3 Reasons you are Crazy to Ignore Lottery Bundles

3 reasons why playing the lottery online with BundlesBundles – our Winning Formula have indeed proven so popular that by now we have launched these package deals for nearly all the world’s leading lottery draws – and there are more Bundles and features to come in the coming weeks and months.

If you haven’t tried Bundles yet you’d be well-advised to get informed on the huge benefits they offer. So here are the top 3 reasons why playing the lottery online with Bundles is a wise choice!

1. Boost your Odds – Increase your Wins

Lotto-Winning FormulaYour chances of winning the lottery with a single lottery ticket are relatively slim. Do you play one set of number per draw? It’s fun, but if you want to increase your odds to win prizes you should know that there is a tried and tested way: lottery syndicates.

Through a syndicate you own shares in a large portfolio of lottery lines and that way you stand a far greater chance to scoop up prizes. In a syndicate you join forces with other online lottery players and together you’ll make winning much easier.

2. The Best of Both Worlds – Individual Prizes & Group Prizes

Lottery BundlesSo if syndicates increase winning odds so much, then why do lots of syndicate players still also buy personal entry tickets on the side? Well, simple! With a personal entry you get to specify your own Lucky Numbers for each draw and keep the entire jackpot when those numbers match the lottery results.

So welcome our Winning Formula – Bundles… The Best of Both Worlds!

Bundles are pre-packaged with both syndicate shares as well as a personal entry. So when you buy a Bundle you can win millions on your own and still share in millions with the syndicates contained in the Bundle.

3. Save Money – Buy a Bundle, Save a Bundle

Lottery bundlesBundles are far more cost-effective in comparison to you purchasing all the individual play forms yourself. The size of the discount depends on the lottery and the Bundle type – it is specified in the play form for your convenience!

You can rest assured that whichever Bundle you purchase, you will pay less than when you buy the various products separately!

Are you convinced? Well, then buy a Bundle today for the biggest lottery draw in the world, lean back and get ready win a multitude of prizes!

Lottery bundles – Welcome to the Lotto-Winning Formula!



Nataliia From Ukraine Wins $1 Million US Mega Million

Winning = Luck + Determination!

Guess what; we did it again! Nataliia is our latest millionaire at theLotter! She played US Mega Millions online and won $1 million! Winning knows no boundaries when you play online, as Nataliia just proved to the world! She was determined to win a life-changing prize and she never lost sight of her goal. Read on and get the whole, amazing story!

Nataliia From Ukraine Wins $1 Million US Mega Million“I won this prize…then a week later I had a birthday!”

Winning $1 million has to be the best birthday present, ever! Being a millionaire at the young age of 24 means Nataliia will have reason to celebrate for years to come! “I have three mortgages and I just want to pay them off so I don’t have to pay them every month.” While Nataliia is still quite young, she has a very mature outlook. She plans to use her winnings to pay off her three mortgages in full.

Behind the Scenes as Nataliia Receives Her Prize

Behind the Scenes as Nataliia Receives Her Prize

What does it sound like to find out you’ve won $1 million

Five Numbers That Won $1 MillionFive Numbers That Won $1 Million

Nataliia matched the five US Mega Millions main numbers correctly, 1, 10, 57, 66, and 75, to win her $1 million second prize! Had She also correctly guessed the Mega Ball, 4, she would have won the $15 million jackpot for that draw. As it turned out, there were no jackpot winners and two second prize winners, total, in the draw of 26 September 2017.

had subscriptions to US Powerball and EuroMillionsIf at First You Don’t Succeed…

Nataliia had a dream to be a lottery millionaire and she was determined to make that dream a reality. She started playing online with theLotter about two and a half years ago after finding the site and liking the clear and quick steps for registering and playing.
Since almost day one, Nataliia has had a subscription to Mega Millions using the Quick Pick numbers for each entry. By subscribing, She ensured that she never missed a draw, including the one that made her a millionaire!
Nataliia also had subscriptions to US Powerball and EuroMillions. There is no doubt that she was serious about winning and winning big!

Nataliia is a Gold Level – VIP and enjoys a 7.5% discount on all entriesSubscribe to Savings

Nataliia is a Gold Level – VIP and enjoys a 7.5% discount on all entries. Her winning subscription also came with every 10th ticket free. In short, Nataliia knew how to play smart and save money while chasing her big win!
Subscriptions and Multi-Draws are two ways that you can save on every entry while playing for a life-changing win of your own. Don’t forget about our VIP program! Discounts start at 2.5% at the Bronze Level and go all the way up to 20% at the Diamond Level, per entry!

Winning Happens at theLotterWinning Happens at theLotter

Nataliia is the first player to win $1 million playing US Mega Millions at theLotter. She joins H. from El Salvador, B.U. from the UK, P. from Quebec, and G. from Australia, who all won $1 million playing US Powerball, as the fifth $1 million winner at theLotter. In addition to our $1 million winners, we’ve had some incredible jackpot wins! Most recently, Aura D. from Panama won a $30 million Florida Lotto jackpot. M.M. became and international news story when he won $6.4 million playing Oregon Megabucks at theLotter…from Baghdad! London, Baghdad, San Salvador, Vienna, and more. It doesn’t matter where you’re playing from, you can win! Put your city on the winner’s map! Play now!


Our Super Powerball Syndicate Wins $106,000!

Fifty five of our players from all over the world purchased shares in a 65-line Powerball syndicate for the draw on 4 November 2017. Their tickets won a grand total of $106,300 in prizes, including two 3rd Division prizes of $50,000! Not a bad result for syndicate play!

Each of the players purchased one share in the syndicate at a cost of $11.61. The syndicate’s prize money was divided equally between the players; each one won nearly $1,900 in the draw.

Even more amazing is the fact that every single line of the syndicate’s 65 lines won a prize!

$50,000 Prize Won Twice!

The numbers that came up in the Powerball draw on 4 November were:
12 14 26 48 51 and the Powerball number was 13

Two of the syndicate’s lines came just short of winning the Powerball jackpot as they each matched 4 of the main numbers and the additional Powerball number. The lucky lines were:
12 14 24 26 48 and the Powerball number 13
12 14 24 48 51 and the Powerball number 13

$50,000 Prize Won Twice

Powerball’s 3rd Division prize is a fixed amount – $50,000. The syndicate won this prize twice! (Note: This prize is the pre-tax amount. Players receive their prize money after taxes have been deducted).

Every Line Won a Prize!

Every single line of this 65-line Powerball syndicate won a prize!
2 lines won the 4+PB prize – $50,000 each
63 lines won the 3+PB prize – $100 each

In total the syndicate won $106,300 in prizes.

Here’s what each of the players saw in their account:

Our Super Powerball Syndicate Wins $106,000!

How is it even possible for all of the syndicate’s line to win prizes? In this case, the fifty five players joined a One Number Match Guaranteed syndicate. In this type of syndicate, four of the main numbers and the Powerball number on the tickets remain the same on all 65 lines, and the fifth main number changes from line to line.

Syndicate Players from All over the World

The fifty five players who won prizes in this incredible Powerball syndicate came from all over the world! Twenty nine countries were represented in the winners’ circle, including Colombia, Mauritius, Russia, and South Africa. The most winners came from Australia (8), Canada (7), New Zealand (4), and the United Arab Emirates (3).

Syndicate Players from All over the World

This goes to show that you can win huge prizes when you purchase lottery tickets online at theLotter, no matter where you are located in the world. The power of a lottery syndicate is that you get more lines at a fraction of the cost.

Join a Powerball syndicate today and you could win huge prizes in the next draw!

Canada’s Lotto 649 Turns Iraqi Refugee into Millionaire

Canada’s Lotto 649 Turns Iraqi Refugee into Millionaire

When the Putrus family left their homeland of Iraq and immigrated to Canada, they couldn’t imagine how life-changing this move would turn out to be. A sudden turn of events made the Putrus family CAD$1.5 million (US$1.515 million) richer! The winners took home half of the Canadian lotto jackpot, having split the CAD$3 million with another 1st prize winner. The father’s name, Faiz, means “successful” or “victorious” in Arabic and apparently brought the family luck and fortune, making the Putrus family of four overnight millionaires after purchasing the ticket at a gas station on Tecumseh Road West and Northway Avenue, in Windsor, Canada.

The Putrus family won the Canada Lotto 649’s 65th draw of the year with the winning numbers: 1, 6, 12, 19, 24, 31 and bonus number 5. First prize winners guessed all 6 numbers correctly, secondary prize winners in the 2nd and 6th prize categories guessed the bonus number in addition to their winning numbers in order to earn their wins. Ten lucky 2nd prize winners each took home CAD$20,368, and 195 3 rd prize winners pocketed CAD$863.

The family left their hometown of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, 3 years ago when they travelled to Syria to part from an aunt who was leaving to claim refugee status in Canada. While they were in Syria, the Putrus family received news that their home had been burned to the ground during the chaotic and violent times in Baghdad. Losing everything, they then decided not to return and instead to follow their aunt to Canada. “We didn’t stop our life,” Faraj (the 17-year-old son) said. “We kept on going until we came to Canada as refugees.” Faraj said the family likes Windsor and plans to stay here.

Canadian lotto jackpotAfter realizing they had won the lottery and understanding their change of luck, Faraj says “Everyone was shocked in the family, we couldn’t even believe it, but it happened.” The following Saturday after the draw, the family drove to Toronto to a family member and waited there until Monday morning when the Ontario Lottery and Gaming prize office opened. Faiz, the father, showed up at 9 am, right when the doors opened! Faiz plans to continue as usual, working as a granite designer, but in the future plans to start his own small business. The family also plans to buy a new, larger house and possibly rent out the modest bungalow they currently own.

The Canadian lottery, started 30 years ago in June 1982, holds the record for the largest jackpot win in Canada won on October 26th, 2005, of CAD$54.3 million (US$53.7 million). The biweekly draws occur on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 21:30 local Canadian time and offer tax-free cash prizes with winning odds starting at 1:81. Players interested in playing the Canada Lotto 649 select six numbers from a guess range of 1-49. The lottery offers one bonus ball, intended for secondary prizes only. Lottery players can try their luck towards winning the next $7 million jackpot and purchase lotto online tickets for the Canada Lotto 649.

Would You Rather be an American Lottery Winner or a UK Lottery Winner?

Lottery jackpot winners’ tales of woe have fascinated nearly everyone for as long as lottery games have existed. Myth has it that most lottery players belong to the poor or working class, and once winning a huge jackpot, they quit their jobs, go on crazy spending sprees, and lose all their hard won cash prize. What many people are not aware of though, is that the myth is rooted in little more than anecdotal evidence of some working class winners who embarked on poorly thought-out financial endeavors after winning, and ended up filing for bankruptcy. Deepening the stigma even further, early empirical research conducted on lottery winners rarely to never investigate the positive side effects of winning the lottery in general.

Reality suggests otherwise. Research finds that lottery winners seem to be adjusted, secure, and generally happy. Winners come from various education and employment backgrounds, on average earn better incomes than the general population, and continue to work even after winning. Rather than spend lavishly, many of the wins are donated and given to the winners’ children. On top of that, not only did lottery winners’ spending not increase after winning, but they also rarely engaged in other forms of gambling. In complete contrast to the superstition, their quality of living either remained stable or improved.

But not all lottery winners are one and the same. In the following article, we will look deeper and see what the difference in behavior is among winners from different countries. Who invests more in new homes, American winners or European? Where are winners more likely to embark on new, albeit controlled, new experiences before resuming with their previous routine? Are Americans more likely to opt to remain anonymous after a big win? Let’s have a look!

Lottery Winners in the UK

The UK is home some of the grandest lottery winners in the world! The biggest EuroMillions jackpot winners were Adrian and Gillian Bayford of Haverhill, Suffolk, who won €190,000,000 on August 10th, 2012, using the numbers 11, 17, 21, 48, and 50, as well as the Euro Numbers 9 and 10. The EuroMillions #3 record winners were also from the UK, Colin and Chris Weir, who won on July 12th, 2011. The numbers 17, 19, 38, 42, and 45, and the Euro Numbers 9 and 10, earned them a whopping €185,000,000.

UK Lottery Winners’ Happiness

According to a survey conducted by the Camelot Group PLC, 55% of lottery winners reported that they were happier than they had been prior to their big lottery win. Only 2% of the winners reported that their happiness levels had taken a downwards spiral, a surprising number when compared to the abundance of the lottery winner horror stories that appear to be so common.

UK Lottery Winners’ Marriages and Divorces

How often have we all read and heard about lottery winners getting gruesome divorces over financial disputes? Non-winners might be under the (false) impression that winning might spell the end of their marriages! But fear not! The same survey revealed a very different outcome – a staggering 95% of lottery winners remain married! That beats the UK populations’ general divorce rates! But let’s take a deeper look. What about people who were living with a partner and remained in the same relationship after winning? If the number you’re thinking about is a double-digit one, think again. 100% of those unmarried couples are still together!

UK Lottery Winners and Work

Here is when things get really interesting. It appears that about 48%, nearly half of the lottery winners, not only chose to remain at their prior work place, but are still working at the same job! The other half is far from resting on pedals though – the majority of the other half (45% of the total lottery winners’ population) quit their jobs in pursue of career fulfillment, and started their own businesses. That’s right. The number of lottery winners who are unemployed and not actively working towards the career of their dreams is almost nonexistent!

Lottery Winners in the US

American lotteries play a huge part of the big ol’ American dream. Immigrants who moved to the Land of the Free and netted a big jackpot draw interested readers from around the world, and local winners are far from being modest in the attention they receive as well. With the strong paparazzi culture in the States, it’s hardly surprising that many winners choose to remain anonymous after winning their big prize! We put aside the interesting anecdotal stories as we travelled deep into the world of numbers, and looked at what happens to American lottery winners in general.

US Lottery Winners’ Happiness

It’s hard to determine how the US’ lottery winners’ lives change after their win in relation to their happiness, as no proper research on the subject has been published in several decades. However, according a Forbes article that compared several studies over the years, it seems that American winners don’t become drastically happier over the long term. The author concluded after comparison that the 1978 statement of “the overall happiness levels of lottery winners spiked when they won, but returned to pre-winning levels after just a few months” rings true.

US Lottery Winners’ Marriages and Divorces

What happens to American lottery winners when it comes to marriage and divorce? According to “Lucky in Life, Unlucky in Love? The Effect of Random Income Shocks on Marriage and Divorce,” a 2011 research conducted by Hankins, Scott and Mark Hoekstra, single women are less likely to marry in the three years following a big jackpot win. Single men showed no difference in marriage patterns when compared to the general populace. When it comes to divorce, lottery winning American couples choose to split at a rate of about 8.5% – more or less the same as the US average, so we can safely assume that a huge lottery win isn’t likely to cause a divorce or prevent one.

US Lottery Winners and Work

According to “Work Centrality and Post-Award Work Behavior of Lottery Winners,” by Richard D. Arevey, Itzhak Harpaz, and Hui Liao, who examined over 1,300 lottery winners, US jackpot winners were not quick to quit their jobs after winning. 63% of them chose to remain at their work place, and only 14% decided to move from full time jobs to part time. Only 10% decided to venture out and start new businesses up, yet at the same time, 14.5% quit working all together. The difference in numbers between the US and the UK is astounding – but more on that, later.

Would You Rather be a US Lottery Winner or a UK Lottery Winner?

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the US, the UK, or anywhere else when you use theLotter. Let us compare the numbers we’ve crunched so far and see who wins when it comes to the effects of winning the lottery!

Lottery Winners in the US

Lottery and Happiness

With 55% of the UK lottery winners reporting to be happier, compared to US lottery winners that are only temporarily happier, one point of happiness goes to the UK!

Lottery and Marriage / Divorce Rates

US lottery winners might not divorce more than the average US population, but UK lottery winners almost never get a divorce! Once again, it seems that the UK wins on this front.

Lottery and Work

US Lottery Winners Data UK Lottery Winners Winner


Stay at their Current Job




Start their Own Business




Voluntarily Unemployed



US Lottery Winners VS. UK Lottery Winners

The score is simple; the US lottery winners have earned a single point in our comparison, while the UK lottery winners have earned four. The UK winners win not only money, but in most aspects of life after claiming their jackpot.

UK Lottery Players Wanting to Win More

But how many lotteries do UK players have access to? In terms of the ones that matter and offer astounding jackpots, the choices are quite narrow; EuroMillions and EuroJackpot. Local lotteries simply don’t offer a revenue that compete with those two. Yet the world record jackpots are firmly held in the US by Mega Millions and Powerball. So what is a UK lottery player to do?

Since statistics are on the side of the UK players, their needs are quite simple – play the lottery online. theLotter grants members access to play any of the 45+ lotteries on the site regardless of their geographical location! That’s right, a player could be in the UK, but play US Powerball online  for a huge prize pool like the current US Powerball $225 million jackpot!

The service is very simple; theLotter has local offices all around the world. When you choose the numbers you want to play, and purchase your lottery ticket online through us, our local offices purchase the ticket for you, and you receive a scan of the ticket directly into your account. When you win, the funds are transferred to your account, and theLotter takes 0% commission, so you get to keep the whole thing! In addition, theLotter offers apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad, to make sure you can access your results and receive instant notifications immediately, without the need to be tied down to a desktop computer at home!

So what are you waiting for? The world’s biggest lotteries are at the tip of your fingers!


5 Lottery Films for the Biggest Lottery Fans Out There

Along the years, the lottery has been featured in a great many films because people have been dreaming about winning the lottery for quite some time now. We have chosen the five best films about the lottery that have captured the spirit of the game and that can truly make you feel lucky enough to play the lottery yourself.

It Could Happen To You (1994)1. It Could Happen To You (1994)

Never in cinematic history has there been a better lottery fairytale than 1994’s It Could Happen to You. It features one of the most heartwarming love stories ever told and the entire atmosphere of the film is delightfully magical. Charlie Lang is a New York police officer who finds himself a few dollars short one day while having lunch. As such, he decides to promise his waitress half of any winnings he may get with his lottery ticket as a tip.

Yvonne Biasi is one of those special people who always go out of their way to help others and make them feel better. And on the worst day of her life, Charlie Lang promises her half of his lottery winnings as a tip.Naturally, she assumes that she will never see him again and goes on with her day. But much to her surprise, and that of all New York for that matter, Charlie Lang comes back with a $2 million tip. Winning the American lotto changes everything for Charlie and Yvonne, as well as for all the people in their lives.

But what brings them together is precisely remaining down to Earth while being surrounded by their newly rich friends and family members. Find out if Charlie and Yvonne end up together in “It Could Happen To You”

2. Welcome to Me (2014)

Alice Klieg has Borderline Personality Disorder, which amongst other things, makes her drawn to her ideas and unable to process a detailed long term plan. When Alice wins the lottery, she is ready to make all of her wildest dreams come true.

After a well-deserved splurging spree and moving into a Las Vegas hotel, Alice finally realizes that there is no limit to what she can do with her millions, so she decides to produce and star in her very own daily show called Welcome to Me meant to introduce Alice to the entire world.

She decides to go off her medication, in spite of her doctor’s protests, and virtually unleashes the uncensored version of Alice onto the world, in the form of a prime-time TV program. Find out how viewers react to Welcome to Me and just how big a TV show about an all-American girl can get in this amazing film.

3. Twenty Bucks (1993)

This 1993 film has a unique take on storytelling, as its title character is a $20 bill. From the moment it is taken out of an ATM machine and all the way to the point where it is destroyed, the bill goes from one hand to another, thus introducing all the secondary characters.

One of them is an elderly homeless woman who finds the bill to be her salvation. She is convinced that the bill’s serial number holds the winning numbers for the lottery and all throughout the film, she tries to play her lucky numbers for a fabulous fortune.

Among the other people who use the bill, there are two odd thieves, a stripper, an aspiring young writer, and many others that are well worth your attention. The star-studded cast of this iconic 90’s film includes Steve Buscemi, Brendan Fraser, Linda Hunt, and Elisabeth Shue, which makes it a direct trip to the America of the 90’s.

4. The Lottery (2010)

After comedies and romantic fairytales, we have included a documentary on our list that is focused on a very different type of lottery. Due to the poor state of the American education system, all too many children find themselves fighting for a better school.

As such, charter schools get thousands of applicants with perfect records and stellar performances. Since all them fit the admittance criteria, the application process is conducted as a lottery. Children put in their files and hope to win a spot in a better school for a better future.

To make this relatable, the film presents the story of four boys from Harlem and the Bronx as they apply to a charter school. As you can imagine, the chance of them all getting admitted are fairly slim, in spite of their equally impressive education performances.

This documentary aims to put this harsh school application process into context by presenting the decay of the US education system and the repercussions it has had on America’s youth, as well as the consequences it will have for the society of tomorrow.

5. The Hunger Games (2012)

The Hunger Games trilogy features a lottery game that nobody wants to win, as its winners get a direct spot in an epic fight to the death held every year as a tradition meant to remind the people of Panem that rebellion against the Capitol will not be tolerated.

The Hunger Games (2012)When Katniss Everdeen sees her young sister holding a winning ticket for the Hunger Games, she volunteers to take her place in this gruesome fight. Thus, the modest girl from District 12 is taken to the glitzy Capitol and catapulted into a ruthless fight for survival held for the entertainment of the rich.

However, Katniss’ performance in the Hunger Games is one that will shape the future of the Capitol and the entire Panem. She reminds people that having hope and courage even in the harshest of times can lead to greatness and becomes the voice of Panem’s revolution.

So, which of these lottery movies would you choose? Will it be the heartwarming fairytale, the amusing comedies, the chilling documentary, or the epic adventure? Whichever one you choose, you’re in for quite the cinematic treat, so enjoy!

9 Lottery Near Miss Stories

We all wonder what we would do after winning the lottery, and most of us have a pretty solid idea of how we would spend those money after striking it rich.

9 Lottery Near Miss Stories

For some of us it would be a beautiful new home, for others an extensive world tour, while some people might choose to be more sensible and invest in the stock market – for each player, there is a different dream waiting at the end of the rainbow that we have imagined time and time again. However, there are some other lottery scenarios that we might not have considered quite so much, which prompts the question – how would you react in these situations? How would you spend a massive US Powerball jackpot  worth $103 million that has just fallen upon you from the heavens this week?

Forgotten TicketsForgotten Tickets

A surprising number of people buy lotto tickets, put them somewhere for safekeeping, and then promptly forget about them. In 2008, £2,411,524 went unclaimed in the UK National Lottery in the space of just one week, which is shockingly high until you realise that the cash value of unclaimed prizes in the UK alone amounts to an average of £2,000,000 per week.

One near miss lottery player was James Wilson, who was going through an old wallet when he came across a forgotten lottery ticket. He decided to check the numbers, and ended up winning himself an unexpected £51,232.90 on EuroMillions, which he will be putting towards a new house. However, the story doesn’t end there – if James had found the ticket just 24 hours later, he would have missed the official deadline and been unable to claim his winnings. Cutting it a bit close there, James! Had James used our services, he wouldn’t have gone through such panic moments because theLotter is safe. He would have been notified soon after the draw that his lucky numbers brought him a small fortune. Moreover, he would have received his prize directly in his account and could have tried his luck to draws from all over the world.

There is also the player in the Irish lottery  who nearly missed out on a cool €1,600,000 prize in 2015. Only after hearing an appeal on the radio did he think to check his ticket, which, you guessed it, turned out to be the winner. According to the rules of the Irish lottery, winners have 90 days to claim their prize; this Dublin man arrived at the lottery head office on bang on the 90th day, and with only 90 minutes to spare – it looks like the luck of the Irish is still alive and kicking.

However, not everyone is as lucky – forgetting about a lottery ticket has its sad stories too. In 2001 a young couple in the UK saw a TV report on an unclaimed lottery ticket – and quickly realised it was their own. They searched high and low for the ticket, but it was nowhere to be seen. They then contacted Camelot, the UK National Lottery  provider, to tell them what had happened, and even managed to successfully prove that they had indeed bought the ticket in question. However, the appeal was launched after the 30-day limit, and Camelot decided that they could not break this rule. This meant that the couple had to come to terms with missing out on £3,011,065 – the highest ever unclaimed prize in the UK at the time.

Winners who nearly didn’t buy a ticket

Lots of us get a gut feeling about things and instinctively act on it – here are some stories of people who were glad they did just that.

Winners who nearly didn’t buy a ticketA player in Canberra has her brother to thank for her Australia PowerBall  win in August 2016 – she wasn’t going to enter until her brother called her to say he had a hunch that she should play. It was this call that resulted in her $35,000,000 payout. In shock, she said “I have never won anything before in my life.” This lucky Ozzie lady has decided to spend the money on a tour of Europe – after making sure her family, and her brother especially, get a share in the winnings.

Jason Rinaldi of Canada is another lottery winner who very nearly wasn’t. He was the co-owner of a small automobile business dealing in specialist cars, and times were getting pretty tough for the company in 2008. Orders weren’t coming in as quickly as they once were and belts were being tightened, so he decided that he would roll the dice on the lottery this one last time before calling it quits. This last ditch gamble paid off, as he walked away with a prize of $35,300,000 dollars from the  Canadian 649 Lotto all to himself, tax free. Instead of worrying about where he could make savings, he found himself wondering which of his favourite cars not to buy.

Another player in New Zealand found himself in a unique situation when someone cut in line in front of him to buy a New Zealand lottery ticket. “I wasn’t in any hurry, so I just let them go ahead and didn’t say anything.” They say manners cost nothing, but it seems rudeness does have a price tag – a cool $1,000,000, which ended up being won by the patient customer. When he learned of his winnings, he said, “I guess good karma pays off.” We agree, but who knew it paid so well?

The winners who never were

We have been through some stories of near misses, with most of them having a positive outcome for the player. But what about the times when the near miss works the other way and the ‘winner’ is left with a big fat zero?

The winners who never wereA Canadian man must have had to muster up a whole lot of positive thinking to cope with the excruciating experience of missing out on a $27,000,000 jackpot. He bought 2 tickets at 8:59 p.m., but only the first was processed within the official time limit – the second missed the 9:00p.m. cut-off time and was entered into the next lottery draw. Unfortunately for him, it was the second ticket that had the winning numbers on it, which meant despite being 7 seconds away from hitting the jackpot, he walked away with nothing. When playing the lottery online, these things are very rare, especially if you take advantage of special play formats such as subscriptions and multi-draw packages, making sure you never miss the chance to enter your favourite draws.

Another sorry tale is of the New York man who decided not to join the office lottery syndicate; according to a close source, “They asked him a couple of times, and he didn’t feel lucky.” Well he sure was right about that, but maybe not in the way that he originally thought. The lucky syndicate went on to win the $319,000,000 jackpot of the American lottery Mega Millions in 2011, which will be split equally between the 7 players. The source went on to say that none of the winners went to work on Monday, which would have given him plenty of quiet time to consider what might have been. We feel your pain, brother.

Louise Parkinson and Liam Handley, a couple from the UK, played the same numbers twice a week for 7 years, week in, week out. That is, until they went on holiday in 2014 and forgot to buy tickets in all the excitement. When they returned from their break in the Canary Islands, they discovered that the numbers they had picked had come up while they were away, and would have netted them £2,000,000 if they had remembered to buy the ticket. They continue to use the same lucky numbers in the hope that they will come up again, and we certainly wish them the best of luck.

Missed the Jackpot by One Number

Missed the Jackpot by One NumberThis happens every single draw, disappointing a lot of those dreaming to scoop the millions. While in some lotteries, cashing a second category prize might not mean much, those entering the draws of the huge American lottos Powerball and Mega Millions will not be so sour for missing the jackpot by one number. Why? Because the second prize is not so bad itself! Both Mega Millions and Powerball offer $1 million for all those who match the main numbers, but not the Powerball, respectively the Mega Ball. This is the case for a good number of our winners, who became millionaires overnight using our services. One of them is P. from Quebec. Wondering if there is any way he could play Powerball legally without having to travel to the US each time there is an appealing jackpot, he did a bit of research. He found out that, thanks to theLotter,  you can play and even win Powerball without even stepping foot in America. Luckily, his dream of becoming an American lottery winning came true, although he did miss the jackpot by one number.