Slovakia Joins the EuroJackpot Team

On 9 October 2015, Slovakia officially became a member of EuroJackpot, Europe’s youngest transnational lottery.


Slovakia joins sixteen other European nations: Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.
While EuroMillions is Europe’s most popular lottery game, EuroJackpot is its most populous with its 17 participating nations having a combined population of approximately 275 million people.
Will Slovakia have as much luck as the Czech Republic? The Czech Republic joined the EuroJackpot team in October 2014 and only eight months after that, a Czech player managed to take home €90 million, the EuroJackpot record!

Don’t live in the EuroJackpot zone? Not a problem!

Welcoming a new participating country to a major lottery is always wonderful, but you can play EuroJackpot regardless of where you live! theLotter makes it simple to play this incredible lottery game online. Just pick five main numbers with a guess range of 1-50 and two additional numbers ranging from 1-10.
You can also join a EuroJackpot syndicate online. A syndicate is a group of players that buy tickets together and share any winnings. Currently, a 45-line syndicate is available for players who like to increase their odds of winning a prize. This particular syndicate also has an additional numbers match guarantee, meaning that the two additional numbers for this upcoming draw will match. A Bundle option with one personal entry and a share of the 45-line syndicate is also being offered.
EuroJackpot draws take place every Friday night