New Zealand Powerball – Doubles number of draws

One of New Zealand’s most beloved lottery games is changing things up and giving its players more chances to win big prizes EVERY week!


More Chances to Play, More Prizes to Win

New Zealand Powerball used to have only one weekly draw, but bi-weekly draws are undoubtedly twice as nice! Now you can play to win huge New Zealand Powerball jackpotsĀ every Wednesday and Saturday. The next draw will be this Saturday with a jackpot worth NZ$8 million up for grabs.
The Wednesday draws aren’t the only new addition the New Zealand Powerball game. There is now a whole new way to win with the addition of a 13th prize division. To win the newest division’s NZ$12 cash prize, a player must match three main numbers and the Powerball.

About New Zealand Powerball

New Zealand Powerball was founded in February 2001, based on the popular US lottery game. To play New Zealand Powerball, pick six numbers ranging from 1 to 40 and the Powerball with a guess range of 1 to 10. An additional bonus number is automatically selected, which only affects som of the secondary prize divisions. The jackpot is won when a ticket matches all six main numbers and the Powerball. If the jackpot reaches NZ$30 million without a winner, a ‘Must Be Won’ draw is held. If no one matches the winning numbers at the Must Be Won draw, the winner(s) of the next highest prize division will take the prize. This occurred on 28 September 2013, when the third place prize winner ended up winning a total of NZ$33 million!