New Brazilian Lotteries Are Now Available!

No need to wait until Carnival – you can play two exciting Brazilian lotteries any time of the year! These newcomers to the rich line-up at theLotter have unique game features that are bound to attract lottery fans from across the globe.

Get ready to samba!

Why Play Brazilian Lotteries?

** Inexpensive tickets

** Small guess range

** Unique game features

** Great winning odds

How to Play Lotofácil

Lotofácil is a bit different from most lotteries. To play the game you choose fifteen (15) numbers from a 1-25 guess range. That’s a lot of numbers to choose! The odds of winning the jackpot, which starts at R$1.7 million and if not won, keeps on rolling with no jackpot cap, are incredible. You can also win prizes by matching 14, 13, 12, and 11 numbers.

Draws are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You don’t want to miss a single draw!

Purchase your Lotofácil tickets now!

How to Play Dia de Sorte

Dia de Sorte translates as “lucky day” and you can get extremely lucky when you play this calendar-themed lottery game from Brazil. To play, select 7 numbers (days of the week) from a guess range of 1-31 (days in a calendar month) as well as an extra number from 1-12 (months of the year).

The extra number corresponds to the month chosen in each Dia de Sorte draw. On theLotter, when you choose “1” you are actually choosing “January”, and so forth. In the lottery results, not only are the main numbers announced but also the winning month.

The Dia de Sorte jackpot typically starts at R$500,000 and keeps rolling over until there is a winner. In addition to the jackpot there is a wide range of secondary prizes you can win.

Draws are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Make sure to play every draw!

Purchase your Dia de Sorte tickets now!



International Syndicate Scores Oz Lotto Win!

Twenty two (22) of our players from around the world purchased shares in an Oz Lotto draw and together they scored an impressive Division Two prize!

The Oz Lotto syndicate was just one number short of winning the AU$50 million jackpot up for grabs in the draw!

Oz Lotto Win by the Numbers

Lottery: Oz Lotto

Date: 31 July 2018

Draw #: 1276

The winning numbers: 1 7 10 13 25 26 40

Supplementary numbers: 31 38

Number of players in the winning syndicate: 22

Number of lines played: 60

The fourth line on the Oz Lotto syndicate’s ticket: 1 7 10 13 25 31 40

Prize won: AU$24,937.50 ($18,476.14 )

By matching 6 main numbers and a supplementary number, the syndicate was entitled to Oz Lotto’s 6+1 Division Two prize. It turned out that the syndicate’s ticket was the sole winner of that prize, while there were no winners of the jackpot in the draw. To win the Oz Lotto jackpot, you need to match all 7 numbers chosen from a 1-45 guess range.

Syndicate Winners from Across the Globe

The 22 winners of the Oz Lotto prize come from 19 different countries, with every continent on the globe represented except for South America and Antarctica. The winning players are from Canada (2); Russia (2); Ukraine (2); and one each from Australia; China; Finland; France; Germany; Hungary; India; Indonesia; Italy; Lithuania; Malaysia; Malta; Mauritius; New Zealand; Romania; and Thailand. Some of the players are veterans at while others have only joined in the last few weeks.

The syndicate’s prize was divided equally among the winners. Each winning player received a prize of AU$1,133.52. It’s important to remember that like all Australian lotteries, prizes in the Oz Lotto are paid out tax free.

Playing lottery syndicates online at theLotter gives you a chance to play more lines at a fraction of the cost. No matter what lottery you choose to play, you’ll be teamed up with avid lottery fans from across the globe and together you’ll have an improved chance of winning lottery prizes.

Want to be among the next group of players sharing an Australian lottery prize? Join an Oz Lotto syndicate today and you could be among the big winners in the next draw!

Join the many winning syndicate players! Read the story of our US Powerball syndicate that won $106,300 in prizes, including two 3rd Division prizes of $50,000!

Saturday Lotto Superdraws and Megadraws

The Saturday Lotto is one of the biggest Australian lotteries and its Superdraws and Megadraws have fans in an uproar every single time. These event draws bring huge jackpots that raise the stakes significantly. With a few Superdraws per year and the big Megadraw at the end of the year, the Saturday Lotto knows how to keep its fans hooked. In this article, you will find out all about the fantastic Superdraws and Megadraws so you can be ready for the next event draws and be part of the fun.

What Are the Superdraws and Megadraws?

The amazing Superdraws and Megadraws are event draws hosted by Tattersall’s Saturday Lotto that offer players much larger jackpots that are impossible to miss. Superdraws typically come with first prizes worth AUD20 million, and Megadraws with an even larger prize of AUD30 million. Saturday Lotto fans should watch out for these amazing lottery events because these prizes are larger than life.

When Are the Next Superdraws and Megadraws?

According to the latest news, the next Saturday Lotto Superdraw is scheduled for June 23rd. In the well-known Superdraw tradition, the jackpot for this event draw will be worth at least AUD20 million, so save the date! You can play Saturday Lotto on theLotter  to be part of the great event.

As for the next Megadraw, it is expected to be announced for the last days of December 2019 or the very first days of 2020. The jackpot for the biggest Saturday Lotto event of the year will be worth a whopping AUD30 million, so you simply cannot miss it!

Saturday Lotto Superdraws and Megadraws FAQ

In this section of our article, we have gathered the Superdraw and Megadraw questions that we’ve received most often. We will provide answers for each of them, but if there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to write your questions in the comments section.

How Do You Play Superdraws and Megadraws?

Superdraws and Megadraws are special lottery events that come with more excitement and bigger prizes, but the gameplay rules are identical to those for regular draws. You can go to our Saturday Lotto page to find out all about how to play the game.

Do the Superdraw and Megadraw jackpots depend on the amounts of the previous Saturday Lotto first prizes?

No, the augmented amounts of Superdraws and Megadraws (AUD20 million/ AUD30 million) are guaranteed for each event draw regardless of the amount of the previous Saturday Lotto jackpots. So, every time a Superdraw or Megadraw is announce, you can be sure that the jackpot will be a celebratory one.

Are there special tickets for Superdraws and Megadraws?

No, Superdraws and Megadraws do not have special tickets, only special prizes. Playing for the Superdraw or the Megadraw is just like playing for a regular Saturday Lotto draw, only with bigger stakes.

What happens if there is no jackpot winner for Superdraws and Megadraws?

Saturday Lotto does not have a fixed jackpot and it rolls over to a higher amount every time it is not won. Fortunately, the Superdraw and Megadaw jackpots also abide by this rule, which means that if it is not won, the first prize for the following draw will be even bigger. But, according to the statistics of these event draws, the jackpots are usually claimed within the same draw.

How often are the Superdraws and Megadraws held?

Saturday Lotto hosts Superdraws once every few months and every time, the jackpot is worth at least AUD20 million. Considering the frequency of these event draws from the last few years, there are 6 or 7 Superdraws each year.

As for the Megadraws, which come with a AUD30 million jackpot, these are traditionally held once a year, round New Year’s Eve. However, there have been years when the Saturday Lotto has held two Megadraws in the same year, so there is a chance of that happening again in the future.

What is the difference between Superdraws, Megadraws, and regular Saturday Lotto draws?

The only difference between the regular Saturday Lotto Draws, Superdraws, and Megadraws is the jackpot amount. The gameplay format is identical, as well as the draw system, which makes these event draws all about the jackpot. This is precisely why they usually gather significantly more players than regular draws.

The Previous Saturday Lotto Superdraws

Below we have listed the Saturday Lotto Superdraws of the past few years, along with the number of jackpot winners, and the winning numbers for each draw.

Date Jackpot Winners Winning Numbers
Feb 10th 2018 AUD21 Million 14 2 7 16 23 24 44 25 8
Mar 24th 2018 AUD20 Million 15 10 19 23 30 33 39 17 34
Oct 28th 2017 AUD21 Million 7 1 13 17 38 40 44 22 31
Sept 2nd 2017 AUD20 Million 12 16 17 21 22 23 44 2 30
July 29th 2017 AUD20 Million 19 28 30 31 34 42 43 4 25
June 24th 2017 AUD21 Million 15 1 5 13 29 32 43 38 40
May 13th 2017 AUD21 Million 8 1 16 21 30 35 40 2 7
Mar 25th 2017 AUD21 Million 5 16 20 23 28 35 39 4 27
Feb 18th 2017 AUD20 Million 15 21 25 28 30 33 37 3 36
Oct 29th 2016 AUD21 Million 11 15 20 23 33 39 42 22 36
Sept 3rd 2016 AUD21 Million 11 7 23 28 32 36 40 39 41
July 30th 2016 AUD20 Million 15 27 32 33 37 40 45 22 38
June 18th 2016 AUD22 Million 14 1 2 13 20 39 44 4 7
May 7th 2016 AUD21 Million 10 1 3 14 24 31 35 8 17
Mar 19th 2016 AUD21 Million 19 8 10 16 24 28 31 2 4
Feb 13th 2016 AUD20 Million 17 2 8 25 27 28 43 6 32

Fun Facts About Superdraw Winners

  • 2018 has brought us 29 Superdraw jackpot winners so far, but the number is expected to increase significantly by the end of the year.

  • There were 81 Superdraw jackpot-winning tickets in 2017, 97 in 2016, and 126 in 2015.

  • There are usually approximately 14 first-prize winners for each Superdraw.

  • There are at least 6 Superdraw per year, but there have been a few years that brought 7 Superdraws.

The Previous Saturday Lotto Megadraws

In the table below, you can find the complete list of Saturday Lotto Megadraws to date.

Date Jackpot Winners Winning Numbers
Dec 30th 2017 AUD30 Million 21 6 9 27 30 35 37 4 14
Jan 2nd 2016 AUD30 Million 15 3 10 31 40 44 45 37 38
Jan 3rd 2015 AUD30 Million 11 18 21 35 38 39 43 13 27
Jun 29th 2013 AUD30 Million 12 11 22 25 26 31 42 1 8
Dec 29th 2012 AUD30 Million 21 7 14 15 25 35 37 3 20
Jun 30th 2012 AUD30 Million 24 8 30 33 32 37 40 14 34
Dec 31st 2011 AUD31 Million 32 7 8 28 33 38 41 4 37
Jul 16th 2011 AUD30 Million 24 11 16 17 29 35 38 24 34
Dec 31st 2010 AUD30 Million 19 10 11 13 19 24 41 3 17
Jan 2nd 2010 AUD30 Million 18 5 12 16 33 34 42 30 32
Jan 3rd 2009 AUD30 Million 22 17 25 28 34 37 45 8 23
Dec 29th 2007 AUD30 Million 21 2 21 22 26 39 45 5 11
Dec 30th 2006 AUD33 Million 20 2 4 9 21 28 36 23 45
Dec 31st 2005 AUD32 Million 28 9 12 15 20 39 43 14 25
Dec 31st 2004 AUD31 Million 54 4 7 8 10 21 25 9 37
Dec 27th 2003 AUD30 Million 26 15 24 26 31 34 43 3 21
Dec 28th 2002 AUD28 Million 18 1 4 6 24 29 40 2 9
Dec 29th 2001 AUD23 Million 25 2 10 26 32 38 40 16 17
Dec 30th 2000 AUD22 Million 17 7 18 26 27 34 43 17 28
Dec 31st 1999 AUD21 Million 25 5 11 26 33 39 45 3 12

Fun Facts About Megadraw Winners

  • There have been 474 Saturday Lotto Megadraw jackpot-winning tickets up to date

  • AUD58 million have been paid in Megadraw jackpots

  • The very first Megadraw was held back in 1999 and the jackpot was worth AUD21 Million, which was shared by 25 winners.

  • The largest Saturday Lotto Megadraw jackpot was offered back in 2006 and it was worth AUD33 million. This amazing pot was shared by 20 lucky ticket-holders.

  • The most winners to ever claim a Megadraw jackpot were 54. They shared the AUD31 Million jackpot of 2004 and the fewest were 12, in 2013, when the pot was of AUD30 Million.

The Superdraws and Megadraws are the highlights of the Saturday Lotto year because they raise the jackpot stakes for Australia’s favorite lottery. We will keep you posted about the next Superdraws and Megadraws as soon as the official announcements are made. You can play Saturday Lotto on theLotter for these special events and maybe you will be one of big winners! Good luck!

New Lottery to Play: Latvia Latloto 5/35

An exciting new lottery has joined the line-up at theLotter and this newcomer is from Latvia. With a small guess range and incredible winning odds, lottery fans will be eager to try their luck in winning the Latloto 5/35 jackpot!

Why Play Latvian Lotteries?

  • Inexpensive tickets
  • Small guess range
  • Great winning odds!

How to Play Latloto 5/35

To play Latloto 5/35, all you have to do is choose 5 numbers from 1-35. When you purchase your ticket, an additional number between 0-9 will be automatically assigned to it. Match all five main numbers as well as the extra number and you win the lottery’s incredible jackpot. The Latloto 5/35 jackpot typically starts in the range of €100,000 – €130,000 and as there is no jackpot cap, it keeps rolling over until there is a winner. In addition to the jackpot, there are three other prize divisions for matching five, four, and three of five numbers correctly.

Draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You don’t want to miss a single draw!

Purchase your Latloto 5/35 tickets now!


Win the EuroMillions, buy a Ferrari and …?

Like everything in life, there are two situations, people born with a star and people born crashed … But in the case of EuroMillions lottery winner, Derry Ryan Magee, he had to live both situations. Would you make better decisions than Derry? Read this interesting article; try your luck playing online in the biggest JACKPOT game in the world

Won the lottery and bought a super car

A brand new Ferrari 458 Italia! That was the first thing that Derry Ryan Magee thought after winning a huge prize in the EuroMillions lottery. How much did he earn? The not inconsiderable sum of £ 6.4 million. Like many other lottery winners, Derry made the decision to get on a supercar and bought a Ferrari for the amount of £ 170,000 and then began to pass a series of events that put a hand brake on his life as a new millionaire.

Bad luck or bad decisions?

First of all Derry Ryan Magee divorces and, eventually, accumulated no less than 13 traffic tickets. As if this were no longer a headache, heartache and pocketache, Derry ended up crashing his Ferrari 458 Italia! But Derry’s bad luck did not end there. Derry one day had the brilliant idea of ​​driving a car without insurance and, to top it all off, he was stopped by the traffic police who, logically, asked him for all the documents. The decision of the state was severe, after seeing his multiple faults committed. Derry Ryan, owner of a Ferrari, his driver’s license was suspended and, as if that were not enough, he was ordered to carry out 200 hours of community service (unpaid). It seems that Derry will need to win the lottery again to rebuild his life.

Is it bad to win a lottery?

The story of Ryan Magee is something strange and hard to imagine, but he at least had the chance to win a big lottery prize and decorate his life a bit, lotteries change the lives of players around the world, many times for their good and their families’. Just think of all the people who have won the huge prizes offered by US lotteries like the Powerball or the Mega Millions, people who possibly went through a serious financial need, but who were saved thanks to the existence of this type of games

Lotteries of the world now online

The lotteries are still innovating, now there is more offer of gambling options that increase (in fact) the odds of winning, and thanks to official ticket services of lottery tickets, like theLotter, there is the possibility of playing any lottery in the world from any country. That’s right, a Mexican can already legally win the Powerball jackpots. TheLotter’s platform has already helped to make its users millionaires since 2002, like Aura D. from Panama who won USD 30 million and an Iraqi who won USD 6.4 million, both winners from their countries of origin won in US lotteries , to name a few.

Winning an important lottery prize like Powerball will always have a great story behind who wins it. May Aura D. and the Iraqi M.M., the biggest winners of theLotter, now be new millionaires and can buy the cars they want, but their story the impact that their sudden wealth has touched their lives forever. Get to know the emotional story of Aura D.  and the story of M.M. of Badgad.

Introducing Japanese Lotteries: Loto 6 and Loto 7

Two exciting lotteries are now available at theLotter, coming to us straight from East Asia! Get ready to win big jackpots by playing Japan’s Loto 6 and Loto 7 lotteries.

Why Play Japanese Lotteries?

– Inexpensive tickets; impressive jackpots!

– Great winning odds!

– Japanese lottery prizes are paid out tax free!

How to Play Japan Loto 6

Choose 6 numbers from 1-43 and you could win this lottery’s incredible jackpot. Loto 6 has a guaranteed starting jackpot of 200 million yen (approximately $1.8 million) and a jackpot cap of 600 million yen (approximately $5.5 million). There are four secondary prize divisions and you could win huge Japanese lottery prizes!

Draws are held on Mondays and Thursdays. You don’t want to miss a single draw!

Purchase your Loto 6 tickets now!

How to Play Japan Loto 7

Select 7 numbers from 1-37 and you’ll have a chance to win the Loto 7 jackpot! This popular Japanese lottery has a guaranteed starting jackpot of 600 million yen (approximately $5.5 million) and a jackpot cap of 1 billion yen (approximately $9 million), as well as five secondary prize divisions.

Draws are held every Friday. You’ll want to play every draw!

Purchase your Loto 7 tickets now!


Jane Park, ‘Cursed’ EuroMillions Winner Wants to Sue UK Lotto!

At this point, who hasn’t read about the wild, straight from tabloids exploits of Jane Park? Jane Park, EuroMillions winner, possibly the craziest lottery winner ever, has had boozy weekends in Benidorm, arrests for drink-driving and breakups caught by the paparazzi. This now 21 year old has gone from Britain’s youngest EuroMillions lottery winner to biggest cautionary tale. The latest twist in her saga? She wants to sue the National Lotto for ‘ruining her life’!

Win a Huge EuroMillions Prize…and Sue?

Jane Park is considering a lawsuit against Camelot, the company that administers the UK Lotto and offers EuroMillions in the United Kingdom. She says that 17 year olds should not be allowed to win so much money, as she did.

Camelot says that they are offering Park continued support, even putting her in contact with another teenage jackpot winner.

How Big was Jane Park’s EuroMillions Win?

Jane Park was 17 years old, working an £8 an hour job and living in a council flat with her mother when she won £1 million playing EuroMillions for the very first time!

Jane became Britain’s youngest EuroMillions lottery winner and the nation waited with baited breath to see what would become of this teenage millionaire.

Jane Park, Big Spender

Jane Park’s young age, humble background and big win were a recipe for a major spending spree. Certainly, there are plenty of good examples of how lottery winners spend their money. Park was not one of them.

After cashing her winning check, Park quit her job, spent two months in the Spanish resort city of Magaluf, and then moved into a new mansion on the outskirts of Edinburg.

She then treated herself to Louis Vuitton handbags and designer wallets. After that, more vacations, this time in the Maldives and the US.

Today, when asked do lottery winners have to go public, Park advises lottery winners to remain anonymous, advice that she wishes she’d taken herself.

Once the stress of being a millionaire and minor celebrity started to get to her, Park splurged on a £17,000 Volkswagen Beetle, a £25,000 BMW, and a £18,000 Range Rover that she had custom-painted purple to honour her favourite football club, Hibernian.

Park also went under the knife, adding to her bust but subtracting £5,000 from her bank account. After that, she went for a Brazilian butt lift, which dropped her account another couple thousand quid.

It would be easy to mistake Jane Park’s Instagram feed for that of Christian Louboutin. The designer shoes, which start at £450, are a favourite of Park’s. You can bet that every time Park snaps a photo of a pair it’s because Louboutin’s ledger has grown a bit longer.

Jane Park, Queen of Controversy

Park faces a driving ban if found guilty of crashing her BMW 1 Series in a McDonald’s drive through while allegedly three times the legal blood alcohol limit. The pending case did not stop Park from shopping from a new Mercedes, she was photographed posing on top of a white coupe.

The now 21-year-old Jane was recently spotted showing off £50,000 worth of bodywork and holding hands with 18-year-old footballer Jordan Pigott. Friends say that the young couple are living it up together and enjoying each other’s company.

Park also enjoys gambling. She likes to bet on her favourite football clubs. Is she a deserving lottery winner? We’ll let you decide that.

“Winning the Lottery Ruined my Life”

Park was a 17 year old making £8 an hour at an admin temp job, living in a council flat with her mother, and became Britain’s youngest EuroMillions winner on her first try! Everyone wishes that Park’s story had turned out differently. Clearly, Park didn’t know what to do when you win the jackpot.

After buying a beautiful mansion outside of Edinburg, Park sold it and moved back in with her mother because she was lonely.

Speaking with the press, Park remarked that:

“I have material things but apart from that my life is empty. What is my purpose in life?”
“I thought it would make life ten times better but it’s made it ten times worse.”
“I wish I had no money most days.”
“I say to myself, ‘My life would be so much easier if I hadn’t won.’”

What Would You do With a Life Changing Win

Jane Park isn’t alone in turning a blessing into a curse. Unfortunately, there are plenty of lottery horror stories.

What would you do with a life changing lottery win At this moment, you can play the lottery online for huge jackpots and try to win a life changing amount of money! What’s stopping you? Play now and try to set a good example for the next Jane Park out there!