The Biggest Lottery Syndicate Winners of All Time

Lottery syndicates are an excellent play tool because they can increase the players’ odds of winning exponentially. In this article, we will tell you about the biggest lottery syndicate winners of all time so that you can get an idea of the amazing opportunities offered by this play method. With a relatively small investment, these players have become millionaires. Take a look!

How do Lottery Syndicates Work?

When you buy a lottery ticket, you have a chance of winning the amazing prizes in the game. To increase your odds of being a winner, you can buy more lottery tickets because the more your buy, the better chance you have. However, increasing your chances in a significant way requires quite a lot of tickets, which is inevitably expensive.

The major advantage boasted by lottery syndicates is that they offer players the possibility of buying a large amount of tickets as a group. As such, each member of the syndicate holds a share of the winnings that the tickets may generate. This has proven to be the key to success for quite a few players along the years and their stories can show you the power of lottery syndicates. So, whether you want to play the US Powerball, the South Africa Powerball, or the France Loto, playing as part of a syndicate could prove to be extremely lucky!

The Biggest Lottery Syndicate Winners of All Time

1. The Three Amigos

Back in 2012, the Tree Amigos became the best-known lottery syndicate winners of all time when they won a third of the enormous $656 million jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery. The “Amigos” worked together in the Maryland education system and they decided to play as a syndicate. Each of them put in $20 and together they bought as many as 60 tickets.

Their minimal investment paid off tremendously, as they each won a third of their $218.6 million share of the huge jackpot. The Three Amigos wished to remain anonymous, but their story has made numerous headlines in the media because it is an excellent example for lottery players from all over the world.

they won a third of the enormous $656 million jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery

2. Ocean’s 16

The Ocean’s 16 syndicate was one of the three jackpot winners in the US Powerball draw on August 7th, 2013. They each pitched in and together they bought several lottery tickets, one of which turned out to be very lucky for them. The jackpot was worth $448 million, out of which they got one third. This amounted to $149 million and they opted for the $86 million cash option.

Their story is actually one of the most heartwarming lottery stories out there, as six members of the Ocean’s 16 syndicate were among the victims of Superstorm Sandy that struck Ocean County just one year before. They went to collect their winnings together and finally, each of them got a $3.8 million share of the huge jackpot.

3. The Tennessee Twenty

The Tennessee Twenty are the latest lottery syndicate winners

The Tennessee Twenty are the latest lottery syndicate winners. They won $420 million in the  lottery on November 29th, 2016 and they each got an equal share of the prize. The twenty members of the syndicate work together in a metal manufacturing plant and they had been playing the lottery together for as long as eight years.

One of the Tennessee Twenty told the press that they buy lottery tickets worth $120 every Wednesday and Saturday. On November 29th, it was their lucky day and they couldn’t be happier to collect their prize. They chose the $254 lump payment, which earned each of them $12.7 million before taxes.

4. The French Villagers

The biggest lottery syndicate winners in the EuroMillions lottery were from France – the village of Venelle, the Bouches-du-Rhône department. A group of 15 men and women aged 34-62, they scooped a staggering €100 million in September 2009 and they split their winnings amongst them. The mayor of Venelles described them as decent people who “get up early and work hard, basically good people”. With more than 6 million euros in their pockets each, they’ve got a sudden chance to change their lives. For their prize claiming ceremony, they received a royal welcome from the official French lottery operator, including dinner in a prestigious restaurant and a night in a palace, all paid for by the FDJ.

The Mysterious Irish Syndicate

5. The Mysterious Irish Syndicate

The second biggest lottery syndicate winners in the EuroMillions lottery were from Dublin, Ireland. They won a staggering €86.7 million in September 2014 and they split their winnings amongst them. Luckily for them, they were the only winners of the draw, which entitled them to the full amount of the jackpot. They became known as the “Mysterious Irish Syndicate” because they wished to remain entirely anonymous.

6. The Dublin EuroMillions Bus Drivers

July 1st, 2016 was a very lucky day for 22 bus drivers who won a whopping €23.8 million in the  lottery. They were so thrilled with their win that none of them went into work the following day, but Dublin Bus had no problem with that. “I certainly wouldn’t be here if I’d won a million quid”, said the company’s area manager.

The company actually provided them with an additional day off to celebrate their amazing lottery win, but as many as five of the 22 bus drivers came to work that day. A Dublin Bus representative told the press that some of the lucky winners have a longstanding experience of up to 40 years with the company and that they would not have gotten as far in the company as they did “if they weren’t decent blokes”.

Now that these stories about lottery syndicate winners have put things into perspective for you, maybe it is time for you to try online lottery syndicates for yourself. On theLotter, you can buy a share in a syndicate and actively increase your odds of winning the amazing prizes. Good luck!



How To Win The Lottery

How To Win The Lottery

Winning the lottery seems like a daunting, if not impossible, task. But there are some players out there who seem to have figured it out. So what is their secret? What do these players do to improve their odds of winning?

How did these players win?

How did these players win?

In 2012, the world’s record lotto jackpot of $656 million was won by a group of friends. Three co-workers from Maryland, calling themselves ‘The ‘Three Amigos’, decided to play Mega Millions together. The friends, who were all employees of Maryland’s education system, each put in $20 and bought a total of 60 Mega Millions tickets together.

The youngest member of the group spread all 60 tickets out on the floor, watched the results and checked all the tickets. And her hard work paid off – they had a jackpot winner! She immediately called up her friends, they signed the tickets, made copies and locked the original away in a safe. The winning numbers were 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and Mega Ball 23.

This record-breaking $656 million Mega Millions jackpot was won by three tickets, one of which belonged to these ‘Three Amigos’. The three friends decided to remain anonymous and they split their portion of the prize three ways. Each of them had different plans about what they would do with the winnings. One player wanted to back-pack through Europe, another planned on touring the Italian wine country, and the third player intended on buying a house for his sister and paying off his daughter’s college fees.

At their press conference, the three educators dressed in disguise and hid their faces behind their gigantic cheque of $218.6 million. We may never find out who the ‘Three Amigos’ really are, but we do know that playing the lotto together was their winning formula!

Playing the lottery in this way, as a group, is also known as a ‘lottery syndicate’. Lottery syndicates are played all over the world and are known to be very successful. Actually, 1 in every 3 jackpots are won by syndicates!

Syndicates can get big

Syndicates can get big

The lottery has been won many times by large groups of players. The ‘Ocean’s 16’ syndicate that won the US Powerball $448 million jackpot in 2013 was made up of 16 members! This group of 16 called themselves ‘Ocean’s 16’ after the hit movie ‘Ocean’s 11’ starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney, and also because they hail from Ocean County, New Jersey.

They were all employees of New Jersey’s Ocean County Department of Vehicle Services and enjoyed buying lottery tickets together. Some of them had suffered the ravage of Superstorm Sandy that hit Ocean County in October 2012, so this jackpot was a big relief for these lotto players.

The $448 million jackpot was won also by two other tickets, so the group’s portion was $149 million. They each took home $3.8 million, becoming instant millionaires. Not bad for a mere $6 investment each!

As these co-workers experienced for themselves, the more members you have in your group, the better your winning odds. This is logical, because more money in the kitty means that you can buy more tickets! There is one drawback, though, to playing with so many people – it is a hassle to set up and manage such a large group.

You need to recruit members, collect money, chase people to pay what they owe, purchase tickets, check results and pick up the winnings. The biggest hassle of all is to make sure that everyone pays on time or even pays as promised, so that you’re not left paying for all the tickets out of your own pocket.

Nowadays, there are lottery syndicates available online that make playing as a group that much easier. theLotter allows you to buy shares in online syndicates for the world’s biggest lotteries with no hassle or work involved on your part. All you need to do is buy shares in the syndicate of your choice, and this online lottery service provider will do the rest for you.

theLotter’s syndicate service sets up syndicates in advance, pre-purchases batches of tickets and notifies players of the results and any wins. You can kick back and relax as your account gets credited by theLotter with your syndicate winnings. Easy and very rewarding.

How does this ensure a lottery win?

There are many methods and strategies out there; tried-and-tested, proven ways to win the lottery. The problem with all of them is that they require a fairly large amount of tickets in order to cover all the necessary combinations, for example, if you had to buy multiple lottery tickets to cover all Powerball numbers. That’s where the syndicates come in. Grouping with others allows you to cover enough options to guarantee your syndicate wins a prize, and that’s the only guaranteed way of winning the lottery.