Changes Add Excitement to Viking Lotto

Viking Lotto, Europe’s oldest multi-national lottery, introduced changes to its format this week that make the game more exciting than ever to play.

Viking Lotto, Europe's oldest multi-national lottery

In addition to selecting six numbers from a guess range of 1-48, in the new format you also select an additional number, called the Viking number, from a guess range of 1-8. Match all six main numbers and the Viking number and you win the Viking Lotto jackpot!

Viking Lotto also increased its number of prize divisions to eight. You will win a prize if you match three to six of the main numbers selected in the draw. Matching the Viking number on top of that will increase your prize!

Viking Lotto veterans will be interested to know that this long-running lottery has removed the Lucky Number and the two bonus balls from the game, features which served to determine prize amounts.

Viking Lotto drawings take place every Wednesday and the first draw under the new format will be on Wednesday 24 May 2017.

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