What to Do When You Win the Jackpot? Stay Calm!

What to Do When You Win the Jackpot?When you play the lottery, you dream of winning big. Let’s say that your numbers matched those drawn and you won the first prize! Congratulations! After you’ve celebrated a bit, you are faced with a serious question: What to do when you win the jackpot? It is important to have the right information at hand so that you can prepare properly how to use your fortune. The first piece of advice we can give you is to stay calm. Take a deep breath. There is no need to make rash decisions. You have time to think, time to plan.

To make things easier for you, if you already know how to win the lottery, we have compiled important advice – legal and financial – to help you plan your future as a lottery jackpot winner.

Once word of your success is out you’ll be approached by people with pleas for money – people you may not know, or people who claim to be your long lost relatives. It might seem like a generous gesture to help them out, but no one likes being exploited because of their net worth. Our first piece of advice, and Jane Park EuroMillions winner would agree, is to keep your fortune a private matter, or to at least think twice before shouting about it from the rooftop. Furthermore, you should be weary of risky financial schemes and avoid business opportunities that seem too good to be true. A Readers Digest survey amongst 1001 people found that only 41% of lottery winners actually share the happy tidings with friends!

It doesn’t matter which lottery jackpot you won, whether it’s when you buy tickets for the Powerball or play Mega Millions, you still need to safeguard your privacy!

Protect Your Fortune – Retain a Lawyer

Putting in your claim to receive your lottery prize before retaining a lawyer could end up being a costly mistake. From protecting your privacy to saving you money on taxes, getting a good lawyer is an investment that will pay itself off!

Privacy – Lotteries operators are keen to promote someone like you holding an oversized cheque displaying a huge payable amount. Consider if this publicity is in your best interest. A good attorney can set up legal entities on your behalf so you can remain anonymous and point you towards other valuable legal loopholes in lottery rules.

Taxes – Taxes are an intrinsic part of the winning process. A good tax attorney can advise you on legal ways to avoid overpaying. There are different tax levels depending on your country of residence. Sometimes the wisest thing to do is change your residence as this might save you up to 30% of your jackpot.

Protecting what is yours – A good lawyer will help you set up a legal entity to claim your prize. As a consequence, your prize will be protected against claims against you as a private person. Laws and taxes differ between countries. A local lawyer can advise you on the ones that apply to you.

A Good Accountant Will Help You Manage Your Finances

A Good Accountant Will Help You Manage Your FinancesNo one likes to squander their fortune like some previous prize winners have done. Hasty decisions and poor planning have more often than not resulted in bankruptcies. A financial adviser or accountant will enable you to achieve short- and long-term financial goals by helping you pick the best prize pay-out method for your circumstances, as most lotteries offer a choice between a cash payment and annuity installments over a longer time span. Together with your accountant you will create a solid asset management plan for you and your immediate family. Whether you want to set aside money for a little nest egg or your children’s education, invest in business opportunities and buy real estate properties, or spend money on the finer things in life, a financial planner can help you reach your goals.

Do you wonder what do lottery winners do with their money? Consider what some of the biggest lottery winners have done but then you should follow the advice of a good accountant to safeguard your lottery windfall.

More sound advice. Pay off your debts! Many advisers say that paying off one’s debts is the best investment that can be made. And when you begin investing in new business ventures, invest prudently. With the assistance of your advisers, put together an investment portfolio so that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Save money for the future. Don’t spend it all at once!

Still Confused about What to Do When You Win the Jackpot?

Don’t worry about how long after winning the lottery you will get the money? And what you will do, when you get the money? No need to fret! Set up a team of professional advisers and listen to their advice. There is no need to rush into quick decisions that you will regret afterwards! You can act responsibly, enjoy your lottery windfall while guaranteeing your financial future. If you stay calm, rely on professional advice and make your plans carefully and wisely, you will be able to enjoy your lottery jackpot win for a long time!


$50,000 Powerball Win? Maybe My Parents Played in My Account!

There is nothing more satisfying to us at theLotter than informing one of our players that they won a big lottery prize. We had a chance to experience this once again when we called Florian P. from southwest France, and told him that he won $50,000 playing Powerball. Not only was he surprised to learn that he had won, but we were surprised when he told us who had actually purchased the winning ticket!

Florian has only been playing at theLotter for one month, but he has already scored a big win. How did Florian discover our site? What numbers did he play? Read his answers below and you’ll quickly see what can happen when you play the lottery online at theLotter.

“I’m on Cloud Nine”

When we called to congratulate Florian for having won the $50,000 third division prize in Powerball, he didn’t know what we were talking about.

“Did you play the draw on 27 October, 2018?” we asked.

“Er, no,” the startled customer replied. “Maybe it was my parents. We often have accounts in common.”

The fact that he (and his parents) had won $50,000, quickly sunk in.

“That’s very good news. It’s hard to believe!”

The Powerball numbers drawn were:



And the numbers on Florian’s ticket were:



If the 4 on Florian’s ticket had been a 19, he would have won the Powerball jackpot! Still, winning $50,000 is quite an achievement!

“We’re on cloud nine,” Florian said. “I’m on cloud nine!”

You Have to Persevere

We asked Florian to tell us more about himself, and about his parents who apparently played at theLotter without his knowledge.

“I’m the manager of a personal care service company here in France and my parents are in West Africa. It was my father who asked me to play when the Mega Millions jackpot was worth more than a billion euros. We did not win. And then my father told me, ‘You have to persevere. Replay the same numbers.'”

“How did you choose those numbers?” we asked.

My parents have been playing them for 20 years. They are numbers that are important to them. They are numbers that speak to us – birth dates, years, and so on. These numbers actually speak to us a lot more now!”

“What brought you to theLotter?”

“A friend of mine, my best friend who lives in New York. I asked him how to play the lottery from abroad and he told me about your site, saying it was the simplest.”

“Well, you can thank him now.”

“Yes, I will thank him. I will call him right away!”

Congratulations to Florian and to his parents, for winning such an amazing Powerball prize. Their perseverance of playing the same numbers, draw after draw, certainly paid off!

Do you want to be the next big Powerball winner? Purchase your Powerball tickets today in time for the next draw!

Dreamed Lottery Numbers. What do they mean and how to play them?

Have you dreamed with a particular number? Or have you dreamed winning the lottery? Write them… just in case, and check their possible meanings in our dreams dictionary and the lottery numbers. And don’t forget to play with your dreamed numbers in our lotteries! We recommend you to roll the dice in Powerball of the United States. Since we dream big… right?

Have you dreamed with these numbers?

Dreamed Lottery Numbers

Dreaming with number 1: The number 1 is associated with leadership and fortune. That’s why you shouldn’t think any longer and include it in your lottery ticket. You’re a unique and aspiring person, and this could be the time to start a new Project since it will be successful.  You’re an strong, Smart and original person who takes care for every detail and resolves any problem in the best way possible.

If you have dreamed with 2, play it. It means that you’re an stable person with a great emotional balance. You know what you want and you always make the right decision. Moreover, there could be another person who is exactly like you, and together will reach a very important goal for your lives.

The number 3 expresses the need for a change in your life. It could be time to indulge and buy a lottery ticket and test different things, as you will experience new emotions. Venture to carry out that so thought Project, since it will be successful.

Dreaming with number 4 expresses the great stability you have with your family. Moreover, you’re in a good time since you’re healthy and possess an economical balance. However, some extra money would be extremely good.

Number 5 in your dreams shows incoming changes. However, you will face them the best way possible with your cunning, and you’ll obtain favorable results. Will you become a billionaire? Number 5 also inspires creativity and originality.

If you have dreamed of number 6, your conscience is very clear, and you have an enviable spiritual equilibrium. Maybe you’re in one of the most satisfactory moments in your life, so you must benefit from it. You’re an extroverted and social  person who feels happy with your surrounding people. Will you share the Mega Millions lottery prize with them?

Dreaming with number 7: You’re a wise and resolute person who knows what he/she does in every moment. Number 7 is related with good luck in several cultures, so that’s why it’s one of the most recommended to play. You can finally reach the goal you have been working so much on. It’s worth the wait! Great changes in your life are coming.

Dreaming with number 8 expresses that you are a disciplined, hardworking, patient person (patience is the main virtue to guess the numbers). Your great consistency is prominent in all what you do, and you live in a calmed and smooth way because you don’t like to experience hardships. This is the moment to plan a long-term goal since you will be successful thanks to your personality.

Number 9 signifies wealth and abundance. Not only material, but also personal. Is it an omen of what’s coming? You’re  in a period of great growth that, despite it isn’t near to its end, it’s just a prelude of another even more successful. That’s why we recommend you to buy the Baloto online.

Despite the number 0 is not mentioned by Pythagoras in his alphanumeric table (used in numerology), he considered it a source of energy and the beginning of something very special. It also expresses peace, serenity, confidence, force and power. Despite there are quite lotteries that don’t include the 0 on their game format, you can select it in numbers such as 10,20,30…

Dreaming with a Combination of Several Numbers

If you have dreamed a combination of numbers,  maybe you have to figure out the message of each number.  Since you could have dreamed the phone number of someone who you miss, his/her birthdate, or a combination of numbers that will bring you good luck. It also means that an important moment is coming. There could be a situation where you will have to focus, strive and pay attention to what you do, since it could be crucial for your future. It may be because you want and you can win something important, or you wish to know the winning numbers, not an omen.

However, it could be good to take a chance and play the lottery with your dreamed numbers, just in case! This is easier if you do it online in theLotter, since you have access to all the numbers, and you don’t need to search them in a far office. When we play lottery and we don’t win, we know that the dream was only a joke from our subconscious, but… what if our dream becomes reality and those numbers make us millionaires?

Dreaming with a lottery ticket

If a lottery ticket appears in our dreams, despite the numbers don’t appear clearly, it means that we want to leave a part of our life to the luck, and that everything follows its own course and come on its own. We are a bit overwhelmed because of our way of living, and we hope to find a ticket to change everything.

However, if someone appears in our dream and he/she gives us a lottery ticket, it means that we can be near to a period of good luck, in which we will benefit from all what we do.

Dreaming us playing lottery

If we’ve dreamed playing lottery, it’s possible that we are about to make an important decision, and we’re worried about its result. This decision could be about work, love or health. For example, if we are before a new project, job or important period in our love life, or if we are waiting for medical results.

These interpretations are based in the chance and luck component that implies to play the lottery, and the good result that we want to have. In light of the uncertainty of not knowing what’s going to happen, we’re waiting for that stroke of luck that will give us the happiness we dream. Dreaming that we play the lottery could also be because we use to have everything under control, but we are trying to break the routine.

Dreaming we win the lottery

We all dream with winning the lottery either when we are slept or when we are awake.  This means that we want to enjoy the life without so much financial pressure. In fact, we are through some money problems, but we are close to earn some extra money. If other persons win the lottery, it means that parties and celebrations will arrive and we will spend time with our family and friends. Then, our social life will be more active. If we don’t win the lottery in our dream, it’s because we aren’t in a good moment, and there are some things that haven’t turn out as we wanted. However, don’t worry since, in real life, who doesn’t play the lottery doesn’t win , so… keep trying!

Dreaming with Money

Dreaming with MoneyMoney is the end prize of the lottery. Maybe we don’t dream with lottery itself, but we can dream that we win a lot of money, or that we find a treasure or a bunch of coins. This means that there are coming times of success and wealth, and we will live comfortably. In dreams, the money is interpreted as triumph and happiness, so we could indulge. It’s also related with love, signifying sexuality and desire. So, if we dream that we find a lot of money, it also means that we’re looking for an affair, or a passionate and lasting love relationship. Finally, if we dream that we are saving money, it means that we are very self-confident, organized, and everything will go well because our endeavor will be fruitful in the form of wealth.

People who dreamed the winning numbers of the lottery

Curiously, the fact of dreaming with an special number, with the lottery or with money it’s also motivated because of the proximity of important dates that have been a turning point in our life, or we think they could be. A curious thing often happens with the celebration of the Christmas Lottery Draw in Spain. This is because of the great expectation it generates since it’s celebrated once per year and the jackpot could be more than € 2,000 million!

In fact, in 1949 a person from Malaga dreamed with the winning numbers for the jackpot of this lottery. He even traveled quickly from Malaga to Madrid in order to earn his prize. Unfortunately the number had already been reserved, and the man had to go back empty-handed. Once he was in his home, he could just verify that it was effectively the number 55,666 the winner for the jackpot. It’s a shame that it wasn’t possible to play lottery online at that time, since he wouldn’t have had to travel… and he could have bought his Christmas ticket on time.

She Played with her dreamed numbers and she won 16 million dollars

The lotteries from USA have also made us to dream with the lottery numbers more than one time, since this draw is celebrated twice per week, and it’s given up to $1580 million. WIth such prizes and emotion, it’s imposible not to daydream. That’s precisely what happened to Mery Wollens from Canada. Being 86 years old and after she dreamed with 6 numbers, she played the Canadian lottery Ontario 49, not with one but with 2 tickets! The jackpot was $24 million and there were only 3 winner tickets. Of course, 2 of them belonged to Mery. These are some of the incredible histories of the lottery. Would you like to be part of them?

Our Dream, a reality with theLotter

playing the lottery

We still don’t have a magical formula to create dreams on purpose while we sleep. However, we can make them become reality by playing the lottery. What’s more, there’s nothing better than playing with the dreamed numbers from the comfort of our home after a hard day. So, we have real chances to become millionaires… while we rest placidly. Sweet dreams…


South African Lottery Winners Unique Stories

The South African lotteries are some of the most exciting lottery games out there and they have created hundreds of millionaires over the years. In the recent years, the South Africa Lotto results have been especially favourable, the lottery winners number has increased, alongside with lottery companies developing the games much more.

At the same time, it is so much easier to play the lottery now. You can buy a ticket from pretty much any street corner but a lot easier than this is the fact that you can play the lottery online. Your future jackpot is just a click away and you can choose to play whichever lottery in the world appeals to you, may it be the US Powerball, playing the EuroMillions or the very South Africa Powerball.

Here are the stories of some of the local South African lottery winners. They are all unique, amazing and inspiring. You might even find them familiar, they might even be people you know or have met or they will simply motivate you to try your luck and become a winner yourself.

South African Lottery Winners Unique Stories

The Mysterious South African Lottery Winner

Out of all the South African Lottery winners, this story is most definitely worth talking about. Our mystery man played the South Africa National Lottery back in August 2015 and won an amazing R7 million prize. The newspapers called him Paul Williams since they had no details about him as he chose to remain anonymous. Paul’s story is particularly interesting as he is what we call a lottery winner success story.

Most lottery winners lose their earnings within a few years of winning, but Paul isn’t one of them. He adopted a very mature approach to winning the lottery. Paul chose to keep a low profile and not go public about winning the jackpot. He only told his mother and sister, maintained the same lifestyle as before, only doing a few small renovations on his house. Paul also made very smart choices about investing his money, his fortune is now estimated at R20 million, only a couple of years after winning!

Once a Winner Twice a Winner

As if winning the lottery once wasn’t odds-defying enough, a player from Limpopo has managed to snatch the jackpot for the second time as well, with an even larger prize than the first time. In 2002 our South African lottery winner won a whopping R11 million playing the South Africa National Lottery. He continued to play the lottery out of passion so 7 years later he went even bigger and won an R30 million jackpot.

He is another winner who chose to remain anonymous in order to protect his privacy as well as his winnings. He invested the first prize to strengthen his business and the second one came just in time for him to invest in his 4 children futures. Property development is another business focus for our lucky winner as this would enable him to address the homeless situation.

The Mysterious South African Lottery Winner

The Policeman Who Won the Lottery and Lost It All

This one is what we call the lottery winner gone broke kind of story. It is a well-known fact that over 70% of lottery winners lose their prize money within 3 to 5 years. Sadly, our policeman, Dayalin Maslamoney, is falling into this category. Shortly after winning an amazing R10 million prize, Dayalin split with his wife.

Parties, charities, and gifts to friends and family seem to have been the main spending drivers. Though mutual, the divorce was not without its difficulties. Both spouses sued the other for the remaining money, but the reality is that to this day, Dayalin has no fortune to his name.

South African Factory Worker Becomes a Millionaire

Spending R20 on a lottery ticket has never before proved to be such a successful investment. Our factory worker that became a millionaire on April 20th, 2016 is from Soweto, around her 50s and this prize could not have made her happier. She kept her ticket inside her Bible until the moment she claimed her prize, she still couldn’t believe she had matched all 6 numbers.

Playing South Africa Lotto allowed her to try her luck and now she can finally make her dreams come true. Our lucky winner is happy to make retirement plans and buy a house for her daughter which is something she’s always wanted. She can now move into a house by the sea and retire early being South Africa’s newest millionaire.

Cancer Survivor Wins South Africa Lotto

There is never a bad moment for winning the lottery, but sometimes it could not happen at a better time. When you have been diagnosed with cancer, lost sight in one eye and lost your job over too many sick days, now that is the absolute best moment to become a jackpot winner. This South African lottery winner is from Johannesburg and under these difficult circumstances he was the sole provider for his family.

On July 26th, 2017 a strike of luck brought him a fabulous R17 million prize. He couldn’t believe it, tears of joys overwhelmed his entire family and hope had come back into their lives. Their good faith brought more happy news their way when they found out cancer had gone, his latest blood results showed no traces of cancer in his body.

South African Factory Worker Becomes a Millionaire

Unemployed Man Wins South Africa National Lottery

This is one of those heart-warming stories about a South African lottery winner that everyone still remembers years later. Our kind-hearted winner was going through quite a rough patch when the fabulous R34 million jackpot came his way. The man from Durban was unemployed and had very little hope for the future.

When he won the lottery, his good nature surfaced as he immediately set out to help the less fortunate and encouraged others to do so as well. He also wanted to buy himself his first house and help his family as well. His R60 investment in a lottery ticket changed his life and the life of those around him forever.

Top New Zealand Powerball Winners of All Time

Launched back in February 2001, the New Zealand Powerball has quickly become one of the biggest lottery games in the country. Similar to the world-famous US Powerball format, players must choose their main numbers and their lucky Powerball number for the game.

Top New Zealand Powerball Winners of All Time

Its prizes start from NZ$3 million and can get as high as NZD$50 million, which makes the game extremely tempting not only to Kiwis, but to lottery players from all over the world. In this article, we will tell you about the biggest jackpots in the history of the New Zealand Powerball. Take a look!

1. NZ$44 MILLION – November 9th, 2016

The largest jackpot in New Zealand Powerball history was won by a couple in Auckland. They had been struggling to buy their first house for quite some time, up to the point where this seemed to be an unreachable dream.

They even sought the help of a mortgage broker, but there was nothing to be done. Later that week, the lucky winners found out that they had won a whopping NZ$44 million in the New Zealand Powerball lottery and they simply couldn’t believe it.

“They were talking about the big win on the radio and I started screaming out ‘that’s me’.”, said the happy jackpot winner. Playing the lottery has completely changed the life of this young couple from the Hibiscus Coast, and in the best possible way.

1. NZ$44 MILLION – November 9th, 2016

2. NZ$36 MILLION – June 24th, 2009

The runner-up on our list is an NZ$36 million jackpot, which was won by a family syndicate from Masterton. The “Irish Luck” syndicate is made up of four lovely ladies who decided to play the lottery together for a chance to make their dreams come true.

A mother, her two daughters, and her granddaughter formed the winning syndicate and the NZ$36 million came at a great time, as they were all going through financial difficulties. The mother told the press about she had been turned down by the bank for a loan for a car she badly needed.

“I look forward to going to see the bank manager now.”, the lady said thinking about all the wonderful things she could do with this amazing prize. The four women decided to split this prize among them to pay off their debts and build the foundation for a very bright future.

3. NZ$35.2 MILLION – April 9th, 2011

The third New Zealand Powerball jackpot on our list was worth a staggering NZ$35.2 million and it was shared between two lucky players from Dannevirke and Hamilton. This was a “must be won” jackpot, and it seems that not one, but two players chose the winning numbers for the draw on April 9th, 2011.

“Winning a total of $17.7 million is absolutely life-changing for these players.”, said Todd McLeay, chief executive of NZ Lotteries. Since that draw saw record-breaking ticket sales, the New Zealand Powerball jackpot was increased from $32 million to the immense amount of $35.2 million.

Mr. McLeay also said that the profits from this record New Zealand Powerball draw would go to benefit the community through the Lottery Grants Board. This makes the NZ Powerball jackpot a win for everybody.

4. NZ$33 MILLION – September 28th, 2013

One lucky player from Auckland won a staggering NZ$33 million on September 28th, 2013, in spite of the fact that he did not have the winning Powerball number. Since the New Zealand Powerball had exceeded the NZ$30 million threshold for that draw, the prize reached a “must be won” status.

Since there was no winning ticket with all the draws numbers, the total amount of the first prize was transferred to the winner of the second prize division. This is how the lucky player from Auckland won the whole NZ$33 million with the main numbers only.

5. NZ$30.5 MILLION – October 18th, 2008

The fifth largest New Zealand Powerball jackpot in the history of the game was won on October 18th, 2008. It was worth NZ$30.5 million and it was shared between not one, not two, but five lucky winners.

There was one winning New Zealand Powerball ticket from Auckland, one from Manukau, two from Wellington and one from Reefton. Each of the winners got an equal share of the prize, worth NZ$6.1 million.

The following draws of the New Zealand Powerball will bring even more exciting prizes, which means that you simply cannot miss your chance to be a part of this fabulous game. Play the NZ Powerball on theLotter and you could be the next big jackpot winner on our list! It only takes six numbers and the lucky Powerball to become the big winner of the game! Good luck!

Horoscope, superstitions and lottery

The desire to guess the future has accompanied humanity since its beginnings. The horoscope proves it, since the practice of interpreting the message of the stars was frequently used in antiquity by monarchs, military chiefs, navigators, etc., who didn’t dare to take a step without having heard the opinion of these consultants. Without going so far, even today contemporary presidents have confessed to putting the horoscope’s advice before that of the official advisers themselves.

Horoscope, superstitions and lottery

The human being also desires to know himself, and we begin to think that by being born on the date of a certain zodiacal sign, our personality and temperament are indelibly marked. And to this knowledge we look for practical application in the lottery game.

Not only is guessing, but there is also the desire to manipulate the near or remote future, and that is when we attribute a mysterious power to certain ritual practices, signs and things, When we notice that beneficial effects are produced, with these beliefs and superstitious practices, is nourished in us: fear of certain dates, numbers, words, and we begin to use talismans, amulets, for example, horseshoes, rabbit legs, four-leaf clover, among others.

The result of the lottery, like any game of chance, is something variable and unpredictable. It is before this circumstance that we begin to ask ourselves if there will be a way to increase our luck as lotus players; resorting with curiosity and spirit to have fun, to everything that has to do with horoscope, superstition and divination of the future.

The amazing power of superstition

Reliable surveys have determined that at least one out of three people who want to win in the lottery is convinced that they will do so by following some kind of superstitious routine.

 The amazing power of superstition

Numbers are at the top of these magical thoughts

Memorable dates: The date of most intimate relationship with a lotus player, is the date of his own birth. It’s the most common. But there are also births of children, wedding anniversaries, graduation anniversaries; whose dates we take for the bet in the game, considering them very fortunate and decisive events in our lives. Some add up the numbers of the date, month and year.

Vehicle patents, licenses and any other identification numbers: it is common to attribute cabalistic power to these numeric serials.

Repetition of winning numbers: many players are aware of the numbers they repeat the most, and the circumstances in which they do so, and then bet on their reappearance.

Dreaming of numbers: this is a very powerful motivator for lotto players. Often the dream is so vividly remembered that it is impossible to resist trying your luck.

Dices, fortune cookies, and others: anything goes to maintain the hope of improving fortune, from throwing a pair of dice to any other unimaginable action.

Other random superstitions

The moment to buy the ticket: From the foot with which you enter the place to buy the ticket, to the hand of the employee who issues it, everything is part of a routine that shouldn’t be altered. Clothes could not be left out of these beliefs: don’t wear yellow for the purchase of your ticket.

winning energyPregnant women, bald men and black cats: on contact with these and other elements, for many people, the ticket is charged with vigorously winning energy.

Charms: rabbit legs, horseshoes, pieces of wood, medallions, cabal phrases. Many believe this works

The stars are playing too

Each player has its own character, and there are peaks in the cycles of fortune of each person, therefore, the idea of consulting the signs of the zodiac to know what number to play and when is a belief that is gaining momentum and popularity. These consultations and links based on the astrological sign are for many players very curious, fun, and in many cases, winners. The stars also play, in the sense of having an impact on people’s lives, deciding when the chances of winning in the game are enhanced.

Here are some examples of how to use your personality discovered by the stars in the game:

For an Aries player, his thirst for adventure always leads him to take advantage of the most fortunate moment. The pinnacle of his cycle is reached when the sun is closely aligned with any sign of fire. It’s time to play and do it without caution.

Unlike the player belonging to the sign aries, the Gemini thinks hard to make a decision that will benefit him. When the sun is aligned with air signs, comes the opportunity to leave the hesitations, as the favorable cycle is at its highest point.

Conclusion: in addition to using the numbers dictated by our astrological sign such as the last two cases sketched, which can be consulted on many websites, we also saw a whole range of superstitious practices: the birthday of a nephew or the dream we had with some number. We don’t know if chance itself determines a prize in our favor, or if it was one of our actions; the truth is that if we don’t play, we can’t win!

Mega Millions Awards Its Largest Jackpot Prize Ever

We have a winner of Mega Millions’ incredible $1.537 billion jackpot! A single ticket sold in South Carolina matched the five main numbers and the Mega Ball drawn on 23 October, 2018. The cash value of the prize is an amazing $878 million.

The winning numbers: 28, 70, 5, 62, 65, and a Mega Ball of 5.

This is the largest Mega Millions jackpot prize ever! The $1.537 billion jackpot also sets a record for the largest lottery prize ever won by a single ticket!

Mega Millions Awards Its Largest Jackpot Prize Ever

In the draw, 36 tickets matched the five main numbers and each of them won a prize of $1 million. Two players included the Megaplier in their ticket boosting their prize to $3 million.

Record-Breaking Jackpot

The Mega Millions jackpot was just slightly less than the prize awarded by Powerball back in January 2016. In that draw, $1.586 billion was shared by three lucky winners.

Mega Millions had been rolling over since the draw on 24 July 2018, when a single ticket purchased in San Jose, California, won a jackpot worth $543 million ($320.5 million cash).

Following its historic draw, the Mega Millions jackpot has been reset to $40 million. The next draw will take place on Friday, 26 October 2018.

Lottery fans worldwide are eager to play the upcoming Powerball draw, which offers a guaranteed jackpot of $750 million – the third highest Powerball jackpot ever!

Play Powerball now to win the biggest jackpot prize in the world today!