LOTTERY REVOLUTION – 30 New Play Options for Lotteries

theLotter is revolutionising online lottery play by supplying the single-most desirable commodity in the digital age: CHOICE! This week alone we have introduced dozens and dozens of new play options for a host of lotteries from all corners of the earth!


1Bundles are a big hit amongst online lottery players. More and more of you are finding your way to this play option, which is hardly surprising considering the fact that these lotto package deals include both a personal entry as well as syndicate shares which boost all participants’ chances of winning any of the offered prizes.



Many New Lottery Bundles Available

Whilst we have had multiple Bundle options for the big American and European lotteries in our arsenal for months, some of the national lotteries only had one Bundle option up to now. But that has changed.

From the New Zealand Powerball to the Canadian Lotto 649, from the France Loto to the La Primitiva in Spain, we’ve added tons of new Bundle options this week, which you are bound to enjoy.

Some of the new Bundles contain personal entry tickets with more than 1-line (in contrast to earlier Bundles, which contained a single line personal entry ticket).

Remember that in times of high jackpots we will offer even more syndicate options and that will automatically filter through to bundles, too, so maintain your winning edge and always check if there is anything new on offer for a draw!

Selection of New Ticket Options for Lotteries from Around the World

Lottery Name Bundles
New Zealand Powerball 54, 58 & 62-lines
EuroMillions France 41, 42 & 43-lines
Spain La Primitiva 85, 87 & 90-lines
Italy SuperEnalotto 42, 44 & 46-lines
EuroJackpot 46, 47 & 48-lines
Australia Powerball 104, 108 & 112-lines
Spain El Gordo 41, 42 & 43-lines
German Lotto 61, 63 & 65-lines
South African Powerball 57, 59 & 62-lines
France Loto 31, 32 & 33-lines
Canada Lotto 649 32, 34 & 36-lines
Australia Wednesday Lotto 59, 63 & 67-lines
Australia Monday Lotto 59, 63 & 67-lines
Australia Oz Lotto 61, 63 & 66-lines

Whichever lottery takes your fancy at this time, we wish you good luck playing!