The Ultimate Guide to How Lottery Jackpots are Calculated

theLotter offers over 50 international lotteries, and counting, to play. Each lottery on theLotter is different, some with bigger jackpots, some with better winning odds, and some are daily draws. There is a lottery for every player and playing style on theLotter! While all of the lotteries on the site are different, they all have one thing in common: players want to win the jackpot! Everyone wants to win the jackpot, but, how are lottery jackpots calculated? Let’s take a look at the different ways lottery jackpots and prizes are set, calculated, and grow. By understanding how these games are designed we can become better lottery players and, hopefully, winners!

Guaranteed Lottery Prizes

Most of the biggest and most popular lotteries on theLotter have some form of prize guarantee. Take Powerball, for example. Powerball’s jackpot starts at $40 million, which means that there is a $40 million guaranteed jackpot. Mega Millions is similar, its guaranteed minimum jackpot is $15 million, EuroMillions has a guaranteed minimum of €17 million, and so on. A jackpot minimum is simply a way to guarantee that a winner will win at least a certain amount.

Many lotteries, US Powerball and Mega Millions included, have guaranteed secondary prizes. Regardless of where the jackpot stands for these lotteries, the secondary prizes will always be the same.

US Powerball and Mega Millions, for example, both have a second prize of $1 million. The rest of the prize categories are guaranteed as well. In both US Powerball and Mega Millions it is possible to add a multiplier option that will vary depending on the draw and ticket sales, although it is still fair to say that the secondary prizes are guaranteed because the minimum winning amounts are fixed.

It is also important to note that regardless of how many people win a guaranteed prize they will receive that prize amount. For example, if five people win the US Powerball $1 million 2nd prize, they will each receive $1 million.

Pari Mutuel Jackpots

If you have never read the fine print of a lottery there is a good chance that you have no idea what these words mean. That’s OK, we’re here to tell you. Pari Mutuel is French for ‘mutual betting.’ The concept originated in France in the 1870’s for betting on horseracing and other sports, but is applicable to the lottery as well.

In a Pari Mutuel lottery system, revenue from ticket sales is divided amongst the prize categories, there are no fixed prize amounts. EuroMillions is an example of a Pari Mutuel lottery. Each prize category, from the jackpot down, receives a percentage of the overall ticket sales. There are no fixed prize amounts except for the guaranteed minimum €17 million starting jackpot.

Another important feature of Pari Mutuel lotteries is that winners in a prize category split the prize equally. If five people win a 3rd prize worth $50,000, each person wins $10,000. This is the complete opposite of a guaranteed prize because the amount a winner will take home depends on how many other winners there are, there is no guarantee.

Pari Mutuel vs. Guaranteed Prizes

Which system is better, Pari Mutuel or guaranteed? The truth is that there is no right answer. A guaranteed prize is just that, you know exactly what you will win regardless of how many other people draw the same numbers and therefore win the same prize.

Pari Mutuel systems have a lot more fluctuation in both prize amounts and winner amounts, depending on ticket sales and the amount of winners.

Sometimes Pari Mutuel comes out ahead of guaranteed, sometimes it doesn’t. However, because of the variability inherent to the Pari Mutuel system it keeps lottery players on their toes. It’s definitely worthwhile to pay attention to prize amounts.

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is one in which if the jackpot is not won it will carry over and grow for the next drawing. Most lotteries feature a progressive jackpot and sometimes secondary prizes as well.

US Powerball’s $1.6 billion jackpot is a perfect example of a progressive jackpot in action. Roll over after roll over the jackpot grew until three lucky winners claimed the record setting prize.

EuroMillions, on the other hand, has a jackpot cap of €190 million. Once the jackpot reaches the cap it cannot grow any larger and money from ticket sales that would be added to the jackpot is added to the second prize category instead. Although, until the EuroMillions jackpot reaches its cap it is progressive.

The exciting daily lottery New York Take 5 is an example of a Pari Mutuel lottery with a non-progressive jackpot. If no one wins the jackpot in any given draw it does not roll over and grow. Instead, the jackpot amount is added to the next prize category in which there is a winner. The winner or winners in that category then share the whole amount, the original amount plus the jackpot amount, evenly.

Putting it All Together

You might come across these terms if you read the rules or fine print of a lottery. These terms are good to know and understand as they will help you understand more about the many different lotteries on theLotter. Pushing beyond the jackpot, which rightfully gets a lot of attention, and understanding how lotteries are designed and work is not only fun and rewarding but can also give a player excellent insight into which are the best games to play.

One important thing to remember is that these terms are not mutually exclusive, a lottery can be Pari Mutuel, with a progressive jackpot, yet have guaranteed prizes. Or, pretty much any other combination of the above. It is always possible to find ‘ifs’, ‘buts’, and caveats in the rules of any given lottery. That’s one of the things that makes playing the lottery so exciting!

Put Your Knowledge to the Test

They say knowledge is power but we like to say, ‘knowledge is money!’ Armed with these new terms and lottery expertise, go find the games that have the best chance of making you a winner!


The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Draw Packages

Participate in the biggest lottery draws of the planet with Multi-Draw Packages and you save money, time and hassle. Learn all about multi-draw packages in this comprehensive guide on multi-draw packages.

Multi-Draw Packages for Lottery Syndicates

2 Reasons Why Multi-Draw Packages Rock

Do you love playing lotteries online? Great! If there is a particular lottery which you favour or like to play for a few draws in a row, then multi-draw packages are your best choice!

  • Multi-Draws packs save you loads of time and hassle; you no longer need to purchase a ticket for each draw.
  • Multi-Draw packs allow you to make savings of up to 25% compared to regular ticket purchases!

How to Pre-Order Lottery Tickets Online with Multi-Draw Packages

When you play lotteries online at theLotter with a Multi-Draw package, you pre-order lotto tickets for your favourite game. You are in charge. You select how many draws you wish to participate in; there are Multi-Draw Packages for 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws. The numbers on your tickets will be the same each draw and you can either pick your own lucky numbers or opt for a randomly selected lot.

With Multi-Draw packages you only need to place an order once – theLotter takes care of your entries for subsequent draws according to the criteria you set. There’s no need for you to confirm your tickets before each draw and therefore there is no risk of you missing a deadline or forgetting to buy your ticket altogether.

For added comfort, theLotter offers you a choice between manual and automatic renewal of your Multi-Draw package. Whichever option you choose, you will receive an email from us when your package is about to expire. If you opt for auto-renew, the email will tell you that the package has been renewed automatically.

you receive a discount ranging from 15% to 25%

Make More Savings with Multi-Draw Packages for Online Lotteries

You play the lottery because it’s fun and entertaining, but surely your desire to land a big jackpot prize is also part of the equation. theLotter appreciates it when players are faithful to a certain lottery. That’s why we offer a discount when you get a Multi-Draw Package. With Multi-Draw Packages you receive a discount ranging from 15% to 25% compared to the regular price of entries!

How to Play with a Multi-Draw Package for Lottery Syndicates

Since last year, theLotter offers you the ability to play lotteries together with other online lottery players in a lottery syndicate.

We have now extended our Multi-Draw Package service to cover lottery syndicates, too. Lottery group play is undoubtedly the best way for minimising the cost of participation. As if that weren’t enough, theLotter gives an additional discount to lottery syndicate players when they purchase a Multi-Draw package!

When buying a Multi-Draw Pack for a syndicate you will need to decide how many shares you want to buy, because when you play in a group, you will not be the owner of the entire ticket, but rather a shareholder in a group which collectively owns many tickets.

Which Type of Lottery Syndicates for Multi-Draw Packages are there?

Unlike Multi-Draw packages for individual play, Multi-Draw Packages for lottery syndicates allow you to register for different syndicates, provided they’re for the same lottery. There are various lottery syndicates available to you:

  • Random Selection: Numbers randomly chosen for a set number of lines.
  • Systematic Form: Covers all unique combinations possible of between 7 to 14 randomly chosen numbers.
  • Additional Numbers Match Guaranteed: All regular drawn numbers are randomly selected. In addition, the group gets lines with every possible combination of the lottery’s additionally drawn numbers (or number), guaranteeing that the syndicate will match these at least once.
  • Guaranteed Number Match: All regular drawn numbers are randomly selected. Each syndicate line has one variable number, spanning the entire guess range of the lottery. As a result, the syndicate is guaranteed to match at least one of the drawn numbers!

With Multi-Draw packages you can join several different groups and adopt your strategy of choice. You can play it safe by opting for syndicates offering a Guaranteed Number Match, go for those syndicates with the maximum number of winning combinations, or choose a combination of the two!

How Do Multi-Draw Packages for Syndicates Work?

The principle of a Multi-Draw package remains the same regardless of whether you play with a group or alone. If, however, you choose to join a lottery syndicate which is opened specifically for an exceptionally large jackpot, it can happen that, for subsequent draws, theLotter will allocate you to a slightly different syndicate, which most closely matches the characteristics of your original choice. This scenario is clearly explained in our FAQ section. For more information, go to the FAQ section about Syndicates and read the answer to With multi-draw for syndicates, will I always play identical syndicates?

Multi-Draw Packages vs Subscriptions

Multi-Draw Packages and Subscriptions have one important thing in common: they both allow lotto lovers to participate in all the draws of their favourite lottery without missing a single one. Yet, both Multi-Draw Packages as well as Subscriptions have unique advantages distinguishing them from each other. The table below summarises the main characteristics of each service, giving you the opportunity to make up your own mind and choose which option suits you best.



# pre-ordered tickets

5, 10, 25 or 52



Up to 25%


Free ticket


10th ticket free

Manual number selection

Yes (individual play), no (for syndicate play)


Quick Pick



Can you change numbers?




In advance

Per draw

Order cancellation



Syndicate Play



VIP Points

Regular VIP Club criteria apply

25 points

What it boils Down to is this…

Now you’ve read this article, you should have a good understanding of all things related to Multi-Draw Packages, but the three main advantages of playing lotteries with Multi-Draw packs are still the most poignant!

With Multi-Draw Packages:

  • You save money
  • You never miss a draw
  • You maximise your chances of winning

Could a Psychic Win the Lottery?

Comedian Jay Leno asked a question that may have crossed your mind as well. “How come you never see a headline like ‘Psychic Wins Lottery?” After all, psychics are supposed to be people with extraordinary mental abilities, enabling them to perceive events before they actually take place. You can call them clairvoyants or fortune tellers – they are supposed to see the future, no? If anyone has the supernatural power capable of determining the numbers of a lottery draw before it takes place, it would be a psychic.

And yet, you never see that headline!

Could a Psychic Win the Lottery?

Is this because psychics can’t actually predict the winning lottery numbers? Or possibly because they decide to remain anonymous after their wins?

Contrary to what you might think, there have been occasions when psychics accurately predicted lottery results before the draws took place. Let’s take a look.

Psychics predict lottery wins

Consider the story of Carolyn O’Brien, a woman from Connecticut who claimed a $3 million lottery prize in May 2017. O’Brien said that she had her fortune read by a psychic many years ago and the psychic suddenly grabbed her hand and told her, “I see you with a check in your hand cheering ‘I did it!”

Carolyn O'Brien, a woman from Connecticut who claimed a $3 million lottery prize in May 2017

In another example, Jill Childs, a psychic from the city of Chelmsford, predicted her client Lynne Groves would never have to worry about money again. That was in October 2015. Just four months later, Groves won a £ 1 million Lotto jackpot. Groves is still buying lottery tickets as the clairvoyant apparently told her she will win another million!

Why don’t psychics win the lottery?

Who says a psychic has never won the lottery? Here’s an example of someone who did!

In August 2010, a British woman by the name of Ocean Kinge set up a lottery syndicate after her psychic powers predicted a big lottery win. She claimed she sensed ‘energies’ telling her to start that syndicate.

“Out of the blue one day I just said ‘let’s start a lottery syndicate because I’ve just got a really strong feeling we are going to win a big win at the end of the year’,” Kinge said. “’I said it was going to be a million pounds – don’t ask me how, I just knew.” If this ‘energy’ was so strong, why didn’t Kinge buy the lottery tickets on her own? “I don’t know. I just had a feeling it had to be in a syndicate,” she said.

Sure enough, the syndicate won £1 million in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle that year.

set up a lottery syndicate after her psychic powers predicted a big lottery win

Why can’t psychics win the lottery?

Sometimes, as we have seen, a psychic foresees a big lottery win for a client. And if the psychic really wants to be helpful, they encourage the client to buy their lottery tickets so that their prediction will come true.

People sometimes have a gut feeling that they need to play the lottery but in the case of 54-year-old Kevin Millard from California, it was a repeated message from an online psychic that got him to purchase his tickets.

Millard had been using the psychic’s services on a free trial run and he planned to cancel the connection. But, the psychic wouldn’t leave him alone. “She would hit me periodically with messages saying ‘Your money’s coming. This year is a change for you.’” Millard said.

One of Millard’s Powerball tickets entitled him to a prize worth $1,009,368 in September 2015.

One of Millard's Powerball tickets entitled him to a prize worth $1,009,368 in September 2015

Why can’t psychics predict lottery numbers?

What does a psychic say about the ability to predict the lottery numbers before they are drawn? Erin Pavlina, according to her website, “is a world renowned intuitive counsellor who uses her psychic abilities to help her clients achieve what they desire in the realm of career, relationships, finances, health, spirituality, and more.”

Pavlina states, in no uncertain terms, that lottery numbers are randomly generated at the time of the drawing. A psychic can’t predict the numbers because they have not yet been selected. Furthermore, Pavlina states, psychics cannot actually predict the future!

What does a psychic say about the ability to predict the lottery numbers before they are drawn

For Pavlina, the bottom line is that lottery winners were not ‘meant’ to win when they play the lottery. “They are just lucky sons-of-bitches,” she says. “Their win was random.”

Do psychics actually need to win the lottery?

Maybe psychics don’t need to play, or win the lottery at all! If a person was truly a psychic and could foresee the future, that person would already know how to make a lot of money. That psychic probably earned a fortune by investing in the stock market. Therefore, purchasing a ticket to win a lottery jackpot worth a few million dollars is not worth a psychic’s time and, it probably wouldn’t even be worth the money.

There might be additional reasons why a psychic won’t play the lottery, or, better said, why a psychic is not allowed to play the lottery. Possibilities include:

** Psychics would prefer to avoid the publicity of a jackpot win and protect their anonymity.

** Psychics may be bound by some type of Hippocratic Oath which forbids them from using their powers for financial gain.

** Psychics may, in fact, be charlatans who make predictions based on the body language of their clients.

could a psychic win the lottery?

So, could a psychic win the lottery?

The bottom line is most definitely yes! Of course they could! A psychic has as good a chance of winning the US Powerball, the Mega Millions, or any other lottery as you do! There are no favourites here. All players are equal when it comes to filling out the numbers on a lottery ticket. Lottery numbers are chosen randomly and no one, not even a psychic, can determine which numbers will come up in a draw.

In any case, one thing is certain, and this is as true for you as for anybody with supernatural powers. If you don’t play the lottery, you won’t win the lottery!

€130 Million EuroMillions Superdraw Tickets Go on Sale

Tickets go on sale soon for the most highly anticipated European lottery event of the year! The EuroMillions Superdraw is back and offers an incredible €130 million jackpot in the draw on Friday 15 September 2017.

Superdraws are conducted in the same manner as the regular EuroMillions drawings. To participate all you have to do is choose 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars. If your numbers match those drawn in the Superdraw, you win the jackpot!

The major difference between a Superdraw and a regular EuroMillions draw is that the Superdraw offers a jackpot boosted dramatically. As of this writing, the EuroMillions jackpot is €36 million. For the drawing on 15 September, the jackpot shoots up to €130 million.

€130 Million EuroMillions Superdraw Tickets Go on Sale

What is the Superdraw?

The EuroMillions Superdraw is a special lottery event staged from time to time that guarantees a massive jackpot. The guaranteed starting jackpot is at least €100 million and if not won, the jackpot can roll over up to a maximum €190 million. The jackpot can remain at that amount for four drawings. After this, if the jackpot is not won, the prize money rolls down to be divided among the winners of the next highest prize tier.

The previous EuroMillions Superdraw took place on 30 June 2017. In that draw, a single ticket purchased in the UK entitled is owner to the entire €100 million (£87.5 million) prize. There were no rollovers of the jackpot at all!

Players are encouraged to purchase lottery tickets for the EuroMillions Superdraw as soon as they are available to ensure their participation in this incredible draw.

Click for more information about the EuroMillions Superdraw.

Your Guide to the Spanish Christmas Raffle Loteria de Navidad

Want to enter the biggest lotto event of the year? Do you fancy a Xmas raffle game offering mouth-watering odds of winning of 1: 6.5? Do you want a special Christmas gift? All this is possible with the Lottery of Navidad – the raffle organized by the Spanish National Lottery each year, on Christmas Eve.

One of the most anticipated lottery events of the year, the Spanish Christmas Raffle, known among the locals as Lotería de Navidad or Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad (the official name) offers all fans of raffle games amazing odds of winning and a prize pool of €2.38 billion. This makes Lotería de Navidad the most generous lottery draw in the entire world. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the magic of Christmas in Spain by entering this amazing Spanish raffle, which offers:

  • A prize pool of € 2.38 billion!
  • 24.5 million ways to win a prize!
  • €680 million in jackpot prizes!
  • 1 in 6.5 chances of winning!

Buy 4 or more Navidad lottery shares on theLotter and get a 10% off of the house! Tickets have already been put up for sale!

History of Lottery of Navidad

The first Spanish Christmas raffle draw ever took place on December 18th 1812 in Cadiz held by one of the Spanish Public Administration Institutions, now called the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado. The first prize, known as El Gordo was scooped by the ticket number 03604. At that time, this special draw was called Prósperos de Premios, and the name Sorteo de Navidad (Christmas Draw) was first used for the draw in December 23rd 1892, but did not appear on tickets until 1897.

In the past, the draws of this Christmas lottery were taking place in the Lotería Nacional Amphitheater in Madrid, and in 2010 and 2011 the draw was hosted by the Madrid Municipal Congress Palacio. Starting 2012, the draw takes place at the Teatro Real in Madrid, located in Plaza de Isabel II.

The School of San Ildefonso in Madrid (in the past a school for orphans and children of civil servants) is a symbol for this draw as well as for other Spanish raffles. In fact, some of the funds from the sale of the tickets are donated to this school. The Spanish Lottery organizes during the year other special raffle draws that aim to fund this institution, whose pupils draw the balls from the ballot box and sing the results out loud. Until 1984, only boys from San Ildefonso participated in the Lottery of Navidad. 1984 marked a historic turn, Mónica Rodríguez being the first girl to be allowed to participate.

In 1837, it was the first time there were two top prizes of equal value. On December 22, 1938, because of the Civil War, there were two Loteria de Navidad draws, one in Barcelona and one in Burgos.

When does the Lottery of Navidad take place?

This annual raffle takes place every year on December 22nd, giving all participants a 1: 100,000 chance of winning the big prize! This year’s draw, like those of the last 200 years, will have the same traditional style that fans of this raffle have already become accustomed to! The wooden balls will be drawn from one barrel, while the tickets are drawn from the other. This event usually lasts for about 3 hours, and the results are chanted by the students of San Ildefonso School in Madrid! The event is broadcast live by Televisión Española and Radio Nacional de España, and the audience in the room is usually dressed in extravagant outfits.

1: 100,000 chance of winning the big prize

The Loteria de Navidad ticket explained

1 – This is the ticket (billete) number – can range between 00000-99999. This is the five-digit code which will be drawn at the time of the raffle.

2 – This is the lottery number and year for the upcoming draw.

3 – This is the series number for the ticket – can range between 1-180.

4 – This is the share (décimo) number – can range between 1-10.

5 – This is the complete date for the upcoming draw.

6 – This is your ticket code.

24.5 million ways to win a prize

The Loteria de Navidad Tickets

This is yet another of the great traditions surrounding the Loteria de Navidad. Every year, the lottery issues a ticket featuring one of Spain’s greatest works of art. This is meant to pay homage to the country’s astounding cultural heritage. Here is a short list of the visuals included on the tickets:

  • 2017 Loteria de Navidad Ticket – “Adoracion de los pastores” – an oil painting by Bartolome Esteban Murilio, 1650 – displayed in the Prado National Museum in Madrid.
  • 2016 Loteria de Navidad Ticket – “Nacimiento flamenco” – polychrome wooden altarpiece from the XV century, anonymous – featured in the Santa Maria Cathedral in Leon.
  • 2015 Loteria de Navidad Ticket – “Adoracion de los pastores” – oil painting by Juan del Castilio, XVII century – featured in the Museum of Beautiful Arts in Sevilla.
  • 2014 Loteria de Navidad Ticket – “Adoracion de los Reyes Magnos” – painting by Pieter Coecke van Aelst – XVI century – featured in the Prado National Museum in Madrid.
  • 2013 Loteria de Navidad Ticket – “El Nacimiento” – canvas made in oil by Federico Barocci in 1597 – featured in the Prado National Museum in Madrid.

Odds of winning with Lotería de Navidad

Lotería de Navidad offers 15,304 ways to win on each ticket. Odds of winning start at 1 in 6.5 for the lowest prize of this raffle and goes up to 1 in 100,000 for the €680 million jackpot (for the whole winning ticket). The odds of winning the €4 million jackpot (with one copy) are of one in 17,000,000. The odds of winning the €400,000 prize (with one share) are of one in 170,000,000.

On average, the winning odds are 5.3%, which is quite appealing when compared to other lotteries. The odds of winning the El Gordo prize are of 0.001%, while the EuroMillions lottery  offers 1 in 139,838,160 chances to hit the jackpot (0.0000000086%), not to mention American lotteries, Powerball  or Mega Millions  where the odds of winning the top prize are even less appealing.

Loteria de Navidad Statistics

  • In the 204 draws of Lotto de Navidad raffle held so far, the jackpot prize winning code was 63 times between 0 and 10,000, 72 times between 10001 and 30000, and 70 times in the range of from 30001 to 99999.
  • The 15,640 number was twice the winner in the history of this raffle – in 1956 and 1978. Same as 20,297 – in the years 1903 and 2006.
  • The El Gordo prize was scooped four times with tickets with the same three-digit number: 25,444, 25,888, 35,999 and 55,666.
  • The two-digit combinations that have been repeated over the years are: 85, 7 times (in 1841, 1858, 1867, 1868, 1900, 1915 and 2005); 57, 6 times (in 1820, 1846, 1871, 1878, 1881 and 1932); 75, 5 times (1825, 1835, 1843, 1869 and 1962); 64, five times (in the years 1821, 1948, 1961, 1976 and 1987), 95, four times (in 1886, 1994, 1995 and 2001) and 58 times four times (in 1881, 1987 and 2012).
  • Winning tickets have never ended in: 09, 10, 21, 25, 31, 34, 41, 42, 43, 51, 54, 59, 67, 78 and 82.
  • 1 was the rarest figure for ending the jackpot winning code, followed by 2 and 9.

The Exceptional Loteria de Navidad Commercials

Lottery ads have a history of going the extra mile to gather players, but the commercials for the Loteria de Navidad are unlike anything else in the world of lottery advertisement. Every year, the Spanish Christmas Lottery releases a short film to promote the upcoming raffle. This is actually a big part of the traditions surrounding this lottery because the release of the ad is an event in itself. Let us show you the Loteria de Navidad ads of the last few years so that you can get an idea of just how amazing they are:

December 21” – Loteria de Navidad Ad 2016

This is one of the most heartwarming Christmas ads of all time and it tells the story of Carmina, a lovely lady who sees a Loteria de Navidad spot on television and believes that she has a winning ticket. She gets incredibly excited about her win and she wants to share it with the entire town. The only issue is that draw for the Spanish Christmas lottery has not yet been held, as the date is December 21st. In spite of this, nobody in town has the heart to tell her that she had not won the lottery just yet. This leads to the entire town getting involved in this make-believe lottery win celebration because Carmina had a special spot in everybody’s heart. Watch the ad to find out whether or not her son masters the courage to tell her the truth or not.

“Justino” – Loteria de Navidad Ad 2015

From all the Loteria de Navidad ads made up to this point, “Justino” is by far the best. This animated short film is about a night guard from a mannequin factory in Spain, who always put in extra effort to make everybody’s day better. With Christmas coming up, Justino decides to make a very special holiday installment for his colleagues, for which he uses mannequins from the factory. Preoccupied with his project, Justino forgets all about the Loteria de Navidad. He realizes that he forgot to put in his share in the factory syndicate as he reads about his colleagues winning the Spanish Christmas Lottery. As he goes in to congratulate them, Justino will get a surprise of his very own.

Introducing New Mexican Lotteries: Viva Mexico!

Put on your sombrero and start playing two exciting new lotteries, coming to us straight from Mexico! Fans of Mexican lotteries will be excited to purchase their tickets for both the Melate and Melate Retro lotteries, now available at theLotter. Get ready to win big Mexican jackpots!

How to Play Mexico Melate

Mexico MelateChoose 6 numbers from 1-56 and you could win this lottery’s incredible jackpot. Incredible? Yes, the Melate jackpot deserves this label, with the jackpot starting at a guaranteed $30 million pesos.

Draws are held on Wednesdays and Sundays – you don’t want to miss a single draw!

Purchase your Mexico Melate tickets now!

How to Play Mexico Melate Retro

Mexico Melate RetroWinning the Melate Retro jackpot is even easier! All you have to do for your chance to win the Melate Retro jackpot, is select 6 numbers from the 1-39 guess range! With such a small guess range, winning odds are excellent

Draws are held every Tuesday and Saturday. You’ll want to play every draw!

Purchase your Mexico Melate Retro tickets today!

Panamanian Wins $30 Million Jackpot Playing Florida Lotto with theLotter

Florida Winner

Nothing makes us happier at theLotter than to say that we played a small part in changing someone’s life and making a dream come true! We are excited, happy, and proud to announce that Aura D. from Panama won a $30 million jackpot playing Florida Lotto with theLotter! Take a moment to let that sink in and then read on! There are plenty of exciting, unbelievable details to her story!

Panamanian Wins $30 Million Jackpot Playing Florida Lotto with theLotter“I really was needing the money! Really, really!”

Despite being retired, Aura continued working to support her kids.
“I’m a retired woman, I would like to stop working because I continued working because I have my children, but I want to rest, really!”. While Aura doesn’t yet know what she plans to do with her $30 million win, one thing is for certain: she can finally retire for good! Needless to say her children and future generations won’t have to worry about money, either.

I really was needing the money! Really, really

Six Lucky NumbersSix Lucky Numbers

As you can see from Aura’s ticket, the numbers 3, 10, 20, 29, 35 and 50 added up to $30 million! She used the computer generated quick pick to select all of her numbers rather than selecting her own numbers. Not just that, Aura had only been playing with theLotter for about two months before she scored her big win. She found our site online and learned more about theLotter’s services from a customer service representative before deciding to open an account and start playing.

Give Yourself a Chance to WinGive Yourself a Chance to Win

Aura played smart from the beginning by subscribing to the Florida Lotto, ensuring that she would never miss a draw, including her incredible winning draw! Unbelievably, Aura had canceled her subscription and her winning draw was the last one before her subscription finished! Had she cancelled earlier she would not have won! Talk about a close call!

Lightning Strikes TwiceLightning Strikes Twice

It looks like we’re on to something good at theLotter! We purchased Aura’s winning ticket from a store that had also sold a winning ticket worth $100 million in the past! Can lightning strike three times?

To win Florida Lotto a player needs to match six numbers from a guess range of 1-53. Florida Lotto’s jackpot begins at $2-3 million and will grow until there is a winner, there are no jackpot caps or rollover limits. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1:22,957,480, but when you’re lucky that’s enough!

Aura was the sole jackpot winner in the draw of Wednesday July 19th and therefore takes home the entire $30 million jackpot minus taxes.

Add Your Name to the ListAdd Your Name to the List

Aura is the biggest winner on theLotter by far and earns her prominent place on our big winners page! She’ll join, among many others, H. from El Salvador who won $1 million playing US Powerball, S. from Russia who won €824,000 playing Austria Lotto, and of course M.M. from Iraq who won $6.4 million playing Oregon Megabucks all the way from Baghdad! While the size of Aura’s win is certainly important and worth telling, there is so much more to her story than the money.

Add your name to our big winners list and let us tell your incredible story, too! Play now!