superdraw? Don’t be! We have answers to your frequently asked questions!

  • What is the difference between EuroMillions and the EuroMillions Superdraw? The EuroMillions Superdraw is a special drawing that replaces the regular EuroMillions drawing. While the opening jackpot for the regular EuroMillions is €17 million, the opening Superdraw jackpot is an incredible €100 million. In both cases there is a jackpot cap of €190 million.
  • Are there any special rules for EuroMillions Superdraws? The EuroMillions Superdraw operates according to the same rules as the regular EuroMillions lottery. To participate, all you have to do is select five main numbers (1-50), and two Lucky Stars (1-12).
  • What is the minimum EuroMillions Superdraw? What is the maximum? The starting guaranteed jackpot for a Superdraw is €100 million. The maximum Superdraw jackpot is set at €190 million.
  • What happens if the Superdraw jackpot is not won? If the Superdraw is not won, the jackpot prize will roll over to the next EuroMillions drawing. It will keep rolling over until the jackpot is won, or until it reaches the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot cap of €190 million. The jackpot can remain at that amount for four drawings. After this, if the jackpot is not won, the prize money will roll down to be divided among the winners of the next highest prize tier.
  • How many Superdraws per year are there? There is no guaranteed number of Superdraws per year, as they are announced from time to time. In each of the years 2013, 2014, and 2015, three Superdraws took place.
  • How long before the draw is a Superdraw announced? There is no definite procedure regulating when a EuroMillions Superdraw is announced. Usually the news is released a few weeks before the draw is scheduled to take place.

Don’t Miss the Next EuroMillions Superdraw!

The EuroMillions Superdraws are held from time to time and with their incredible €100 million, they are drawings that you can’t afford to miss. Make sure to buy your Superdraw tickets at theLotter so that you can participate in this huge special event.

(theLotter) Introducing New York Take 5

New York Take 5 is theLotter’s newest daily draw lottery available to lottery players all over the world! New York Take 5 offers a typical jackpot of $60,000 and daily draws giving players a chance to win from Sunday through Saturday!

New York Take 5 - lottery

How to Play, How to Win

To play New York Take 5 a player needs to choose 5 numbers from a guess range of 1 to 39. Select all 5 numbers correctly to win the jackpot!

New York Take 5 offers four total prize categories. Overall odds of winning a prize are an astonishing 1 in 8.77.
Jackpot winning odds are a favourable 1:575,757. If no one wins the jackpot, it rolls down to the 2nd prize and is split by the 2nd prize winners.

Take 5 to Play New York Take 5

Five minutes is all you’ll need from registration to checkout to play New York Take 5 on theLotter. If you already have an account, you can play in about 30 seconds!

Play New York Take 5, it will always be time well spent!